how to become a hellenic polytheist

Some groups claim that their practice is not a revival at all, but the original tradition of the ancients passed down from one generation to the next. The meaning of the myths is concealed in code. Modern Greeks suffer from many biases, which might be nationalistic, Orthodox Christian, hubristic in general, and might contain distortions that a foreigner would probably not have.
This isn’t meant to be all-encompassing by any means and yo should consider it a permanent work in progress that is always in flux. Abbreviations used in Liddell & Scott can be found here: Abbreviations etc. No one judged. All rights reserved. Make money answering questions!

Hellenic revivalist groups are found all over the world, not just in Greece, and they use a variety of different names. Published by the University of Chicago Press (Chicago IL USA) 1959, the individual plays have various original copyright dates.
W. H. S. Jones, 1918-1935, in four volumes. Polytheism is what happens when you know more than one God, or at least that’s how it happened to me. Thomas Taylor Series VIII. Many sources have not been translated in English, with translation preferences given to classic texts everyone knows and loves and not the complex theories of mystical and little known pre-Socratic philosophers that might be highly fragmented and very incomprehensible to the untrained eye. Supposedly royal people have traces of divine blood in their veins, they inherited by demigod ancestors.

She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. Critical thinking and personal judgement with an eye to what is verifiably true should always be exercised. Ap.II = Apollodorus The Library, trans. Join now.

Thomas Taylor 1804; Prometheus Trust edition. I; trans. Ἑλληνισμός), the ancient Greek religion. Is that the same case here? 1: Aeschylus, translated by various authors. The Glossary usually abbreviates the definitions for simplicity; if the reader has any doubt, please verify for yourself and go to the text, available online here: All I can say is: you never know before you open your mouth. This illustrated glossary, being a dictionary or brief encyclopedia, is intended to be a reference for those who worship the Hellenic Gods, an encyclopedia of Ællinismόs (Hellenismos; Gr. Hellenic polytheism isn’t a racial religion and it does not belong to a specific nation, country, nationality, race or language. OGR = Orpheus and Greek Religion by W. K. C. Guthrie, 1935. Why is the word God capitalized on this site for any deity? To make things easier I will add certain introductory books in the bibliography section as soon as I find some time to do it. Take what I say with a grain of salt and check his books out for yourself. 2; we are using the 1989 Loeb Classical Library edition, LCL 122, Harvard Univ. Oxford at the Clarendon Press (Oxford and New York). So what if the Gods aren't your best friends. Peter Higgs is a fraud? There is another entry for Eleleus which refers the reader back to Ælæléfs, so the reader can find the word with either spelling. Question when originally answered: How do I come out as a Hellenic Polytheist? As long as we all agree that racist ideologies of this sort belong in the rubbish bin of history, everything’s well. In North America, there is an organization known as Hellenion. Don't worry about it, but do be conscious of what Hellenic polytheists living in Greece have to face, which is a lot of persecution and discrimination. It (here) represents the bond between Gods and mortals and is representative that we are the children of Orphéfs (Orpheus, Ὀρφεύς). The citations are present to illuminate and expound; at times they are there to show evidence of continuance of tradition with antiquity, but at no time are citations used in this glossary to insist on one viewpoint or another: the truth of our tradition is experiential and not in the words; this website does not promote a bible or creed. Do you know the correct answer? I don't think it's real. One single area where accurate and correct pronunciation might have serious significance is the area of ancient Greek magic but that is a highly complicated and technical field which doesn’t need to concern anyone but some very advanced magical practitioners. AR = Apollohnios Rothios Argonaftika, trans. Auten. Make money answering questions! But that does not mean that even foreign academics are always unbiased, they simply have a different set of them. ( Log Out /  A group of translations originally published variously from 1787-1824; including Neoplatonic Hymns (Philological Quarterly) originally published 1929. Published by the University of Chicago Press (Chicago IL USA) 1959, the individual plays have various original copyright dates. All of the translations gathered together in this 2003 edition by The Prometheus Trust (Somerset UK). So, unless you are trying to sound like Homer, Hesiod or Orpheus -if he really existed- and speak Greek as it would have been spoken in the vast depths of antiquity, then be my guest and use any historically and scientifically accurate pronunciation you want, which might prove more trouble than it’s worth after you study the scientific literature and see the number of conjectures and assumptions that need to be made for reconstructions like these. They are simply natural advantages that all people have, that make them inherently closer to their cultural background even if certain traditions of that background are officialy dead. Though the latter has some outdated concepts. 4: Euripides, translated by various authors. Αἰθήρ), Freedom, and Mysteries. Worship: Devotional worship is the epicenter of Hellenic religion; we adore the Gods, praise them, shower them with adulation, and sacrifice to Them. While some Hellenic Polytheists worship their ancestors, it isn't nearly as important as in Asatru. Some archaeological and cultural terms and images are also given. Does the god that someone worship need to be an Olympian? by J. G. Frazer, 1921, Vol. We are using the 1979 reprint. with additions and corrections by Robert P. Keep, Harper (New York), 1879. I’ll structure this in the form of an FAQ but since I haven’t received any questions from anyone yet, I’ll have to start with what I assume someone would ask and I’ll add and amend any real ones as they come. So what? The author of this website has the utmost respect for the scholars of the ancient world. There was no Greek-exclusive mentality then and there doesn’t need to be one now. LD = A Latin Dictionary founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary by Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short, 1879; we are using the 1955 Oxford/Clarendon Press edition (Oxford, England). Is Charmia jo Holbrook dateing and deeply in love with whom, How meny men does charmia jo holbrook dateing in ayear. (London, England). :) The Greek language, like all languages, changed and evolved over time. Perhaps someone will react badly. It’s not necessary, no. The Pætilía (Petelia, Πετηλία) and other golden tablets having this phrase (Γῆς παῖς εἰμί καὶ Οὐρανοῦ ἀστερόεντος) are the inspiration for the symbol.

Worship as in a very personal and exclusive manner? Our approach is that spelling follows pronunciation...where practical.

You can't. Another value is known as metriotes, or moderation, and goes hand in hand with sophrosune, which is self-control. Does that mean that Modern Greek literature, -academic or not-, is to be trusted more than foreign books on the same subject? To get a quick idea of ethical maxims endorsed by the ancient priesthood you can read the 147 Delphic Maxims, which were proverbs inscribed in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. While this Glossary does not pretend to be a text for scholars, citations are provided for as much material as is practicable. Consider what can be communicated with poetry, the state that you are in when you write it and that’s the state that you should be in to start comprehending the myths properly on a first level. However, I do think it’s important to share what it is I practice as best as I myself understand it so that you, dear reader, know where I am coming from. ND I through ND III = Nónnos (Gr. Dictionary of terms related to ancient Greek mythology: Glossary of Hellenic Mythology. EGD = English-Greek Dictionary, compiled by S. C. Woodhouse, 1910; we are using the 1987 Routledge & Kegan Paul edition (London, England). R. Scott Smith and Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Hackett Publishing Co. (Indianapolis IN USA and Cambridge), 2007. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to feel more confident about the validity of my beliefs?

We assume the convention of capitalizing the words God and Gods, unlike the convention of the scholars. Traditionally, members of these groups perform their own rites and learn through self-study of primary materials about the ancient Greek religion and through personal experience with the gods. It is used to apply to a wide range of polytheistic spiritual paths that honor the pantheon of the ancient Greeks.In many of these groups, there is a trend towards the …

I aim to write about them as I ponder more on them myself but feel free to ask me anything if you have questions and I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.

Explicitly. Should you learn any Modern Greek along with Ancient Greek? So I guess the answer is yes. The use of these principles as part of a community is the governing force behind most Hellenic Polytheistic groups. It’s the same as any language, the native speaker has the advantage that he has learned all the language’s phonemes as a child so they come to him naturally and simply roll off his tongue. PGG1 = Pausanias Guide to Greece Vol. 2: Sophocles, translated by various authors. The ancients used myth, poetry and tales to communicate their deeper truths and even in that statement, there is something to be learned. That is all I can advice. People who follow this path are known as Hellenes, Hellenic Reconstructionists, Hellenic Pagans, or by one of many other terms. would it be weird for me to worship GREEK gods? Your faith is your faith. Liddell & Scott abbreviations can be found here: Abbreviations for Liddell & Scott. by R. C. Seaton, 1912, in the book entitled Apollonius Rhodius: The Argonautica published by Harvard Univ. This isn’t going to be easy because there isn’t a single book or series of books that you can study to learn these things. However, I’ll freely and openly admit that Ancient Greek is a pretty hard language to master, even for modern Greeks who still use the majority of the words and use a very similar grammatical structure.

Unique attention is given to the various Thæí (Theoi or Gods; Gr. is roman polytheism the ancestral religion of italians? It is also called Hellenic Polytheism, Hellenic Reconstructionist Paganism, or simply Hellenism. It’s not just that the totality of a civilisation can’t be recorded in written sources and it certainly can’t be recovered after thousands of years because at least some sources will have been lost. Do you know the correct answer?

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