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When a litter is due, by ORDER OF DEPOSIT,  each depositor will be contacted when the new litter is a few weeks old so that the depositor can decide if the take home date of 8-10 weeks of age, is a good time to bring a new puppy home. F1’s have straight, borderline wavy, or wavy coats. After much research and due diligence, we chose to get our puppy from Jane and our experience was extremely positive I am beyond impressed with Jane’s hard work and dedication in producing the healthiest pets possible. Quick View. Bernedoodle Puppies in Fort Collins, Colorado. If there is a request to see individual photos of the puppies, individual photos will not be provided until the puppies reach 7 weeks of age. COLORADO MINIATURE BERNEDOODLE AND LABRADOODLE PUPPIES WELCOMES YOU WITH OPEN PAWS. This is a Brindled Sable Tricolor. Color. Price $2,500.00.

Quick View.
Most Bernedoodles need a moderate amount of daily activity such as walking, running and hiking. We love our bernedoodles, and we know you will too! Their teddy bear appearance will melt your heart while their smart and lovable personality makes them the perfect companion. Her adult dogs are all healthy looking, well fed and friendly. Ready November 26! Males tend to be larger than females, regardless of the size category.Medium Bernedoodles: Height: 18-22 inches to the shoulder; Weight: usually 25-49 pounds.Miniature Bernedoodles: Height: 12-17 inches to the shoulder; Weight: generally under 25 pounds. A law was passed several months not allowing any more animals to be imported into the United Sates for the next 10 years. Ready November 26! They will tend to crash each evening, sometimes completely on their backs, and enjoy plenty of snuggle time with their humans. Bernedoodles are the perfect family pet! Filter Dog Ads Search. Steve is a fireman and I am now staying home with our sons: Luke- 2, Cole- 3 months, Dean-3 months. PLEASE accept our apologies if we do not get back to you promptly.

She generously helps and guides us whenever we need advice. His coat will get lighter and lighter as he matures. There is no ‘set litter’ for each depositor, as it can not be predicted how many puppies/gender will be born per litter or how many deposits are received. Proudly bringing high quality Bernedoodles to the Front Range and Northern Colorado. We appreciate your patience in these changing times and assure you the quality puppies we will continue to raise and be as prompt as we possibly can with your inquiries. Crossing dogs of different breeds tends to result in puppies that not only have the best attributes of each parent but are also healthier than either of their parents. They can, however, be sensitive and headstrong at times. Location. Due to dog hair allergies, our clientele typically prefers a wavy, hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat - so this is a natural progression for our program!
The Bernedoodle is not recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), as it is a hybrid of two pure breeds instead of a new breed. Most Bernedoodles need a moderate amount of daily activity such as walking, running and hiking. Sables have darker tips on their coat. Our home is located in the beautiful and growing town of Fort Collins in Northern Colorado, just an hour north of Denver and 45 minutes from the Wyoming border. Posted in Bernedoodles, Uncategorized | Comments Off on NEW ARRIVALS. Sables fade and become lighter and left with darker tips on their ears. My mom has been one of the premier breeders of Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Bernedoodles in California for the past 17 years. Newborn and up to 6 weeks of age puppies will be posted in group photos, either on this website or on Facebook. Jane took time to explain all the paperwork thoroughly and from what I can tell, her contract is very common to what most breeders use in the industry. Sables fade and become lighter … Bernedoodle; Colorado; Bernedoodles for Sale in Colorado Bernedoodles in Colorado. A Bernedoodle whose parents are both Bernedoodles. With the clever goofiness of the poodle and the calm loyalty of the Bernese, the Bernedoodle makes an excellent companion dog. Due to the outside influences that can be carried in on clothing, shoes and the like, puppies will only be viewed by photographs until they reach 8 weeks of age. F1 (1st Generation) – Bernese Mountain Dog bred to a Poodle (50% Bernese Mountain Dog, 50% Poodle). Breed. ACCEPTING DEPOSITS NOW FOR 2020-2021 LITTERS, SEE UP AND COMING PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION, F1 Standard Bernedoodles………… Bi Color (Black and White/Red and White/Phantom) $2,200.00 -$3,300.00, F1 Sable Tricolor and Brindled Sable Tricolor $3,000.00 – $3,300.00, F1 Standard Bernedoodles…………………. Price $2,500.00. Each puppy in this litter will have a hypoallergenic coat. F1B (2nd Generation) - F1 bred to a Poodle (75% Poodle, 25% Bernese Mountain Dog)F1B’s have wavy, curly, or wooly coats and are low to non-shedding and are allergy friendly. Since then they have grown in popularity and are bred throughout the United States. They are calm, patient, often gregarious, and sometimes goofy when they play with their families. Coat. Hybrids carry characteristics and traits from each of their purebred parents; in this case, an AKC Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

I’ve spent countless hours working alongside her, and have learned how to successfully and lovingly care for many litters of puppies. All four legs with be a lighter color. Standard Bernedoodles: Height: 23 inches or more at the tallest point of the shoulder; Weight: generally 50+ pounds. Bernedoodles come in numerous color varieties: pure black, black and brown, black-and-white, or tri-color (black, white and brown). Jane was prompt in returning my calls and emails and was more concerned about making sure we were absolutely ready for our new pup than she was making the “sale”. “PHANTOM” is a term used in the Poodle coloring which means the eyebrows are a lighter color and the face is masked with a lighter color. Ads 1 - 8 of 766 .

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