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As DPR LIVE often explained it in interviews, back at their beginning the crew didn’t have a lot of money. Birth date The EP consists of five tracks including three M/Vs: Jasmine, Text Me, and Martini Blue. “We really tried to include as many cities as we cold in this tour. DPR +IAN also known as Christian Yu, born Yu Barom (유바롬), was a rapper and leader of the group C-CLOWN, where he went under the stage name Rome.

For those who don’t know it yet, we could say that the EUNG FREESTYLE is kind of an adaptation of the mmm Freestyle by the crew Hott Headzz. As LIVE explained in an interview dated from March 2017 for HIPHOPKR, the crew members are spending most of their time together, talking, exchanging ideas, concepts; giving new suggestions. If you listen to the track you might notice that the track structure can in fact be divided into three different atmospheres.

Birth place Twitter More than a collective, DPR is above all a group of friends animated by the same passion. It’s in 2015 that the crew took the shape we know today, but his roots are going way back.

DPR CREAM, real name Kim Kyung-Mo was born and raised in South Korea. DPR Archiveswith DPR Live, DPR Cream(2020) Both would have met in Seoul around 2013 even 2011 – or even sooner – and they would have immediately become friends. However, 2017 hasn’t ended here for the crew since DPR LIVE concluded the year with that time a solo project: Her, unveiled on December 7th. But also, because it was the occasion for the crew to finally put a face to their audience, for an evening to share with people who supported them. Some of you might already know him under the nickname Rome as he used to be a member of the boysband C-CLOWN in activity from July 2012 to October 2015.

As mentioned in LIVE’s article, in 2015 the KHipHop wasn’t as known worldwide as it is today, and DPR aren’t for nothing in that evolution. It is a world tour and we wanted to hit as many cities as we could, even despite our physical health or whatever. Moreover, LIVE had also been on several collaborations in which the crew has undoubtedly taken part to, in one way or another, like Loco’s M/V Movie Shoot for instance; this time again you’ll find everything related to it in DPR LIVE’s article.

This relentless work is rewarded by an N°8 rank at the Billboard’s World Album Chart; but more generally, those series of success also allowed the team to get his own production studio. Three projects in total before unveiling the EP Coming To You Live on March 15th, 2017. The story of DPR IAN (or Christian Yu, real name Yu Barom – visual director) and DPR LIVE. Christian Yu atau yang dikenal dengan nama DPR Ian adalah DPR VISUALS sekaligus FILM DIECTOR dari DPR LIVE. The recipe behind that now-classic of the Korean Urban Scene? And also, because in addition to DPR LIVE, seven other artists have worked on the project, and collaborations also induce a lot of work. He is the CEO of Dream Perfect Regime (DPR).

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