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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Enterprise is another strong backline ship you should consider bringing on your fleet. Relaxation ships are typical guns – Quad 356 is for KGV, Triple 381 is for Littorio, Quad 380 is for Jean Bart, and Triple 406 is for Gascon Museum and Massachusetts.

That’s why we’ve put together this starter guide, which is meant to explain the main types of weapons in the game and offer some tips about how they can be used successfully in one’s fleet.

Each weapon (planes, torpedos, guns, etc.) For example, there are a few weapons that have higher DPS compared to even some of the best higher rarity guns, but have an extremely high spread range to compensate. Some of the ships in Azur Lane that deserve the title as the best ships in the game include Retrofit San Diego, Retrofit Warspite, Essex, Enterprise, Helena, Akashi, U-47, and Centaur. They make much more damage and can destroy a ship with just four or five hits.

In this category, we have to divide into two sections: Barrage Gun and Damage Gun. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For the remaining slots, the mix and match between Triple 203 AA and Triple 203 Men is better. Torpedo planes are about the same, each performing a different function. For clearing fleets, the mixed armour types of the enemies encountered means either ammo type can be viable. However, later on in the game, you won’t really notice this and will acquire the other two ships you didn’t pick from gameplay.

When destroyers equip guns on warships, the rules remain much the same. Learn how your comment data is processed. Instead, submarines assist you and your fleet in battle by automatically firing missiles, etc. Not all ships in Azur Lane can equip auxiliary or secondary guns, but some specific units can. Like with Light Cruiser guns, you should prioritize DMG stats, as well as HE and AP ammo.

You can use C-tier ships to progress, but when you reach later stages, you shouldn’t spend a lot of resources on them. B Tier – Ships in the B-tier performs as you’d expect from powerful ships capable of taking on the strongest enemies. Best starter ship Azur Lane – Gear Guide – How To Get, Craft & Enhance Gear. More punishing slow reload than the other 120mm Twin.

Best Main Gun for each Caliber. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Instead of a tier list, we’ve decided to include recommendations that can help you decide which weapons are best in given scenarios.

For common questions, please refer to FAQ. Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Aux... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Ant... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Tor... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Div... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Fig... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Sur... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Sec... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Bat... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Hea... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Lig... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Ind... Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Des... Azur Lane Equipment Tiering System Explained.

Large-caliber versions of both HE and AP ammo also have an area-of-effect (AoE), dealing splash damage within a certain range. In this post, we’ve put together a tier list of the best ships in Azur Lane, as well as detailed descriptions of the very best ships for your fleet. The main fleet will attack enemies with regular attacks that come too close. Azur Lane is a Bullet Hell, side-scrolling style mobile game in which a character roster uses battleships from World War 2. These ships should not be heavily invested in, as they will be replaced soon. This skill also heals her by 3% of her max HP every 2 seconds for 8 seconds when she reaches 20% or less HP.

Ships that can be placed on the frontline of your fleet are known as vanguard ships. Overall, the Triple 152 B-38 has suffered the most damage, however, being that particular, you’ll probably have to stick with the prototype Triple 152 Mk 17 and Prototype Triple 152, both of which are research guns. The game has that much to offer when it comes to the customization of your shipfus – which we absolutely love. Need user validation for full features. If you manage to pull any of these ships, it’ll be a great decision to spend resources on them and put them on your fleet. The Twin 457 rainbow gun is extremely rare and is the strongest gun in the game. The shift between AP and HE depends on the enemy you are facing. You can choose between 3 different ships at the beginning of the game: Z23, Laffey, and Javelin.

... Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane. Check out this Azur Lane equipment guide to find out more about what to equip on your shipgirls – probably the hardest part in AL.

The purpose of secondary weapons for backline ships is primarily to dispose of those pesky suicide boats that would otherwise explode in your face. Not only does U-47 herself deal a lot of damage and is useful in that regard, but she also buffs the rest of the fleet, making her the best submarine in Azur Lane. Thus, he writes on a wide variety of titles. To maximize your chances of winning a battle, you should actively control your vanguard to avoid attacks and reposition yourself to launch an attack like torpedos from optimal angles. edit: not really recommended unless if you're overleveled or something . Roon is a Heavy Cruiser Super Rare vanguard ship from Ironblood with incredible stats, especially firepower. The best gun on the list, the Twin 203 MLE 1924, is special event, so you can’t have more than one of it. In general, equipment stats are fairly self-explanatory.

These ships attack continuously throughout the fight, and some of them have cooldown-based skills liked the backline. The Mark 16 and Type 95 are designed to be of varying use – the Mark 16 will increase the sub’s initial barrage damage while the Type 95 will increase the normal damage of the normal attacks. Yukikaze can carry a Destroyer weapon, a Torpedo weapon, and an Anti-Air weapon. will provide a certain amount of base damage (DMG in-game). This efficiency will apply regardless of the equipment used, but can be improved through limit-breaking or through retrofitting. Conversely, if you need your DD to proc more often, you should look for the main gun with high Rate of Fire. Prototype 203mm Triple SK C/34 is the strongest AP CA gun. Another thing to note is that AP shells tend to travel faster than other shells. Pages upon pages could be (and, indeed, are) written about the intricacy of equipment in Azur Lane.

In Azur Lane, enemies attack you with two different types of projectiles.

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