baby trivia questions

The room is decorated, food is on its way, guests are arriving with their gifts, mommy and daddy too are ready and greeting the guests. Angelina JolieD. Look at a monkey 300D. B. Her favoriteD. How You Can Host A Virtual Baby Shower, Baby Shower Trivia - 40 Fun Questions for To-Be Parents and Guests. You forgot the baby trivia game! B. Fanning toes out when touched In the car seat or cribB. They will knock on your door in the morning. B. Research says that a woman takes 2.5 minutes to change a baby’s diaper, whereas a man takes 1.36 minutes to do the same. 300 timesC. Give it a try! Ann TurnerC. This special function is celebrated in different ways in different cultures, and if you are intrigued to find out some fun facts and trivia associated with baby shower; we recommend reading the following post! Have fun and learn some interesting information by using baby trivia questions personally or at an event. A. Ans: All friends and relatives can guess the size and after all the guessing, use yarn or ribbon to guess the size of mom’s tummy. 16. Men are officially the best at changing baby diapers! What should you clean the baby’s umbilical cord with? A. every three seconds, 19. Beautiful and Fun Girl Baby Shower Decorations, Causes of Infant Bad Breath and When to Worry, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, 15 Purse Essentials That Make Life Easier, Beyond Traditional Baby Girl Nursery Themes, 28 Baby Shower Cake Pictures to Inspire You, Require participants to answer a question correctly before moving on to the next step of an. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Spotting or Bleeding While on Birth Control – Why Does it Happen? A. In order to save a game just click on it’s thumbnail preview and the printable PNG image will open up. @media(min-width: 500px) { .example_responsive_1 { width: 468px; height: 60px; } } Answer:  Disposable diapers, which are usually known as Diapers in the US and Nappy in the UK, are called Disposables in South Africa. Ask them to circle the right answer among the options given for each question. ElbowsC. If you hear this term, please do not slap the person who said it! Other fun ways to use the baby trivia printable include: Even the most seasoned parents may be surprised to learn fun facts like how much the heaviest baby weighed at birth. Gifts are the one the essential elements of the party, therefore, Guests bring small gifts for the mother to make her feel welcome and lucky. What Cold Medicine Can You Take Safely While Breastfeeding. A. On his back, D. 14 daysB. One-quarter the size of the body A. Kneecaps C. 3 – 4% A. © 2010-2020 Prior to the party, the host should come up with a list of parenting-related questions geared toward the expecting couple and have the couple write down their answers. Pick him up right away instead of letting him cry D. A diaper A. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the pages. However, according to Baby Center, there is a recommended number of baths that babies should be given every week. You forgot the baby trivia game! Who Should Be in the Delivery Room – Tips to Decide, Should You Take Phenylephrine While Pregnant, FMLA Maternity Leave in the US – What the Law Says, Mother’s Blessing – Significance and Celebration Ideas. Average score for this quiz is 7 / 10. Answer: It is men who change diapers in 1.36 minutes while women do it in 3 minutes approximately. By Nisha Williams, Copyright © 2006-2017| Privacy Policy| Disclosure Policy | Powered by Site Build It. The video cameraD. This quiz has to do with facts about the kids in movies. PinkC. These questions, which cover topics from growth and development to baby-related world records, will stimulate your thinking. A. Here is an answer sheet for this baby trivia game.

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