hr 5717 nra

Back on January 30th, Rep. Hank Johnson introduced HR 5717, a gun control bill on steroids that would, if enacted into law, impose a laundry list of anti-gun restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms, including: Obviously this bill would be awful if it became law, but the chances of that are slim at best. SHE HAS A GUN NOW AND HAD MULTIPLE LESSONS ON HOW TO USE IT!! THE LONGER YOU ARE IN OUR GOVERNMENT THE MORE WE LOSE OUR COUNTRY! Calling names will not resolve things. When I need more I just give Him all my brass and he reloads it for me .. This circumvents people not personally owning a gun to get the license. Fake history. 5717 is a complete violation of the 2nd Ammendment and the type of bill that would be followed by Gun Confiscation.

Every 20 to 30 year politician should be removed asap.

But the kicker is this section on owner licensing.

O and I totally disagree with this bill. This is a travesty. What the audience does from there, is their right. All they can do is infringe.

Also, another excuse for government to get more of our money to spend. Slick aren’t they? VOTE! So easy to spot your shill ass.
First our food is being restricted.Then we’re told to stay home.Then you eliminate our right and more importantly ability to defend our Constitution.Then govt has us where they want us.Hungry and dependent.Dont let this happen America.It will take a lifetime to get it back.STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

Charlesdwright57@Gmail.Com Assault is a frame of mind and a rifle has a frame but no mind there fore makes it a Semi automatic rifle. We need God, we need Prayer (which they have also chipped away)! Soft times breed soft folk and they tend to have to adjust to a new learning curve when things go sideways. But attempts made to tell me I can do NOT have a constitutional right, makes me want to go get a weapon. I vote NO. Shopping days are “rationed,” i.e., you can only go on your designated day to avoid crowds. I guess that’s when we will be the criminals!!

Other things in the bill are also problematic, but with some editing there definitely are seconds in this bill that are serviceable. And in the event bad guys DO attack this “law” makes you keep any weapon locked up and totally unaccesible in time to do ANYTHING! Must be miserable to be so full of hate.

By keeping a Republican in the White House and R control of House & Senate. A NICS background check must be performed and a photograph provided. It is a sweeping wish-list of bad ideas designed to turn the United States into a highly restrictive environment that’s is similar to Europe. LarryinTX, did you fill out any 4473s on those firearms? It’s in our rights to bararms. This is how Hitler took Germany’s rights away, by removing the ability to resist. All gun owners need to be legally registering their guns, how else can there be gun control.

Nobody “stole” America. Not at all. “THE RIGHT OF THE “PEOPLE” WILL “NOT” BE INFRINGED. I agree. The fact that TRUE Americans see through the crap you leftist and media are pushing, we are sick of it. After this bill is enacted, the aforementioned products will also have to have a date stamped onto them.

Businesses and school campuses are closed. I totally agree with the Chief Warrant officer, the radical socialist/communist demoncrats are wanting to take away our rights plus defund the police departments. The H.R. As a legal and responsible gun owner i should be allowed to purchase more A.R rifles. He did this because she found out he was on drugs and told him she wanted nothing to do with him. Check this out.

The land was given to us all by God. If you hate this beautiful country with our Constitution and our laws, and our president so much, why don’t you just move to Iran, or Somalia? So first Pelosi and the house fuck us over the stimulus package, then this!!!!!! Even weekly filmed shows continue, though limited to more in-door filming and no live audiences. cold dead hands unite! They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

If this goes through the crooks will be the only ones that has the black market on guns and ammo.

Europe didn’t follow their example and now they have thousands dying in weeks. Debra Williams, I didn’t know I was getting an idiot on my birthday! According to recent news reports, there are apparently many new gun owners among us who will not wish for their new-found rights to be infringed upon. Amazing unanimous against this illegal law Congress is introducing. We already have gun laws and don’t need any more.

When you say “Us true Americans” you mean the Native Indigenous People who were here first right??

Please don’t let this bill go through. This attempt is infringement upon our 2nd amendment. Your email address will not be published. Or better yet, just move to another country and leave us the hell alone. Impossible.

Meaning you should not even have a gun or be around a gun. You can read the bill in its current form here: In this segment of “Pros vs. Joes,” we put competitive shooter and author James Tarr against Guns & Ammo TV cameraman Nathan Wilt. The process would take as long as 40 days. No government control, no laws!!!@. What a Hypocrite you are. Complete gutting and total neutering of the 2nd Amendment.

License to own firearms and ammunition.

This bill is proposing 30% taxation on all firearm sales and 50% taxation on all ammunition sales.

Looking at his antics over the years gives a pretty good assessment of the intellectual capabilities of his constituency. If you think for one minuet they actually give two shits about any mass shooting except to jump on the wagon before the first body hits the ground.

You need a license to drive a car and nobody seems to mind that. Guns & Ammo TV returns to Independent Studio Services (ISS) with armorer Larry Zanoff. First of all learn how to spell civil before attempting to correct a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter’s opinion. And do not make it difficult for us to bear arms!!! YOUR WORDS: “There is no room in our country for senseless violence” , that I agree with!

5715 doesn’t have anything to do with firearms. This bill needed to die. Its like sheep giving up their teeth expecting the wolves to do the same. I am hoping he doesn’t send in troop to Seattle.

How many referes does it take to ref a football game. It is True! Militia does not just refer to the military.

on Guam will cause DUH island to capsize”

Once we finally start to see the light they will have no chance against the power of the people. A bunch of people were elected to cut spending and the size of government, then spent all their time and energy on other things.

By Republican standards, is government handing out free shit not considered socialist?

Look at it like this , how many deaths are caused from bow & arrows or knives?

Oh wait a minute….

I’m sure he’d be happy to sign off on the bill in the Oval Office, likely surrounded by Bloomberg’s anti-gun flunkies and an adoring press corps.

Go ahead then and feel free to donate your money because from where I come from growing up around guns well gun safety was and is a common sense issue you either have it or you don’t and most of the time that is the mental issue.

Maybe they should be teaching this in school….
This way we will become subjects and not citizens! Violence will be reduced if Congress passes the proposed stricter but reasonable gun laws.

North vs South / left vs right /civil vs revolutionary…whatever you call it, call it ugly and entirely unnecessary when democracy works. We need changes to our 2 Nd amendment to fit the 21st century’s laws. There is a lot going on in the world and the United States right now. The word “possess” here legally means handling a gun, or having one close enough to handle. I vote NO!

Trump runs his administration like a CEO in charge of a company. Can’t blame the dems for this one.

That report will have to include your name, residence, occupation and gender. I can see riots happening. It’s called the “Gun Violence Protection Act of 2020,” or “H.R.

I’m Indian of decent to , but I ain’t crying cuz the whites suposedly stole america…do you even know how the true story really goes?

It is time the Supreme Court put an end to all this infringement once and for all. We now have a clear understanding for what additional guns laws will attempt to eliminate if anti-gun advocates control the branches of the U.S. government. If we throw the baby out with the bath water public opinion will continue to sour with respect to gun rights and we’ll lose Amy political will to protect gun ownership as we know it today. A deep background check for Mental Disabilities or illness. oh lord! We have seen what can happen when a mob strikes and police are not allowed to help The Little People.

That’s their only reason for taking our guns. I hope the Government doesn’t push me to it.

An army of the people. Is there a petition we could sign? The people that want this to be a communist country, another HOLOCAUST.Another Hitler REGIME .

They are mindless idiots sometimes and that is why some kids shoot themselves. Ramon, I wrote this about HR 5717.

Most gun owners are not naïve enough to believe politicians that claim all they seek are “reasonable gun safety measures.” This is called an “incremental approach” to gun control and is effective with voters who undecided or uninterested regarding what gun laws should look like. That way, the Federal Government cannot come and take them away from me. Mary Smith as someone of native descent….. You do not speak for me. 60 pages, with 59 pages of bullshit, just like the chapter you just wrote. People are electing to not gather for fun time like Americans are. WHEN GUNS BECOME ILLEGAL ONLY THE ILLEGAL WILL HAVE GUNS! They are right next door to China. “(a) In general.—Except otherwise provided in this section, it shall be unlawful for any individual who is not licensed under this section to knowingly purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition. It’s a shame what has happened to the country I live in in the last decade. Don’t need to tell you what has been going on with the “gas tax” money that was supposed to keep our roads in repair. Don’t let it happen here. I’m not that stupid. filed Mar. Please don’t underestimate the power of the jury (nullification) box. Ok it is the for all Americans to wake up to what is going on .time to let the politicians that we are not going to put up with this shit no more and if that don’t like it to fucking bad.

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