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do iron golems despawn

Nathan Drake is taking time out at a bar when he his approached by Chloe and Harry Flynn who ask him to assist them in stealing a Mongolian oil lamp from an Istanbul museum that may hold the answer to the location of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Tall, with dark hair tied back, usually wearing clothes to display her figure, she is described by the developers as "one of their favorite characters to create". Chloe confronts Nate in the bus, explaining it was too close. She was also an associate, a major ally, and a former love interest to fellow treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and has also worked with other people such as Harry Flynn, Charlie Cutter, Nadine Ross, and Samuel Drake. The Smoking Gods pursue them as the city collapses. Sully, Nate and Cutter go deeper underground, while Chloe waits up top with the getaway van. When they reach safety, the four of them discuss the next step. Unnamed father † This forces Sully to carry him out of the castle whilst Nate and Chloe fend off Marlowe's agents. However, Chloe shoots the two soldiers and tells Nate to go to Nepal, where she will meet him. After acquiring the amulet, the heroes hear Talbot's agents searching for them. Later that night while Sully is flirting with women on the beach, Chloe and Nate go to a hotel room and have sex. Despite being an impressive fighter, Chloe can be outmatched at times. Chloe manages to stop Flynn from killing Nate long enough for him to retreat into another car. Chloe is seen driving away in a jeep on the phone with her client. However, Chloe appears to be trying to steal the artifact too, and she and Nate get into a scuffle. They decide that Nate and Sully will travel to France, while Cutter and Chloe will go to Syria. See full bio » Biography | Trailers & Videos After Cutter is injured, Chloe decides the hunt is too risky and backs out. They appear as friends in Drake's Deception, fist bumping and joking with each other. Flynn and Nate acquire the lamp, which contains a map showing that the Lost Fleet had been transporting the Cintamani Stone from Shambhala, before being thrown ashore on Borneo by a tsunami. Most Popular #5491. They also learn that the Lost Fleet never took the Cintamani Stone from Shambhala, and deduce that Lazarevic is in fact trying to pick up Polo's exact trail back to Shambhala. The group then sees Agartha ahead of them in the tunnel. Nate slides down into the hole to find Chloe unharmed, but the Doughtys have caught up to them. Furthermore, she must have earned well from her career already but there is no information available about her net worth and salary. Wall had three auditions for the role on the show's set in Liverpool.The character is introduced as the sister of Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix), who had been killed off in earlier episodes. After the two jump over a gap, they come across a bridge made of World War II planes, suspended over a river of lava. Chloe is waiting when her three allies emerge, and they escape in her van. But while they're doing this, Nate is discovered by Chloe, who points her gun at him. An example is when she and Elena were covering Drake and an injured Jeff from Lazarevic's soldiers and she was ambushed by a soldier who came close to killing her should Drake not have intervened. Membership Best Coordinated TV Episode Group Costumes? They contrast one another in terms of brute force and finesse, shown aptly early on when Nadine breaks a window to manually turn a lock when Chloe takes too long picking it. The lava flow kills Rose while Chloe and Nate run. They work together to try and find the Cintamani Stone which supposedly grants immortality to the one who controls it. Nate insists on escaping Nepal with Elena and the injured Jeff, despite Chloe's strong disapproval. At the end of the game, the two women bond when they cooperate in Shambhala. 1,241 Followers, 639 Following, 15 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from cleo fraser (@cleofraser) First Name Cleo #1. Despite their differences and the roadblocks that shift their perspectives of one another, they still become close. This is seen with Jeff, as she is ready to leave him behind compared to the more idealistic Nate and Elena. Lastly, her IMDB profile has now 23 credits. The group eventually reaches a dead end. To achieve this, we invested tremendous energy and time in her skin-tone balance; layers of skin blemishes and subtle beauty marks were meticulously placed in order to create a natural, girl-next-door look without applying too many artificial cosmetics. Cutter shoots Talbot after pretending to still be drugged, and the four of them run for it. Eventually Cutter jumps, breaking his leg. She is very willing to walk away from situations she knows are above her accepted danger and is frivolous with human life that is not her own. Chloe is first and foremost a survivor; that is, she displays this attitude. Eventually, the trio finds a tomb containing the bodies of Polo's shipmates, as well as a golden Tibetan Phurba and a map that has a message on it from Polo, pointing towards a specific temple in Nepal. She is quick to take action and stays positive in dangerous situations. Nate had feared that Talbot's men had captured them, but instead realizes that Chloe's phone was broken (as usual) and Cutter had not topped up his pre-paid phone. But be warned: her allegiances are as varied as her skill set, and she'll work for anyone as long as their price is right and their priorities (i.e. Inside, Nate discovers a secret entrance to Marlowe's base. $1.2 Million Cleo Fraser Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Cleo Fraser is an actress, known for Chronic (2015), Transparent (2014) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013). She is intelligent and very aware of her limits. Chloe realizes that Nate allowed her tag along because he is attracted to her. Along the way, they encounter Elena Fisher and Jeff, Fisher's cameraman. Initially, she appears to value her own well being above all else, but her attitude changes towards the end of Uncharted 2. Chloe is quite a good actor as well. It also seen when she abandons the mission in Uncharted 3 after Cutter broke his leg. Chloe takes the map from them and gives it to Flynn. Stage Actress #5. Chloe is physically very attractive, and is constantly seen as such, this being one of the main reasons Elena appears to be jealous of her when she turns up with Nate. Voiced by No regrets." https://uncharted.fandom.com/wiki/Chloe_Frazer?oldid=115220. Later that night, Drake and Sully are rescued by Chloe from Rusnak, who had held them captive. Hearing more soldiers coming up behind them, Chloe once again betrays the group, holding them at gunpoint when Flynn and the mercenaries show up in the room and Flynn orders her to be taken to a train. He finds Chloe, Flynn and Lazarevic in the room believed to hold the key to Shambhala. His body was then found by the local authorities weeks later. Popularity. She had little hesitance in destroying blockades that were hundreds years old that hindered her and Nadine’s mission in the Western Ghats, initially. Nate and Elena are separated when he boards Lazarevic's train in an effort to rescue Chloe. At the end of the game, the two women are seen together with Sam eating pizza showing their new partnership and close relation. When Chloe enters the Jeep to go after Asav and retrieve the Tusk, Sam is the first one to enter the car and is willing to help Chloe in her mission, though he doesn't helps Chloe in the fight against Asav he does provide cover for her in order to enter Asav's train. Best Coordinated TV Episode Couple Costumes? Amazon Studios Boards ‘Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ From Akiva Goldsman and FilmNation (Exclusive). They light a fire before him. As Sully stays behind to fix the damages to the plane, the group finds Sir Richard Byrd's encampment and Chloe discovers that the Amber Room was destroyed. Chloe works with former Shoreline leader Nadine Ross to find the Tusk of Ganesh in India (an endeavor she picked up from her late father, an archaeologist who spent most of his life searching for the Tusk). As they exit the temple, Lazarevic's men ambush them, and Jeff is wounded. But while they're doing this, Nate is discovered by Chloe, who points her gun at him. Using Cutter's notes, Chloe discovers that the entrance lies at the middle pillar. From assuming her age, she must be currently in the age of twenties in the year 2020. Whilst Nate, Sully and Charlie Cutter act out the set up in order to flush out Marlowe, Chloe waits in her van for them to return. Golden Globes 2016: Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy, Miranda Sings Impressions (Birthday Edition), The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Motion capture However, they reconcile and decide to go through with the job as planned, but then plan on running away together after taking their cut of the profits. Rose and Michael get into another argument with Rose killing him and she pulls a diamond out of the wall, releasing the lava. When they're reunited in Among Thieves, they both wish to reconcile. Her caring nature is shown by how she willingly volunteers to stop an entire city being destroyed by Asav for no financial gain and finally giving the Tusk to the Ministry of Culture. Elena's judgment changes after Chloe wants to leave an injured Jeff, Elena's camera man, behind after he is wounded, and seems to show hostility towards Chloe. Chloe Frazer is an Indian[1]-Australian treasure hunter and thief for hire; she's a skilled professional whose reputation often makes her highly demanded in the criminal underworld. Talking about her family, she hasn’t shared any information about her parents and other members of the family. Similarly, she hasn’t shared details about her being in a relationship with her boyfriend or single. They quickly discover an exit, but this only leads to Talbot. When Chloe turns on them to protect her cover, Elena is against Nate's determination to rescue her, but still helps him when he tells her why she did it. As she is about to shoot Nate, he is able to throw dust into her eyes and escape. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Chloe's relationship with Nathan Drake was rocky, as he describes it as "complicated" and he walked out on her for unknown reasons. After exploring the Syrian castle, Chloe and Cutter bump into Nate and Sully. Rose intervenes, resulting in a scuffle between her and Chloe with Rose defeating her. The biggest challenge in working on her for Uncharted 3 was not only to retain the original likeness of Chloe, but also to portray both the sensual and warrior sides of her.

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