genze e101 electric bike review

Considering the ~1,500 price tag, 18 month warranty and optional suspension fork upgrade in my opinion it’s a pretty solid bike. Hope you enjoy the bike, thanks for the update Evan ;). I am considering purchasing one, but I’d like to point out a few differences from the reviewed bike. Being geared, it offers a bit more torque for starting and climbing and is also small and light weight but it’s not as durable as a gearless option or as efficient as a mid-drive. Thanks for the feedback Mike! The battery, which can be removed from the frame, takes 3.5 hours to charge from empty to full.

$1500 price point is key to persuade many new buyers to enter into the wonderful world of electric assist bikes.

How did you find out about the supplier of batteries? Does anyone have recommendations on a decent suspension fork or specs needed? The display integrated into the downtube shows the battery level, speed and the bike's boost mode. The aesthetic on this bike is nice but the way they design the controller and connectors will help it hold up over time. Also these ebikes will be great for RV travel, or bringing them along on vacations using most standard bike carriers that mount on cars or hitch racks, again due to their low weight, which won’t exceed the ratings of most bike carriers. Charging is easy both on and off the frame with a keyed lock to remove the battery (you don’t need the key to put the battery back in). I’ve seen a few beam style racks like this one from Topeak that might work but I’d love to hear your hands-on advice. It works well, although I feel lazy using it. We paid $1200 each. However, there is no integrated lighting, so you will have to use add-on front and back lights. Under boost mode, the company estimates the battery will last … In 30 minutes of riding I barely touch the battery capacity. The thoughtfulness in engineering put into this Ebike should not be underestimated, and I would suggest that you are getting a quality and well made Ebike, that is mid level for an entry level price point. Many fewer common car trips are a real option with an electric bike like this and at much lower cost. I’d probably immediately re-invest those savings into the upgraded suspension option. It’s a solid setup and my favorite part is the ability to remove the pack. You can see in the video that Alex (one of the reps for GenZe at Interbike) does just fine in throttle mode without pedaling and he weighs ~200 pounds. They are affordable, lightweight, and come with plenty of extra features …

A relatively comfortable electric bike that feels well suited for shorter treks through the city thanks to its Selle Royale Free Way gel saddle, Ergon ergonomic grips, and overall frame geometry.

We live in an area where there are few flat roads, mostly up and down, so riding a standard bike is painful at best, my wife usually walked up the hills and pushed her bike.

GenZe's new electric bicycle has enough power to get you 20 miles without lifting a leg. Also, what’s your shop? The built-in LCD is a nice addition to the bike. My guess is that the headset is a standard 1-1/8″ straight, which works with many basic spring forks that fit 26-inch wheel size. From my brief look at the app, it shows info like miles covered and battery level. A good balance of affordable options (weaker motor, entry level parts and one color) with a thoughtful custom design (mid-mounted battery, multiple frame sizes, integrated wires), Large display panel is easy to read but not removable, independent button pad is convenient to operate when riding, Relaxed upright position, relatively quiet operation and two drive modes (assist or throttle on demand). Genze notes that the e202 can go 20 miles in mode 0, under electric power alone.

On subsequent attacks, I test out combinations of the e-bike's five levels of motor boost and its eight gears.

Correction: the Genze Scooter is mostly sourced in US, not the case for this EBike. The aluminum frame helps keep the weight down, but the bikes still weigh about 46 pounds. This thing offers a nice purpose built frame with good weight distribution, removable battery pack for convenient charging and easy transportation, pedal assist and throttle mode and it comes in two frame sizes. I included the full weight of the bike ~44 lbs in the basic details above to help people compare. The biggest difference is that the e101 has a 350 watt motor now, and the cost has decreased two hundred dollars. GenZe puts the base price of the e202 and e201 at $1,899, a moderate price for an e-bike, and a good value considering the range, boost options, integrated display and associated app. The only downside here is that the display is not removable so you’re more prone to vandalism and degradation through sun exposure. Learn how your comment data is processed. This e-Bike for the money is great value, and the smaller frame sizes, relatively light weight, and excellent balance, make these great e-Bikes for riders who are between 4’10” and 5’5″ thus increasing the audience of potential riders significantly ! GenZe also includes a smartphone holder attached to the handlebars, which can be kept charged from a USB port on the handlebar-mounted control unit. But then I’m a fit, light weight rider who can do fine with a smaller motor. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. the e102 (pictured above) is a step through, and supposedly better for commuting. The Recreational e102 electric bike is an entry level build from GenZe, an ebike subsidiary of the Mahindra Group (an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing corporation headquartered in Mumbai). Interestingly, it’s the same supplier for Li-Ion battery as my i3! After a brief introduction to the e202's controls, I'm pedaling easily along a suburban street. I also like the torque sensing pedal assist setup here, some other bikes feel too responsive and the power feels uneven as you push forward with each foot. Sounds like you carry some interesting brands :). GenZe is selling these bikes at Costco via traveling road show now. Hmm, that’s awesome! The vast majority of competitors do not meet this basic requirement. This is your generic, “get the job done” kind of motor and it shines in this capacity. This is fun and can be very useful if you’re trying to balance a load or not put your feed down when crossing a puddle. Nearly New GenZe eBikes were either used for test rides or rentals, or were returned items. Overall, this is a fairly stealth ebike meaning that it blends in with normal bikes.

This makes transporting the frame (perhaps on a car or bus rack where you might have to lift the bike) much easier. While I find the electric motor lets me completely ignore the click-shifter for the eight-speed rear derailleur, I still shift up or down for the terrain. So it’ll just be tooting around the neighborhood, and if I feel adventurous, I’ll drive to the downtown park (where they have much more extensive bike trails) and explore around there. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. My only complaint is lack of a place to put a water bottle. I agree that for hills, it can be important to have lower gearing options. I tend to use stuff more often that I’m less worried about breaking and price goes a long way in that regards so this ebike definitely has the potential to reach a wide audience. But where every other e-bike I've ridden only used its motor to boost my effort, the e202 includes mode 0, which completely drives the bike under electric power, letting me control its speed with the accelerator ring. Powering the Sport e101 is quality Lithium-ion battery pack with cells by Samsung. Here are the best deals already announced, The best Black Friday 2020 deals available now and coming soon, Discuss: GenZe's newest e-bike doesn't even make you pedal. I just purchased an ex-demo (or as GenZe calls it, “CPO”) e101 with just 18 miles on it for $749.

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