faults in hinduism

The Vedas and Puranas say that all Hindus must pray to the sun god SURYA, and that if you look at the sun daily every morning with your naked eyes, your sight will improve. Did they go to hell or heaven? @as saffah : Thanks for the info can you tell me where did you get the info to reach the said conclusion.Please refer to the exact Vedic Mantra. The distances between earth, sun & moon given by scientists relate to the physical plane. Where is your Karma disappear now?

I found it in Mushafiq sultan`s site. God never need of incarnation. That my important questions to modern Hindu Reincarnation people .the most of the people organized this law by Hindu, why are they considering the Veda and Upanishad? But they dispute what we believe because that is the only way they can convert a Vedic person.

But this website is smart. Day and Night attended its wedding. What God shall we adore with our oblation? BTW, please do explain as to what “false islam” and what is “real islam.”. truth is they understand the law from Veda and Upanishad incapable of an ideal society. Sorry , I have not heard of that Gunpoint conversion. Just think how those muslims who Claim to be Scholars learnt Sanskrit ?? Though not a Hindu fanatic, not even a believing Hindu, I must say that this Cardoza must really be a joke. So far you are just pasting the same question over and over again onto different threads. Can you suggest a link for some authentic translation of the vedas from where i should study and any source, from which i can discuss and clear my doubts and queries about the same? Ye Muslim raja, rana, malik, jutt, chaudhari, patel, butt wagairah jo kabhi hindu hi the apne hi hindu bhaiyo ko nahi pehchante. we can see many in temples like iscan. I recall how Zakir Naik also gives reference to research by some illiterate ‘farmer’ in California to justify Halal Meat. They can’t just tell the truth, they have or try and point to us things we dont’ even agree on. According to Arthur Herman, karma-transmigration theory solves all three … They are neither Islamic nor human. i never says all the country r islamic or all the ‘islamic namers’ r muslim. Dharmic people just have to show what is in another person’s religion which they already agree is in there. “But all other religions except Buddhism ,Hinduism and Jainism ,Sikhism are really flexible.” it is NOT FLEXIBLE, ADITYA I THINK YOU NEED A CHALLENGE RIGHT SO I AM WAITING LEARN ABOUT ISLAM AND LEARN ABOUT HINDHUISM THEN FACE ME AND I WILL WIN TAKE ALL THE SCIENTIFIC ERRORS IN QORAN AND I WILL TELL YOU SOME AND ALSO TELL YOU THAT THESE SCIENTIFIC ERRORS YOU GIVE ME ABOUT ISLAM IS WRONG DONT WOORY WITH PROOVES. Though born into a devout and orthodox Muslim family, I have always been always very interested in learning about other faiths and beliefs.

So that a person can balance his reactions of the actions he did in previous birth regardless what body he gets like dog, cat, lion, insects, trees, cow & Manav etc. Remember – the blasphemy laws in pakistan. aap muslim kahate hai ki allah ho akbar yani allah sabse bada hai batlaiye chota kaun hai ?bada to tabhi koi hoga jab koi chota hoga ? Further Indian Institute of Scientific Hreritage is doing wonderful work to bring into limelight the works of all rishis/vedic scholars/ ancient sanskrit manuscript – http://www.iish.Org. google it. And second part of the verse,merely states the obvious about people falling asleep, once sun sets and night arrives.

Please correct me if you think I’m wrong. the story of Mahabharata explained krishna arya, what a miracle things? oh plzz,u think u can fool us from this scientific handiwork of yourz…plz grow up.from the very first glimpse of the text one intellectual can clearly tell that it is self made, clearly a mere human philosophical artwork. It has a place called bhatarwarsh and massive mountains, 5 circular concentric islands & oceans. Because your very creation of being muslims become by force (JABR), am I write or wrong, pls judge t your true will. (My religion teaches and offers a great afterlife in jannat, but what does it do to make our present life better?). Thirdly, talking of these Christians, I mainly don’t like pointing fingers on religions but your bible is corrupted and if you want, I can give you tons of scientific errors in it. If Hinduism wasn't around, women might still be subjected to misogyny, but we'll remove a large cultural cause for that behavior to be excused. hinduism is a joke. You believe in people who supports sex between brother & sister is morality. This is what my understanding of Islam. I am open for more comments.

“ahimsa paramo darmaha” — not in vedas. [Who tranquilized the incensed mountains: yah parvata_n prakupta_n aramn.a_t = he quited the mountains, going hither and thither, as long as they had wings: Indra cut them off]. The book was first published in 1970 and its reprint came in 1990. even if cardoza calls himself a Muslim … his words are UN-ISLAMIC … and Rahul ji … Islam is not a new religion … it is from time immemorial Do some research on Religions and you will come closer and closer to islam! what is my questions?

yar our religion doesen’t teaches us this thing… even though this cardoza is wrong but you should reply him in a well mannered tone. urine. If any Muslim accepts Hinduism or Buddhism it is his/her right. 1) RiG Veda 7.55.7: This verse contains no direct reference to the sun, as you claim. I admire Israel because despite being surrounded by Muslim countries they have held their own terrifically. Similarly Buddha walked on water, fed the 500 and performed endless miracles. My family physician is a Hindu from India, and he is one smart cookie. 8, No. jsi sri krishna.
satyameb jayte. it’s just funny if its truly happens. I will discuss it later on but right now see below: I have gone through on the topic of “Islam & Rebirth” which my beloved Angveer started whom I love & also I love Arya are my soul mate one who are continuous Eshwara conditioned souls. Get your answers by asking now. Hindu is one who with penance washes one’s sins and evil thoughts and with arms destroys one’s enemies. You know very less about Islam … first go and learn about it! Isn’t believing Muslims and disbelieving non Muslims blindly the sign of blind belief/disbelief? What is the truth? in dono ko isne muslim bhi nahi banaya kyoki usse iske sex sambandh the yani agar koi mahila sex karvatye to uske liye niyam me chhut bhi dedi jati thi! It only explains that Sun, moon etc. so all their religions are ” man made religions ” created by them. hinduism is a joke. ‘Brain surgery’ during Harappan civilisation.

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