fishing line heron deterrent

It’s always very useful to hear how other pond owners are tackling predators, as everyone has slightly different methods and successes. The drawback to netting your pond is the look of the unsightly netting (it will block the views of your fish and sometimes your waterfall.) While a determined heron may get through some regular fencing, an electric fence will give them a small “shock” every time they touch it. I recommend some type of ultra-sonic pest deterrent for your pond and a VERY tight netting firmly secured to the ground with no gaps. If they don’t suggest it, you should. If it’s a heron (which most likely it is) how can I scare him/her away without scaring away all the other birds which love to splash and play in the waterfall? If it gets hit enough times, it should persuade the bird to look for another pond to raid. I set up a trail cam the last time we were there, but got no photos of anything near the pond. They also can maneuver around fishing line…one got caught in it and destroyed it.

My radio is plugged into the plug and the plug is activated (hot) based on the motion the sensor picks up.

The battle never ends, block them however you need to. over the last 10 days I’ve sat vigil from 4am til 10pm, the pond assassin calls any hour of the day… I’ve done everything from plants to eventually netting my pond, to my horror yesterday I let my dogs out & the heron was between the pond & castle when my dogs went up there barking furiously I called them back so it would have an escape route & it struck my dog in the shoulder causing a puncture wound!! Since they like to hide away in nooks and crannies very close to water, closing off as many hiding spots as possible around the pond may help prevent them from hanging around, but I doubt this would keep them away all together. cost $15.00 Mike, How about floating 1 or 2 of those reflective glass balls on the water? My husband saw him on the patio with the fish in its beak. The best brands, such as the ScareCrow sprinkler, can cover large distances with their water jets, so are suitable for both small and large garden ponds. Sometimes one method is enough, but for particularly stubborn herons, mixing various types of deterrents together may be the best solution. Since heron decoys are generally a very cheap solution, it’s worth it to try one in your pond and hope for the best – you may get lucky and have a particularly anti-social heron who hates company! When frightened, pond fish will retreat to deeper parts of the pond for cover, but unless your pond is packed with plants or is very deep, they may not have adequate protection. It started hunting 100sof 100s every day for last 10 days, couldn’t use net because it will cost high . We lost 12 fish in one night but gained a big white poop splat on one of our rocks. If it works once, then it is a success! • PLANTINGS – Let nature do the work. How do I deter Blue Heron away from my pond fish? Deterring herons typically occurs with a mixture of approaches, so do the fence, and other deterrents if possible. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Heron moves so slowly, the scarecrow often does not detect it. Have you tried the talk radio trick yet? I have a rock speaker by the pond hooked up to the radio in the shed. It goes from zero depth on the edges to 40′ on one end. The only thing left seemed to be an animated scarecrow… then, my husband came up with an idea! This is not the most pleasing to see though and I am considering a regular protection netting (2″ mesh to help prevent snake snagging) – not sure if it will work. Installing netting over the surface of your pond is by far the most effective means of protecting your pond, and probably the least aesthetic. • PREDATOR CALLS – On one hand they are hilarious, and I have found it is a great way to scare not just herons but daughters too. I am afraide that would repel them as well. There is also a “scarecrow” motion detector that squirts out a burst of water, maybe that might work. Reflective tape is usually attached to stakes at about 24” high. thanks for reading and commenting. A second option to stop herons eating pond fish is to try to install pond fencing or wire around the perimeter of the pond. We have had to put netting over the top, which is not attractive, but a necessity. Since herons need to physically reach into a pond to make catches, having a net over the surface makes stalking the fish much more difficult. March 2020 I have both a crane and a big barn owl who like my fish pond. Hello Caroline, I’m very sorry to hear that you fish are being taken by mink., Has anyone had success with a fountain or moving water feature to detour GBH? Tagged with: Blue Heron • great blue heron • heron protection • koi • koi ponds • PONDS • water gardens. I think the fishing line will work very well for your pond type. “Hey!” is one syllable and can be said with force. I’d worry about coming out to a heron all tangled in the line too. Should it be left on all night? If you have some ideas, not involving guns, nooses, or bare handed throttling; share them here. (Yes we have the anti freeze heater rings to put in pond.) Shockwire might be effective, but is child-unfriendly. Now that I have your attention lets get to the “TOP 10 LIST” of heron deterrents! I’d love to keep the fish since we spent a fortune on a filter system especially for them, but obviously I don’t want to keep buying more fish only for them to feed the heron. It is closed up and removed during the day, come night unfolds like an umberella over the whole circumrence of the pond, I have added some additional ‘ties’ to the already tough, nylon The fishing line is nice because it is not very visible and makes for a great way to baffle the Great Blue Heron. Since herons are quite intelligent, it can be very difficult to dissuade them from eating your pond fish, especially if they’re already used to the surroundings. Thank you for the feedback, and important information you shared!! We have removed the net and hope that we don’t come to regret it! I’m working on more, but it requires an intensive study of the Heron, in an urban environment. I bought a 3 x 2 fruit cage and built it around the duck house. We have the hose to the scarecrow buried, so it isn’t practical to move it to another side of the pond. Place stakes around the perimeter of the pond (we use bamboo stakes) approximately every 5-6 feet. If you like water plants and I use only water plants to purify my pond, install waterfall ponds and put plants in them. Hope to hear from you again. What professional pond builder would not want their ponds to be safe from predators? it works very well. Smaller prefab ponds or ponds that are not excavated deep enough to keep fish are easy for the GBH to clean out in no time. The bad news is, we cant see them either LOL. You could try a multi-faceted approach, and utilize the light, a heron decoy just in case it is a heron (you can even get automated ones that move about and make noise if they detect motion nearby), and artificial scent sprays (such as fox and coyote sprays). If there is little movement it may think it’s just another decoy, but as it gets closer the moving image may be enough to spook the heron away. Or, have you been looking for a good excuse to get that dog you’ve been wanting. If they’re not wading in directly, you can try putting up your own (much taller) fencing around the pond, as close to the water edge as possible. I have thought about placing the dog house complete with dog by the pond , a future prospect. Thanks for the feedback.

I think they mostly go behind the slate plates. ties, the whole ‘umbrella’ is waterproof and its very cost effective. The fishing line method is also used by koi breeders. I can tell you that a large, colorful dragon kite hung above the pond doesn’t work; apparently herons aren’t afraid of dragons! Try playing Barry manilow ! I have an ancient, 30 Meter square pond to refurbish in a rural location and intend to build another alongside to facilitate the safe draining of the old pond. Over the last 18 years, Clay has been involved in landscaping and aquascaping, which led him to his passion, POND BUILDING and opening A Frog’s Dream in 2006. I also have staked wind chimes around it and have no issues…the pond is 6 foot deep in the middle and 17×20 so is not small all hand dug with a 3 tier waterfall.

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