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The decline of the Borscht Belt hit the Nevele and Fallsview and by 1997, the Slutsky family sold both the Nevele and Fallsview to Mitchell Wolff and Joel Hoffman. The property was seized by Sullivan County in 1995 for defaulting on their property taxes. Please allow 24 hours for your entry to be reviewed for appropriate content. The Borscht Belt was the colloquial name of the Catskills area of eastern New York State that was once populated with resorts and bungalow communities for Jewish clients from New York City. Manhattan real estate developer Joseph Murphy bought the Concord at a bankruptcy auction in January 1999, with plans to invest $52 million in renovations and upgrades to the hotel, but his plans soon fell apart and he was bought out by Louis Cappelli, who would eventually go on to buy the abandoned Grossinger’s property. The castle is located just past the Swan Lake Resort (formerly the Stevensville) on the site of the old Commodore Hotel on Briscoe Road. Plant a tree to honor the memory of your loved one. Permanent link to this article:, Your email address will not be published. Abstract/Description: Picture of the Commodore Hotel in Swan Lake, NY. In 1998, The Granit underwent a major renovation in an attempt to revitalize the hotel, including changing the name to the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. Your contributions help offset my cost of running this service and making it freely available. I returned to the Hudson Valley Resort so I could take some pictures of the hotel.

Subjects and keywords: Commodore Hotel Hotels BDR_METSID: 1191520346234375 Permanent URL: Machne Bnos planned on upgrading the derelict hotel, but by 9 July 2009, the state Department of Health cited the sect for numerous health code violations, including leaking roofs, water on or in electrical boxes, exposed wiring, plumbing issues, a submerged and possibly contaminated drinking water well, mold throughout the complex, violations with the water and sewer plants and inoperable fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Like many of the Borscht Belt resorts, the Homowack Lodge suffered from its fair share of fires, including in 1959 and 1964 respectively, causing around $150, 000 damage. All buildings were demolished in April 2008, leaving only scattered concrete foundations. The hotel was built on the former estate of Alden Swan, a man who bought the lake and much of the surrounding land, in what was then know as Stevensville. One month later, a fire broke out in a boiler room, resulting in 43 fire companies with 300 fire fighters responding to the resulting inferno, the largest in Catskills history. The former Brown’s Hotel was reportedly the inspiration for the fictional “Sheldrake Hotel,” in the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, where “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle perform their first dance show in the movie. The hotel also featured 35 summer-rental bungalows near the golf course. In the 1950s and 60s, the hotel also hosted basketball tournaments, and NBA great Wilt Chamberlain once worked as a bellhop there. You can buy Schienfeld's The Borscht Belt: Revisiting the Remains of America's Jewish Vacationland and see her other work on her website. Flames were observed 20 to30 feet high. See my article on my visit to Grossinger’s in May 2018 here: For more of my Borscht Belt adventures, check out.

Instead, the new hotel was built to the south of the golf course.

Those employees living at the resort were given until 20 October to vacate their accommodations. The Commodore Hotel was opened next to the Stevensville Lake Hotel, and was owned by the Siegel family. Unlike the previous attempts at building a new hotel on the former Concord property, Resorts World Casino did indeed open in 2018, although not on the site of the original hotel. Required fields are marked *. If you appreciate the resource that I maintain here at, please consider supporting me. The denial of legalized gambling for Sullivan County killed this plan and two decades later, the property remains vacant. The Siegels built the Commodore and the Stevensville, and while they operated the Commodore, the Dinnerstein family purchased the Stevensville. It still exists and has been restored. Zablock came in with ideas he hoped would revitalize the aging resort but in the end, the inevitable finally came in 2013, when the Kutcher family sold the hotel after operating it for 106 years, making it truly the last of the original Borscht Belt hotels. Check out this web site for the proposed Catskill Resort Museum – Your email address will not be published. The only remnants of the 198 room hotel are the Black Magic Showroom building, the outdoor pool and the stone wall that lined the edge of the property along Briscoe Road. Worked under Alvin and am proud to have known him. Well known resorts in the area included The Concord, Grossinger’s Resort and Country Club, Brickman’s, Brown’s Hotel, Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club, The Nevele, Friar Tuck Inn, Gibbers, Gilbert’s, The Granit (which later became the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa), The Woodbine Hotel, Heiden Hotel, Irvington, Lastman’s, the Laurel Hotel and Country Club, The Pines Resort, Raleigh, Silverman’s Riverview Hotel, Stevensville, Stiers, the Tamarack Lodge, the Olympic, Shawanga Lodge, the Overlook and the Windsor Regency. In 2009, The Nevele ceased operations, 108 years after it first opened. Kutsher’s Hotel in Monticello was opened by Max and Louis Kutsher in 1907 as the Kutsher Brother’s Farmhouse, and later expanded into a hotel in the 1920s. 21 to Mar. The 125 registered guests at the time (out of a capacity of 1200) were forced to find other accommodations.

Although the Swan Lake resort did offer kosher food, the menu included a wider variety of food, including Korean and Japanese cuisine, owing to Korean-born co-owner Songcha Gallo, who owned the hotel with her husband, Victor Gallo. Cancel free on most hotels. Source:,,, ****************************************************************************************************. With declining business in the early 2000s, Kutsher’s welcomed the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festivals, which staged concerts in the ballroom in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The Nevele property was purchased in May 2012 by Nevele Investors LLC, who announced a $500 million redevelopment plan that included a casino. Most of the facilities remained including the swimming pools, tennis courts, miniature golf, synagogue, the bar and even the Jerry Lewis Theatre. The night clerk at the last hotel I went to called all the local hotels that she could think of, but they were all booked. In 2015, after sitting vacant for several years, the old Stevensville hotel property was sold to Congregation Iched Anash from Monticello, who operated it as a summer camp, Machne Rav Tov Satmar for Boys. Bruce Forsyth served in the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve for 13 years (1987-2000). ***************************************************************************. He too was of the opinion that it was unlikely that the hotel would reopen and advised me that there had been others who had shown up at the hotel only to find it closed.

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