aran v matrix guide

I have perform the necessary corrections for Aran Hyper Skills. Max Body Pressure to reflect enemies incoming damage. Polearm Booster at all levels provide the same fast attack speed but longer duration at higher levels, this will be maxed last. You will need to regain those combo by attacking monster like how you usually do. She flees from more cops, jumping off rooftops and crashing through windows, and runs to a pay phone in order to get out of the situation. Can be used on bosses but the speed reduction’s duration is cut in half. Can i ask which 4th job skill need mastery book to max it all. Final Toss (MAX) She walks by with her cleavage showing in a tight, low-cut dress. Guest1234 I’m not as proficient in game knowledge however I do know that out of all the Hero characters the Aran requires most of his skills to be acquired through Skill books that can be obtained by defeating Hilla and Zakum (zak)/ Chaos Zakum (czak). Ayumilove can you explain the skill Adrenaline Rush for me? This can be replaced for Cadena's link skill if you are grinding on mobs lower than your level. Why do you need tons of hp? A few more intense scenes have closeups of people being punched with blood around their mouths. Neo tries to escape from the FBI by climbing out of a window and walking on a very narrow ledge. @Allen Damage dealt by Smash Wave, Final Charge, Final Toss, Rolling Spin, Judgment Draw, and Final Blow increased. Sudden Strike (Aran 4th Job Skill) boosts Final Charge damage. Anything you have would be great. Level 30: Permanently increases Attack by 30. If you want to double up jump, firstly jump, then quickly tap your up arrow key twice. Level 20: Damage Taken: -40%, HP: +20%, DEF: +300. Damage increases by 100% points for every 1 sec of charging, up to 500% points. I don’t want to keep spamming Full Swing (Attack x 3 presses) forever, but Beyond Blade is difficult to use constantly due to the need to combo it with Final Blow. Now, start maxing Aran’s primary attacking skills which are Final Toss, Rolling Spin and Final Charge. Increases swing damage and allows you to move while swinging. 20 Ambition/Willpower in your traits AND gives you 100% regular stance.​, This is your link skill that you can give to other characters (10/15/20% boss at Lv. 2. Unless you have an AFK Bishop in your map to give you real HS, this will do just as good.​, Gaining additional experience is always nice. Advanced Combo Ability Permanently increases Attack Power and Defense and allows you to knockback enemies with a small amount of damage. 3rd Job Might now has a duration of 200 seconds and its weapon attack is increased to 50 If you have one class's effect active on the board (e.g Jett), you will receive this benefit from only that one (they don't stack) so you can't spam 40 Jetts and expect to get 120% critical damage or something. For me, mostly I perform solo power-leveling from Level 1-110 and based from that experience, I come up with the best suited skill build for this. what do you think is the best ap build for arans now a days? Add 1 SP (Skill Point) to unlock Beyond Blade, Finisher – Storm of Fear and Finisher – Hunter’s Prey. Regained Memory does not longer gives 5% critical chance and 5% boss damage. Thanks alot and keep up the good work! I have updated “Adrenaline Rush” skill damage boost from 400% to 150% at max level. Check anyone know what is the password? Polearm Mastery Fatal Strike though it can be substituted in earlier at 240s since you have the slots to do so. The bonus critical rate can enhance those, so its not too wasted.​, This one depends on the boss you are fighting. See this video To save the residents, the heroes sent them to Victoria Island before they went to face off the Black Wizard for one last time. (Command: Tap the Attack Key multiple times). Hey ayumi, im currently lvl 150 and nearly all my skills is max. [Command: Down, Down + Attack Key] Effect: Prevents Knockback, unaffected by attack reduction and attack reflection. Hi ayumi, i dont see Smart Knockback in your skill build. Damage increases by 6% for every 1 less target, increased damage is doubled. thanks in advance! This one can be a standby node as you won't have as much opportunity to benefit from the effects. Normally though, it would be OK since mobs have around a 6.5-7 second respawn time. because beyond blade’s dmg is higher when u 3x attack before hand. 8. Required Skill: Adrenaline Rush (MAX) Now i can play aran without any worries. Creates an afterimage that attacks up to 4 enemies with 70% damage 2 times when you use other skills after Smash Swing. For now, as of MapleStory Unleashed/Unlimited, all AP (Ability Points) into STR (Strength). Hi FreeinMind, you could add those SP (Skill Points) to max Booster, Final Charge and Rolling Spin. Also to add on, High Defense requires Skill Book. Choi smokes a cigarette at the club, Dujour is seen with a drink. Greatly increases the damage and activation rate of your Final Attack. Swing your Polearm and call forth a mythical wolf to deliver a devasting blow. Hi ayumi. Level 1: Polearm Mastery: 14%, Attack Speed +1 step. 5-7. If you fight bosses that are invulnerable at times, sometimes you can be without Blue Blood for 5-10 seconds usually, or more.​, Generally when fighting the most bosses, you can stick closer to the bosses and benefit more from this hyper passive. For me personally, this buff lasts about 15 seconds due to server lag so it has a limited downtime.​, Gives boss damage and critical chance, which are both very useful stats!​, If you have an absurdly high PDR and low crit, you could consider this. I just finished the Arkarium questline on my Aran and I noticed an error in the skill Regained Memory (Beginner’s skill). MSEA (MapleStory South East Asia) ? 4. (Command: Down, Up + Attack Key). when is the aran revamp that makes beyond blade 4th job and makes their character creation not shit coming out? If you reached the required amount of combo, you can use the command to activate the skill which will not drain the combo count. Level 1: Permanently increases Attack by 1. SECONDARY WEAPON: Mass Final Damage: +2% per level. I have updated Aran 2nd Job Skill “Polearm Booster” max level attack speed (3 → 2), @all: The following items have been updated: Combat Step Once activated, Aran cannot activate any other attacking skills while this key is pressed down. Can you please help me understand how the skill “Finisher: Storm of fear” Works? 2. Generally, use another node, then swap to this before landing the killing blow for additional EXP/Drop.​, An additional mobbing skill which is nice for grinding.​, Pretty self explanatory, these are your main skills you will be mainly using in compliment with your fifth job. Can deal up to 3 additional hits with further key presses. Therefore, before maxing Smash Swing, add 1 SP (Skill Point) to unlock Smash Swing, Body Pressure and Smash Wave. Hi Ah Jin, it happens to me as well, however, with constant practise, you will get it right :) Just try to tap the keys in the opposite direction if it does not help, as if you are going backwards. 3. Smash Swing, Body Pressure, Smash Wave (1) Level 1: Permanent Damage Increase: 8%, MP Cost: 24, Duration: 20 sec, Enemy Speed: -22 for 5 sec. why? These guys attack the moment you enter battle stance, and will generally attack from then on at the 2/3 second intervals regardless if there’s an enemy present or not. 3ii. Level 1: MP Cost: 5, Attack thrice with Damage: 448%. Cleaving Blows The revamp update assuming the average time delay between KMS and GMS patching should’ve came in mid-April, but it keeps getting pushed back since Masteria of Time came out, the 2d Skeleton Zakum changes, 11th anniversary events, and now whatever this new GMS content is involving jetts BTs and sengoku and whatnot. If you meant the mastery books that you used to unlock a skill level from 10 to 20, or 20 to 30, then it is still required to purchase-from-freemarket/loot-from-monster. I have added the missing skill Advanced Final Attack into V1 and V2 of this guide! Required Level: 150 The violence is moderate in impact with mostly bloodless shootouts and stylized martial arts combat that result in little to no blood. Max Level is 1. Would not be a priority node though. Though Orthrus is another great option, if you wanted to squeeze as much damage as you can in as little time possible, this would be it.​, The last of the DS 5th to get enhanced. If you aren't running into problems maintaining Blue Blood, use this.​, Not a bad alternative, I know many people use this passive. The place where I train does not have 10 mobs to push, 4-6 is more likely the case. Level 1: MP Cost: 36, Damage: 80%, Duration: 120 sec, Stun Chance: 24%, Triple Swing: Best effective and efficient method to level is to kill enemies in 1-2 hits with primary attacking/offensive skill. Cool down 15 seconds. Keep in mind most of your bossing skills have innate IED built in, as well as the boost node bonus. PRIMARY STAT: Strength (STR) thx for replying :). You could consider using this for mobbing somewhat also, but I would recommend using it against 6 or 7 mobs.​, Use this whenever you can when mobbing. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) Hope you are having a fun time playing Aran :), Thanks Ayumi.

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