aprilia rs 660 sound

Fork cartridges and a different rear shock unit will be popular upgrades, I imagine, especially considering the lack of a rear shock linkage on the swingarm. Its own caption reads, “First test for the Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo with @tommasomarcon, Aprilia tester and MotoE rider!” Both photos were taken in the paddock at Cremona Circuit, Italy. In the marketplace, the only bike that truly gets my head to turn away from the Aprilia RS 660 is the KTM 790 Duke, but as I mentioned at the start of this review, that is an imperfect comparison. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To get clip-ons, one will also need a new top piece to the triple clamp. Each mode changes the engine character, feeling and the multiple rider aids, including traction and wheelie control, cornering ABS, engine brake assist, while the-up-and-down quick-shifter which comes as standard is the same in all modes. Grins for dollars, the KTM comes out ahead over the Aprilia, but the RS 660 makes considerably fewer compromises on its spec sheet, which maybe makes this too close to call. But, all of our shifts were solid, and there were no false-neutrals or missed shifts. For budget pieces, the brakes impressed as well, with good bite and feel. The torque of the 790cc Austrian engine is a noticeable advantage for the KTM, which is of course to be expected with the larger engine displacement. It even shares the superbike’s 81mm stroke. 270° crank. If peak torque is 49.4 @8500 it’s impossible for HP to be 100 @10,500. What Could Be, The XR338 Street Tracker Concept by E&E, Triumph Trident 660 Arrives with 80hp and a $7,995 Price Tag, Harley-Davidson Sales Bleed Another 8% in Q3 2020, Alpinestars Tech-Air Off-Road Brings Airbags to Rally Racers, Updated Honda MSX125 Grom Coming to the USA for 2021, Aprilia has made a proper seat for your companion, Riding the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, A Review, Gone Riding: Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP, A “Short” Review About Riding the Ducati Streetfighter V4 S, Gone Riding: Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Sport Bike Tires, What It’s Like Riding the Aprilia RS 660, A Review, BMW R18 Classic Debuts with Subtle Differences. What Aprilia has done is essentially use their RSV4 as a base, chopping the V4 engine in half to produce a parallel twin. But would I buy the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 though? Swapping the Aprilia RS 660 to a GP-shift patterns, as some street riders will surely want to do, and many track riders insist upon, is going to be an interesting affair with Noale. On the opposite end of the rpm spectrum, the single counterbalancer does well to hide vibrations below 6k, but above that, buzz is felt through the footpegs. At your finger tips are multiple rider modes, eight-stage traction control, wheelie control, engine brake assist plus cornering ABS and conventional ABS. Thankfully, due to its reasonable power, the RS 660 won’t shred tires to the same degree its larger siblings will. That fee seems more-than-likely to be in the hundreds of dollars range, even though it requires a fairly simple amount of computer programming to achieve. Aprilia has made the engine run smoother, with a new counter-weighted 270-degree crankshaft. The supersport windscreen also provides a decent amount of wind protection when riding at freeway speeds, directing air toward the top of my helmet, and I can get into full-tuck comfortably. Adjustable monoshock in spring reload, rebound. Not to mention, it is just downright clever. This means lean-sensing traction control, dedicated wheelie control, cornering ABS, as well as engine braking control. Virtually all of the machines on our launch had intermittent issues with ABS lights flickering constantly. I was impressed though with how Aprilia has managed to keep the RS 660 from being a peaky machine. It is debatable whether those bikes would be ready for the 2021 season in the United States, however. The two jutting exhausts not only gives the 660 a rare sound but also a distinguishing symmetrical look. Handling suspension duties is a 41mm KYB fork featuring spring preload and rebound damping adjustment, accompanied by a non-linkage type KYB shock with the same adjustment abilities. The engine is a structural part of the bike, too, the swing-arm bolts directly to the rear of the crankcases. Its short 53.9-inch wheelbase, steep 24.1-degree rake and 4.1-inches of trail pull no punches. But, overall, it’s an easy handling road bike.

All of those parameters can be quickly adjusted from the full-color TFT display found on several Piaggio models, but its easily navigable interface is updated for this application. 5 Riding modes (Road and Track, 3 fixed and 2 customisable). Things can get wristy if you’re complacent on a longer ride, but it’s nowhere near as taxing as a supersport or superbike. I found the cable clutch lever a bit hard to grasp, but with the up/down quickshifter, it’s not like I was using the clutch too often.

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