forza tuning guide

This also serves a basis for grip and speed tuning as well as track specific tuning which will be covered in part 3 and 4, so make sure to read this first before advancing to track specific tuning. A higher final drive will give your car impressive acceleration levels, but it can cause the car to bottom out, meaning it probably won't have good top speed. Aero Kit                            Downforce, 1 Many cars don't have a stock rear wing, so in this case there is no downforce applied, Example: FWD road car with 2198lb, 64% wd, stock aero (10/25/25), front springs: 563.9, rear springs 370.9, Adding front and rear race aero kit with stock downforce 75/137 (balanced downforce for 64% wd is 75/169), Front spring offset: (75-10)/10=6.5, 6.5*0.5=3.25, Rear spring offset: (137-25)/25=4.48, 4.48*0.5=2.24,(137-169)/2=-16,-16*0.5=-8, total rear spring offset: 2.24-8=-5.76. For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox and a 4-speed sport gearbox and a stock final drive for sport transmission < 4.00 the sport gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 3.75. 3.25833333 - 0.25=3.00833333 --> Final Drive: 3.25833333 + 0.25=3.50833333 --> Final Drive: Drivetrain            Drivetrain Swap         Increase/Decrease, Custom race aero kit  (any other adjustable, Power                     Increase                    Increase, Usually only car weight determines required downforce levels but for cars with standard Forza race aero kit, and very high power (>=800hp) extra downforce is required to stabilize the car. Too much downforce creates an excessive amount of drag, though, which decreases the top speed. Due to their unique suspension geometry open wheel cars require a very high rear damping independently of front and rear spring rates. If the car uses a custom race gearbox the gearing is scaled to the cars stock power. 300hp-325hp=-25hp That means for high performance cars and race cars you need to add an additional 0.5 psi on top of the base tire pressure for best tire performance. Making the springs too stiff will cause the car to bottom out under heavy braking. Get the most from your cars in Forza Horizon 4 with our guide to tuning your rides. When tuning, you should lower the ride height as much as possible without the car bottoming out, so it may take some time to perfect your setup. Bump has a direct relation to front car weight and suspension stiffness, i.e. Softer tire compounds like Sport or Race compound provide more grip but also have less rigidity than Stock or Street compound. A lower final drive will increase the top speed of the car but can lead to a slower acceleration. Thank you for printing this page from super cars, GT race cars etc. 400hp-325hp=75hp If the rear anti-roll bar is too stiff it can cause the wheels to lift off the ground when cornering hard which can result in a pretty spectacular accident! However due to very high forces during cornering for GP race and prototype race cars its the other way around: older gp and prototype race cars require higher camber than modern GP and prototype race cars. Balanced downforce levels depend on the cars weight distribution and are distributed around the cars aerodynamic ideal front weight distribution of 47%. Older cars require higher offset than modern cars and race cars require a lower offset than productions cars.

That means for most cars that offer drivetrain swaps you have to reduce the car weight over 400lb as compared to cars stock weight before reduction of downforce levels is required. Sports Car                                 4, Being calibrated means the cars stock gearing is already optimal for the cars stock power. For cars with higher front weight distribution rear downforce slider must be higher than front downforce slider depending on how much the cars front weight distribution differs from 47%. Likewise for each 6hp. Thanks First Rule: Fix the end of the car that has the problem. Anti-Roll Bars. Like tyre pressure, the alignment of the wheels affects the grip when driving in a straight line, or when you're cornering. This is especially important for the driven wheels. FWD cars require more braking force on the front and a lower brake pressure than RWD cars. Front and rear ARB distribution has a relation to weight distribution, so in general a car with more front weight should have also higher front ARBs than rear. To get the required final drive subtract the cars power from the cars stock power, divide it by 6hp, multiply it by 0.01 and add it to the cars stock final drive. For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox and a stock final drive for race transmission < 4.00 the race gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 3.25. Modern cars with more rigid chassis / suspension can be run with higher camber.

Increasing downforce levels keeps the car in better contact with the road, heats the tyres quicker and improves the handling. Toe-in increases overall stability of the car but can decrease the responsiveness when turning into a corner. For cars with a Standard Forza gearbox and a 3-speed sport gearbox and a, stock final drive for sport transmission < 4.00 the sport gearbox is scaled to a reference final drive of 3.50. AWD cars require higher tire pressure on the rear and lower tire pressure on front as compared to RWD cars for improved cornering. Car Property                 Change                 Effect on Springs, Weight                             Increase                       Increase, Weight                            Decrease                      Decrease, Power                              Increase                        Increase1, Front Tire Width            Increase              Increase front springs, Front Tire Width           Decrease             Decrease front springs, Rear Tire Width              Increase              Increase rear springs, Rear Tire Width             Decrease             Decrease rear springs, Front Downforce           Increase              Increase front springs, Front Downforce           Decrease            Decrease front springs, Rear Downforce             Increase              Increase rear springs, Rear Downforce             Decrease            Decrease rear springs, Chassis Reinforcem. Stiff front springs transfer more weight but if the springs are too stiff, the tyres can lose traction under heavy load. Spring stiffness controls how the weight of the car is transferred under acceleration, braking and cornering. the higher the cars front weight is the higher the bump is required to avoid diving on turn-in. These are the ranges for spring rates I usually operate (given in percentage of distributed front / rear weight) on RWD cars: Car Type                          Front Spring Rate           Rear Spring Rate, (RWD)                                (RWD), Utility Car                                 93-100%                             57-80%, Street Car                                 93-100%                             57-80%, Sports Car                                 87-98%                               58-80%, High Performance Car            85-93%                               63-84%, Race Car                                    83-93%                               59-85%, Race Truck                                  80%                                     90%, Prototype Race Car                 79-83%                               70-89% 38/5 is good middle ground for modern off-road cars, decrease accel and/or increase decel for older off-road cars with more flexible chasssis/suspension. This is however not as simple as 1:1 distribution according to weight distribution because springs and dampers also affect car balance during turning. Simply cap rear downforce at 3*front downforce. Exception are open wheel cars where rebound and bump are required to be leveled due to the unique suspension geometry of open wheel cars. Each car type has a minimum ride height that is required to have enough suspension travel during cornering.

So a good starting point would be -1 per 1% weight distribution for modern road cars around 3000lbs. In this case multiplying the maximum downforce levels (or maximum / minimum in case of FWD) with 1.5 is required before performing the above calculation. Being calibrated means the cars stock gearing is already optimal for the cars stock power. n front downforce slider to achieve balanced downforce levels. More weight requires stiffer springs and more flexible chassis / suspension require higher spring rates on the non driven wheels (front for RWD) and lower spring rates on driven wheels (rear for RWD). For FWD cars simply swap front and rear spring rates. For each 100lb decrease over stock weight you need to decrease downforce levels by 1. Negative camber reduces understeer and increases grip in the corners but can make the car unstable when driving in a straight line. Example: RWD car, 325hp, stock power 300hp, stock final drive 3.30

A low ride height lowers the centre of gravity and significantly improves the handling. In this case rear downforce should not exceed 300lb for this car except when tuning for grip tracks which is covered in part 3.

Being calibrated means the aero kits maximum downforce levels (RWD/AWD) or maximum/minimum downforce levels (FWD) are optimal for the cars stock weight. So balanced downforce levels kind of equalize the deviation of the cars front weight distribution from the ideal 47% front weight distribution by increasing or decreasing rear downforce in relation to front downforce. For FWD cars generally ARBs need to be setup in reverse to RWD with regard to ARB distribution. For AWD cars set damping according to following scheme: Prototype race cars cars require an extra 3.5 increase of rear dampers on top that provide extra stability during cornering. A high caster angle enables you to run less negative camber, which will give the car better acceleration and braking. Stiff front springs transfer more weight, but if the springs are too stiff, the tyres can lose traction under heavy load.

Front camber is usually higher than rear.

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