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This means that a 1.5 ton air conditioner can remove enough heat which can melt 1.5 tons of ice in a day. [1]. © McGarry and Madsen. This means that a 1.5 ton AC can remove enough heat which can melt 1.5 tons of ice in a day. Thus, your final assessment may not be very accurate. They’ll be able to precisely measure your home, weigh each of the factors that go into the equation, and provide an accurate assessment of the right-sized equipment for your home.
This will tell you the amount of cooling capacity required to maintain a consistent temperature within the home.

of area. Two installers went into the attic and suggested 4 Ton units like I already had. Air conditioning unit sizes are measured in tonnage as well as BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour.

The 1-ton units are very rarely installed as they are too small for a “CENTRAL AC” application.

4 ton AC unit costs $2,500 – $2,900 Also keep in mind, that it’s much more “efficient” to fix air leaks, insulate, etc., than to oversize your HVAC system.

BV Hedrick Gravel & Sand (Lilesville, NC) (828) 686-3844, North Buncombe Quarry (Asheville, NC) Cell / (828) 712-8794. Nominal: 19.0 to 127.0 kW (5.3 to 35.8 Tons) Product Data 38AK007,008,012 38AKS008,009,012 38AKS013-024 40RM007-012. There are just too many factors at play here. I hope you can help me.

Design load calculation and system sizing for commercial buildings. You will need the length, width and depth of your project space to be able to get your estimated tonnage calculation.

Cell / (336) 337-0706, Logan Bell, Sales Associate Screenings – 110 lbs/cubic ft I can’t find it? Air conditioners use SEER ratings to indicate energy efficiency. (Note: Tonnage, Air Flow, kW, etc. In fact, you can have homes that are identical in size, but still call for completely different size units. Here is a little more information for the above question asking about what size or Ton I should purchase. Higher efficiency units may receive special certification called ENERGY STAR®, a Department of Energy program that recognizes consumer products for their energy saving capabilities. 24,000 BTUs – 2 tons Both offer a measurement of an air conditioner’s cooling ability over an hour’s time. 60,000 BTUs – 5 tons. ft./2.5 tons Contact us to discussproduct delivery to other States. Especially if you are willing to spend extra money on a premium brand name AC unit, such as Carrier, don’t try to squeeze a few hundred dollars of savings by hiring a sub-par installer. Make sure to EXCLUDE the square footage of your attic/basement/garage, unless you are using any of them as living spaces. They all require an evaporator coil, a condenser coil, a compressor and refrigerant to essentially pull heat and humidity out of the home while returning cooler air to your living spaces. When selecting an air conditioner, tonnage is the most important factor. – number of heat generating appliances Learn about our innovative products and how they can help improve your comfort. This means that your house requires a central air conditioning unit of 5 to 5.5 tons. Please contact a sales representative for a more exact product estimates. Then they are all added together to get the final result. You can determine the “nominal” size of your HVAC system by examining the model number on the data plate at the side of the condenser (outdoor unit). If your house is well insulated and energy efficient, you can estimate down.

Heat transfer between walls and through the concrete slab, Costs more upfront – you can overspend by about $800+, Doesn’t get rid of humidity as well as a properly sized unit, especially in very hot climates, Cycles on and off many times throughout the day, thereby creating more wear and tear on the unit, Will not keep your house at a comfortably cool temperature on the hottest days, Running all the time instead of cycling will drastically increase your electric bill.
This means that if your house requires a 24,000 BTU unit (2 tons), you should not install one that is larger than 30,000 BTU’s (3 tons) to maintain energy efficiency. Calculating the gross tonnage of a ship is a somewhat complicated procedure, due to the fact that most ships have an asymmetrical shape that makes calculating volume difficult. This is important because you will be loosing a lot of air through leaking ducts. Final pricing for central AC also varies based on brand name, as well as other features. If you want to get a sense of how much AC tonnage your home needs, take a look at this heat zone map and ac sizing chart. carrier tonnage calculator Also, construction methods and materials vary in different parts of the country and it is possible that important issues related to your area may not be covered here.

Ductless mini split systems provide targeting cooling (and heating) to a single room or a large area.

What's wrong? The word “tonnage” is used to describe the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. Total number of square feet is just one of these factors. There are many ways to make this calculation, depending on the level of precision required and the agency requiring the measurement.

the outside edge is 10 ft high then it goes up a little over 12 ft. Because of the high celling and the open beam it was suggested we have two registers and a return at a nearby hall way .this still remains the warmest room in the house.

Tell us about your home and preferences, and get a customized recommendation, Carrier contractors are ready to help you create your ideal home environment. The ideal solution to reduce electric costs related to air conditioning is to install a higher efficiency central air system (16 SEER or higher). However, high SEER central AC systems are expensive, and are typically the more advanced Central Heat Pump type (18 SEER+ systems).

The most popular central AC size that works for the majority of residential homes is either 2 or 2.5 ton unit. You can just buy a cheaper 1 Amp power supply for that. Please enter the characters shown in the image below (Letters are not case sensitive). The result is then expressed in Btu per hour. If there is poor insulation/efficiency in your home, its best to estimate higher tonnage. A properly sized air conditioner matched to the unique needs of your home will not only keep you comfortable, it can also help you save on your energy bills. Please let t me know what you think should I purchase a 4 Ton, m31?2 or a 3 Ton unit . Read more about Yelena, Very helpful for those who want to be a expert ac technician. If you don’t mind – what is the square footage that you used in calculations? Is Air Conditioning Bad for the Environment? You should not trust an HVAC contractor who does a quick walk through your home, and gives you the AC tonnage your home needs just off the top of his head.

Consequently, AC sizing involves determining the home’s cooling load: the exact capacity in BTUs per hour and cubic feet per minute of airflow required to maintain a 78 degree temperature in the house. The term “size” of a central air unit does NOT refer to the physical dimensions.

38AK-*** Unit Nomenclature Short Description – Carrier®, Commercial Air-Cooled Condensing Unit (Hermetic) – (5.3 to 9.3-tons) One ton of cooling capacity is equal to 12,000 BTUh.

AC Size Calculator accurately estimates the cost to install central air in different climate zones (regions), based on your house size and AC SEER rating. I can’t find it? Example photo. Sand – 100 lbs/cubic ft, 100 ft long x 10 ft wide x 3″ deep x ABC (140 lbs/ft3), 100’ x 10’ x 3”/12” x 140 lbs/2000 lbs = 17.5 Tons. Air conditioners are typically rated two ways: cooling capacity and energy efficiency. If you are unsure whether you have found the right two numbers, you can double-check it by looking for the “RLA” rating on the data plate. If the contractor is not willing to do the initial assessment thoroughly, he is likely to cut corners on the installation itself. As far as I can tell 908 sg ft is the original house and only has the blown in insolation. carrier tonnage calculator Also, construction methods and materials vary in different parts of the country and it is possible that important issues related to your area may not be covered here. Conversely, an air conditioner that’s too small for your space will work overtime trying to cool the space, consuming more energy without fully doing the job.

Today electricity is very expensive and you don’t want to waste it on running a unit that is too big. I felt a 3 ton unit would be enough but in the square footage I measured itt includes a den with a high open beam celling. The smallest unit is 18,000 BTUs (1.5 tons), while the largest is 60,000 BTUs (5 tons). The weight of each product will differ depending on which product you need for the project.

>>. Because of this change in how the AC unit operates, its essential to get one that is just the right size for your house. What's wrong?

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