do any animals have rh negative blood

Scientists however believe that the RH negative blood is simply a mutation that happened some time during our evolution. A more mundane explanation for the homogenous traits of people from the Basque region is the idea that early farmers, during the start of the agricultural revolution, mixed with local hunters, before becoming isolated for thousands of years preserving their language and genetics. When a horse and donkey mate, the genetic differences result in a sterile mule. The majority A allele seems to be dominant over the recessive B type, which is found with a higher frequency in some countries other than the United States. Fuel your expansion into the topics you love exploring with exclusive videos you won’t find anywhere else, filmed with world-renowned luminaries here to support your awakening. Since the Eisenhower meetings, other instances of UFOs landing at or near Holloman AFB have been reported. If a woman with Rh-negative blood becomes pregnant with an Rh-positive baby, her body will produce antigens signaling to her immune system that her fetus is essentially toxic. Unlike humans, horses do not naturally produce antibodies against red blood cell antigens that they do not possess; this only occurs if they are somehow exposed to a different blood type, such as through blood transfusion of transplacental hemorrhage during parturition.[14]. It’s alleged that people with Rh-negative blood have distinct physical features paired with a predilection for psychic phenomena and alien abductions. If this is not available, a gelding, preferably of the same breed as the patient, may be used as a donor, and cross-matching may be crudely accessed by mixing donor serum with patient blood. He was not seen again until late the following morning. Physicists obtain molecular ‘fingerprints’ using plasmons, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, How Google (Probably) Made the Quantum Supremacy Chip. For me looking at these results, the fact that only 7 people that were RH positive answered the survey leads me to think that perhaps the survey was only completed by people who felt they either had an ability or were RH negative so it is not a reliable snapshot. ),[dubious – discuss] to make many different alleles. But another theory that falls in the more ethereal category is that the Nephilim of biblical lore are responsible for Rh-negative blood types. Some theories out there include that the RH negative antibody actually comes from Alien DNA and that they either interbred with humans or somehow genetically engineered us in some way.

There are many far-out ideas concerning RH negative blood over the internet if you do a search via google, however most of it appears to be theoretical, not scientific. The gene that produces Rh-negative is largely present in Caucasians, with the highest concentration found in a small region on the Iberian Peninsula between France and Spain, known as the Basque region. This immune-mediated disease is life-threatening and often requires transfusion. But this percentage of the population is not spread evenly across all areas of the planet. He disappeared for several hours one Saturday afternoon and even missed a scheduled public dinner. Most women will be able to tell you a little bit about what it means to be RH Negative. Scientific studies have indicated that without the protein in the red blood cells that people who are RH Positive have, the blood has a blue colour to it. Data is available on blood groups of common chimpanzees, baboons, and macaques. I also have thrown out the results from the sleep paralysis question at the end as it didn’t give users the option to answer no so the results for that question were flawed. This group of angels and their offspring were wiped out in the great biblical deluge, though some were said to have survived, leaving the Rh-negative blood distinction. Don’t watch TV and don’t listen to people. Most people don’t take much notice of their blood type, however when you are pregnant, one of the first things they test, is to see if your blood is RH Negative.

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