famous black bass players

Jack Casady, Rick Danko, and Andy Fraser are the obvious omissions but one of the best I ever saw was Mike Mesaros of the Smithereens. Marcus Miller is a jazz bassist who has played with many of the greats, including Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and George Benson.
How Tom and drummer Chester Thompson really pump thru all tricky FZ trade marks.

etc….. i think Larry the mole taylor of canned heat and other groups should of been on the list, the top 5 cat touch Phil Leah let alone Ray Brown. All I know is that there are some wonderful bass players on the list. He wasn’t a “showman” but then I’ve never been impressed with showmen in the rythmn section, that’s the front mans gig. My fave guitarists are not the ‘best’ guitarists but they are the ones that speak to me.

Couldn’t agree more! This List sucks..

An automatic selection for a list of the best bass players, and a true innovator: Claypool’s playing is instantly recognisable. Another vote for Graham Maby for inclusion. Where the H E double hockey sticks is Gene Simmons of KISS? What! Well, well, well… What are the criteria ? Expect to hear great things from her in the future, but check her out now! That’s pretty hilarious too. ot many are better than him. Sims, Mel Schachler….

I agree with the Unlucky Fried Kitten post because Norman Watt-Roy of Ian Dury and the Blocheads fame was so influential and played bass on the main FGTH singles…which were totally bass-driven. Sheehan is great, and a super nice guy, but he simply could not do what Victor does. No Greg Ridley????

Dont forget the STYLE of the bass player is very important. Everyone posting wants their favourite on the list, which contains great technicians and great innovators. Check out the Lyrics on John’s song about him called, “How do You Live With Yourself.” Also, his Post-Beatle songs were pathetic, like: “The Girl is Mine” (a duet with Michael Jackson) and “You Think People Would Have Had Enough With Silly Little Love Songs” and the list goes on and on—real R&R ha,ha.

Completely agree with comments about Matt Freeman, Paul Simonon and Norman Watt-Roy, especially the latter. Diversity in Deventer – Esc.rec Label Feature, Icon: Music Through The Lens – New Documentary Series On Sky Arts. I didn’t think much of Paul McCartney at all as a bassist, nor as a singer for that matter, I do agree about john Entwistle though he was great. Colin Bass of CAMEL would wipe the floor with most of the above.

Colin Moulding (XTC) To learn to play The Beatles song’s bass correctly from zero would take weeks. Paul McCartney made a trademark out of the supple, lyrical bassline more than any rock player before or since, and that’s on ‘Paperback Writer’ alone. Having toured in Traffic and most recently in The Waterboys, David Hood was the mainstay of the fabled Muscle Shoals rhythm section The Swampers. Then of course there’s the guys not mentioned, like Jack Cassidy, Greg Lake and Ian Hill (Judas Priest) that must be on this list. The Who were great for a brief period and swiftly became boring and overblown and the Daily Mail’s idea of great rock band. John Entwistle was one of the first players to do this. Copyright © 2020 GuitarCommand.com. The bassist is never given enough credit. Scott LaFaro? scratch acid and jesus lizard bass man, big influence to the grunge movement. Mel Schacher of GFR fame. Same with Jack Casady and Ron Carter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXHYy3f93uo, Your email address will not be published.
Victor Wooten is nice but cannot play like Les Claypool in many ways. Its one thing if its a great song but if the song is notable because of how the Bass stands out and is unique, that is a true ‘top’ Bassist. Tommy Shannon is not to shabby either. ” Blues.

1. I’ve only recently found her but I do feel that a rare girl bass player should get a mention on the list……. Gimme a break! What about new guys like Hadrien Feraud or greats like John Pattitucci???!? In order to make the list, the player must have not only been a great musician, but must also have added something extremely different to their band. Oteil Burbridge formerly of the Allman Brothers and Tedeschi Trucks Band is a bad man.

Decades. This is completely unfair. Another poll typically aimed at those under forty who have no clue about real music just noise. He sadly passed away October 24th, 2014 of liver disease. Gary Thain (uriah heep), Mel Scacher (gfr), Greg Lake (elp), Stu Cook (ccr), Many a stadium has trembled to his giant sound. I agree…Jack Bruce should be further up the chart!

Definitely Porcaro and also Timothy B Schmidt (eagles).

Gotta be up there man, awesome bassist.

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