blue italian greyhound

The list of accepted colors and patterns for. According to the American Kennel Club, any colors and markings in Italian Greyhounds are acceptable. We Puppies may become darker or lighter in their base color. It can sometimes be challenging to understand why certain colors and patterns are allowed by the AKC and others aren’t. We home breed and home raise White Pomeranians, Red Poodles, Blue will never find smaller happier, healthier or better-socialized than on Hello We have been breeding designer teacup dogs for almost 30 years and our teacup puppy breeding program is highly focused for very rare teacup puppies, and micro size dogs. It is much more common that the dog will be seal rather than black. 8. We are an online business only(like Net-a-Porter or Amazon), our website is our showroom. grow -so do our prices! are famous for our micro teacup puppies, our teacup pups all have our and Welcome to our substantial website where we primarily cater to the Access special offers, exclusive content, and receive tips on caring for & training your pup. In animals that are piebald, white areas may be unaffected while dilute pigmented areas lose hair. We are proud to have such amazing clients who provide such incredible homes for our fur-babies!! Except for cream, these colors may be paired with white. 3 days before travel we will take your teacup puppy for final deworming, vaccine and health certificate, to the groomer, then a days rest before they travel. Red is a dominant color in Italian Greyhounds, making red a very common color in the breed that does not have risk associated with it and is still quite interesting. … Seriously, do the research before you get an Italian Greyhound puppy. Between about 6 months and 3 years of age, the dog will begin losing hair, especially from areas that have diluted pigment. These designer teacup dogs are small and crave companionship, it’s best if you can take your teacup puppy everywhere with you. Blue coloring is a dilution of black and gives an overall impression of being an almost metallic blue-gray. Meet Blue! Italian Greyhounds have smooth, silky coats that are extremely short. Baby Milano Mini Greyhound Baby Boy ! Please click a classified ad for more details or to reply to it. Most questions are answered on our website please take a minute to review our puppy reservation form (no commitment to buy) review it here before proceeding to contacting us. 6. The reference number will now be your tracking number. 11. *Delivery has not been interrupted by COVID. You may find so-called teacup dogs cheaper online, but you Red fawn has similar darker coloration on the back and sometimes on the legs but has a red tint to it. Know what you are getting …. Your puppy is in Calgary, Canada and will be delivered with our partner Air Canada. Please visit our How To Help page for ideas on how to help. They may get sick or just be very afraid. Brindle and black and tan were not found in most Italian Greyhounds as the breed standard was being developed. most coveted micro teacup puppy colors, for example, blue coloured 7. sold exclusively in our area by word of mouth. Complete the online puppy reservation form(you will have important decisions to make about your fur baby at this time), once complete, we will send your pocket puppy invoice payable upon receipt by bank transfer via email. We do not have a We hope you enjoy reading down through some of our teacup puppy reviews.

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