esa doctors review

I was being told that a chicken can't be an ESA. It’s very meaningful to us that our clients come back to us year after year and also trust us with friends and family members they have referred to us. Fast response and responsable staff. ESA Doctors is a platform that assists individuals seeking to qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA) by connecting them to licensed mental health professionals (LMHPs). For a detailed disclaimer and terms, please read our Terms and Conditions. They informed me of possible issues with certain leasing agencies and offered a full refund in the event the leasing company would not work with my ESA letter. Best money I ever spent! ESA Doctors has operated since 2015 and helped thousands of people use their ESA letters for housing and air travel. We work to give clients with mental and emotional health issues access to licensed healthcare professionals that can evaluate whether an ESA recommendation is right for them. That is why we treat each client with care and integrity. The Website Content is educational and informational in nature and is provided only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, opinion, treatment or guarantee. ESA Doctors will send your emotional support animal letter along with helpful information within 2-5 business days of getting approved. U.S. and foreign air carriers are prohibited to discriminate on the basis of a patron’s mental or physical need for an assistance animal to assist with their disabilities. But this company sees chickens for who they are and the emotional support they bring for so many, including myself. I highly recommend their services for anyone in need of ESA letters for housing. I was able to get what I needed for my emotional support dog within 2 days. Thank you! We have partnered with an independent third party, Shopper Approved, to ensure that the reviews we display are 100% legitimate. I will more than likely need these doctors’ help later and I know that they will be more than willing to help me. Much of our business comes from customers who share their experiences with their loved ones. I was super skeptical to purchase through here, but I’m so happy I did! We value client confidentiality and understand there is still an unfortunate stigma surrounding mental illness that worries some clients. Our mission is to advocate for ESA owners and their rights, and to make professional help accessible and affordable for anyone suffering from a mental illness or emotional disability. ESA Doctors is also sensitive to the fact that our clients suffer from mental health and emotional issues. Knowing that they are dependable and responsive has really removed all stress I originally had going into this process. If you are in Canada and are interested in an ESA letter for housing purposes we are happy to help but we want to inform you that Canadian housing law does not require landlords to accommodate Emotional Support Animals in the same way as under U.S. law.

Our goal is for everyone that uses our service to feel confident, safe and taken care of. Qualifying for an emotional support animal (ESA) to help cope with your mental and emotional health issues is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make.

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