cover letter for law review submission

A: A joke by Orin Kerr that has taken on a life and twitter feed of its own. In this case, just be sure that you are using each law review’s preferred communication method. You don’t want a law review to automatically reject your submission because it doesn’t adhere to their article-length requirements or to miss your article because you sent it via an email address or submission system the editors aren’t checking. When I’ve used the exclusive submission option, I almost always get an actual response from the journal — in other words, I get a rejection, instead of silence. In the process of identifying the best law reviews to submit to, you’ll likely have taken a step back from your article, which makes it the ideal time to give it one last look to make sure it’s in peak shape before pressing the submit button. Two Cheers for IRS Guidance on the New SALT Cap.

Your primary focus may be getting placed in a journal that will stand out in your tenure application or it may be getting placed in a journal that will give your article the most visibility and engagement possible—depending on the nature of your article these two goals may not be mutually exclusive. A: Again, you should first ask for an extension. Resumes are invaluable, but cover letters really make you stand out. If you’re looking for solid advice on how to write a strong journal submission cover letter that will convince journal editors to review your research paper, then look no further! It’s a tough biz. A typical heuristic is to expedite to the next 50 or so higher-ranked journals. And so on, potentially. There is probably a premium for the very top specialty journals. Now the question is—which law reviews would be the best fit? Q: How do I decide which journals to submit to, and when? “We’ll get some articles that will just say ‘add citation, add citation’ throughout,” he said. Ask friends for title suggestions. Or maybe 50. 30 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5783C690EBF815488141CCB7AFD84C96>]/Index[21 19]/Info 20 0 R/Length 63/Prev 26205/Root 22 0 R/Size 40/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Remember that you can also save time by communicating with law reviews in bulk via Scholastica. While I think it would be inadvisable to publish in, say, the Stanford JOLT over the Washington Law Review, JOLT’s excellent W&L ranking does make it worth considering when compared to, say, the Florida Law Review. Sometimes it’s meant I had nowhere to sit when the music stopped. If you can manage a major revision — not just tweaks here and there — and still get the piece back out before the season is over, that is probably ok. Again, though, I think it is incumbent on authors in that situation to be forthright that that is what they are doing. First paragraph: include the title of your manuscript and the type of manuscript it is (e.g. Some people, including me, will sometimes “shop” board reviews as though they were offers. endstream endobj startxref An awkward title lives on your c.v. forever…. A: Another complicated one. Journal editors understand the game. So you’re talking about 200 out of 3500. So again, choosing between a specialty journal and a general-interest journal is largely a question of your audiences and what they value. Here you’ll have access to: Also, remember to follow #LRSubmissions on Twitter for law review opening alerts and submissions updates and tips. Throughout the submission process, you may have questions for law review editors or you may want to send them an updated file. But they are only hints. Many people, including me, have sent out articles and gotten no offers from anyone.

I don’t think this practice actually accomplishes anything, since the importance of the offering journal is relatively modest, whereas giving top-tier journal editors more opportunity to look at your piece is important. Sometimes it happens, though! Still, missing out on a publication offer is a good opportunity to reflect honestly about the piece. Also, it would be good for journal editors’ incentives if the law professoriate cared about W&L (or other, better-constructed) rankings, since that would give them motivation to maximize some (highly imperfect) measure of quality. These are websites that will take your manuscript (along with accompanying documents, such as c.v. and cover letter) and batch-submit it to many journals at once. Many editors have said to me that the c.v. matters. A: I mean, W&L itself has several different rankings systems. Make your subject lines clear and state the aim of your email in the first sentence. But each journal has its own esoteric variations on what its staff consider the start and end of submission season. Do you want to add “might not be ready to go into editing when we want” to the list? ready a cover letter, an updated CV, and an abstract. That is a great and rare thing. If that fails, it’s probably best to take the offer. This is “the game.” The game is that one first submits to a very large number of journals. Some journals require super-majority or even unanimous vote. A lot of people have a tendency to write their abstract last, the day before they send out the piece, when they are tired and really impatient to get it out.

But I assume you are asking me these questions because you want a job, not because you want to make law journals better. No one really understands the law review publication process. Typically what I will do is grant one of these journals an exclusive when my manuscript is ready very early in the cycle, and I’m going to hold off on general submission for a few weeks anyway. So if you have an article ready and it’s not a peak submission time, you still have a good chance of getting an offer! A typical deadline for journals ranked between 20-ish and 50-ish is one week; many journals of lower rank will offer two weeks. There is no hard science behind when to submit to law reviews. You have the option to send Discussion messages, decision responses, or expedite requests to multiple journals at once, as explained in the “Communicating” section of the Law Author Guide. In my last post I talked about how to make your résumé more likely to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Following the articles board, there is a vote by the full membership of the law review. We know that cover letters can impact an editor’s decision to consider your research paper further. But this can vary by field and by journal. So let’s answer some questions. Of course, your situation may vary. In this interview Editor-in-Chief Jen Joslin discusses why they chose to use Scholastica's publishing platform and how they're developing the law review's online presence. Thanks, that’s helpful. The cover letter now is useful primarily for telling the editors how many words the piece is, how to get in touch with you, and any special circumstances (such as that you are granting exclusive review or whatnot).
Thankfully, there are some definite best practices you can follow to get a leg up in the great submissions race. I usually try not to play; the first time I send out an article, I’ll only submit to journals I really would be happy to publish with. Then, a polite and professional follow-up e-mail, and if necessary phone call, to Journal Y is in order. Once more, though, no one really knows. Q: Really? Check out this ultimate guide on how to write a cover letter that will get you hired fast. Yale and Stanford say that they also have long processes, but I’ve never really had much problem getting them to respond to an expedite. People will find your piece on westlaw or google scholar. I have seen editors on prawfsblawg say that they think it is kind of “desperate,” though, and usually if I get any response it’s a slightly sarcastic e-mail that says, “thanks, get back to us when you have real news.” I happen to think this is unfortunate, because as I said I don’t like to “play the game,” and I think shopping board reviews is a fairer alternative to shopping offers from journals I don’t really want to publish with. As of the last update, 150 law reviews are using only Scholastica for submissions and article selection. . So what you do is you inform the other journals that your offer comes with a deadline, and you ask them to try to reach a decision by then. When working with law reviews that use Scholastica, be sure to also make all of your decision responses and expedite requests via the system. Once more, remember that there is someone just like you who is hoping that Journal X will offer them your slot as soon as you turn it down. Additionally, many law reviews open submissions for symposium and special issues throughout the year. And what do you think will happen if you get to a board review, and the first screener who dinged you realizes what you did? This is a mistake. I’ve heard that the rule of thumb is that you add 20 to the U.S. news ranking of the school. Do people really care about journal rankings? A: Often, you can’t. The ten-page c.v. just gets you eye rolls. The benefits of this are twofold: first your communication will be more likely to be seen, and second, you’ll be making editors’ lives easier by helping them keep all of their law review work in one place. h�bbd``b`�@�� H0K �D ���J�@��d&F�% 1F��]? Each journal’s web page may (but usually doesn’t) have a useful statement about when they will consider submissions. Congratulations. What you do in that case is ask for an extension. (Duke is an example here). Take a look again at the Scholastica data to get a sense of when most people are submitting and asking for expedites. This is an awkward dance. A: I’ll assume if you’ve found this page you are aware that there are two seasons for submissions, spring and fall. Q: What about specialty journals? I have heard international law scholars say that placing with Harvard’s international-law journal is almost as good as placing in the Harvard Law Review. These are the first things editors will look at, so you want to be sure they’re attention-grabbing and that they quickly and succinctly communicate the arguments of your paper. They charge a fee for this service (around $3 per journal for expresso, $5 for scholastica), which ordinarily is covered by your home institution (if you work at one, and you appear on that institution’s list of covered subscribers). Ok, in fairness, there are a few journals whose W&L rankings persistently run ahead of the school’s reputation. Submitting within one of these peak timeframes may help your chances of publication because a high percentage of journals are actively reviewing articles.

Even those of us who say that quality is everything to us often believe that our less-enlightened colleagues rely on placement as a heuristic for quality, and the opinion of the less-enlightened is relevant to whether a person will contribute to the reputation of our school. Start by determining the top 3 to 5 journals that you think will offer you the best professional advantages and be the best fit for your article.

Sometimes, there’s just an offer out of the blue. Don’t feel you have to walk away from an offer if you don’t like the author agreement.

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