indoor alocasia varieties

Rotate pots every time you water to keep your plant from growing lopsided. You should consider dividing this plant when you repot it. There are over 70 species and hybrids of Alocasia. Some species are considered invasive, especially along the Gulf Coast in the U.S. The huge, blistered leaves can reach up to 3 feet long to create a beautiful canopy and a striking houseplant specimen. While quite striking, these plants can be quite sensitive. Even with a shorter growing season in northern climates, these plants can have rapid growth. A post shared by Home is where the plants are▪️ (@plantsparadies) on May 13, 2020 at 7:31am PDT. Alocasia wentii are a little larger compared to some other Alocasia varieties, growing to about 3 to 4 feet tall and a similar width. The problem is that elephant ear hates to have wet leaves. Keep your plants out of reach to avoid ingestion of plant parts and detrimental effects. The flowers are often obscured by the large foliage and are somewhat insignificant (green spadix and white spathe). Alocasia tends to grow straight up from the stem, whereas Colocasia flop downwards. Every few weeks, you can spray the plant with warm soapy water to prevent these pests. Keep Alocasia plants moist all year; they are water-loving plants. Alocasia zebrina sports the characteristic arrow or shield-shaped leaves but is missing the distinctive white veins running through the leaves. Some varieties will die back during colder weather and resprout from the rhizome. Elephant ear must get enough sun. Both waterlogged soil and wet foliage can lead to a variety of fungal infections. Dragon Scale Alocasia is one of the larger Alocasia varieties and will grow upwards of 6-feet in height under optimum growing conditions. Alocasia longiloba is known for its large, slender, arrow-shaped leaves. A post shared by Herban Tropics ‍‍ (@phillyjunglebook) on Feb 27, 2019 at 5:23pm PST. The large, boldly colored leaves reach 12 to 18-inches in length when fully grown. Some include: Additionally, the plant has been extensively hybridized. Unless you have a very spacious stairwell in need of a jungle, this is probably not a plant to grow indoors. Leaves are on average 18-inches in length when fully grown. Also, it's best to divide the rhizome annually to keep the plant a manageable size and increase your collection.

The most popular of the Alocasias, the Polly is a compact hybrid, known for its large, dark-green leaves that are shaped like an arrow or a shield.

In this case, the highly textured, almost oval leaves are really light in color, a pale silvery-blueish with primary and secondary veins in dark green to sage-blue. Repot Alocasia varieties annually into larger pots with fresh, free-draining potting soil. If any leaves start to show spots, cut them away as soon as you can, as this can be a sign of fungal infection. This is the most common elephant ear you can buy. To raise the humidity around your plant, place it on a tray filled with pebbles and then add water until it rises to just below the bottom of the pot. Common pests of the Alocasia plants are mealy bugs, scale, aphids, and spider mites. Plants quickly reach upwards of 6-feet tall at full height and span a width of 3 to 4-feet across, giving plants a tall, slender appearance. Finally, the most unusual elephant ear on the market is the Stingray Alocasia. A plant that looks like an alien isn’t to everyone’s taste but, if it appeals to you and you have a lot of sunlight to offer, there’s no reason an elephant ear shouldn’t thrive in your home. This goes for the roots and the leaves. One look at this plant and there’s no guessing where it gets its name from. Elephant ear is a very hungry plant. This is an easy way to encourage growth, just make sure that it has partial shade, enough humidity, and that you check it thoroughly for bugs when you bring it back inside. Required fields are marked *. Any of these plants would be an amazing addition to your home’s decor. Be careful, though. Hi, I’m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants. They have colorful veins and a variety of textures from thick, waxy, slick, and glossy. Ask the grower if the plant is sun-trained. Plants will occasionally, albeit rarely when grown indoors, bear insignificant purple spathes. It benefits from a mix with lots of peat, as this increases the acidity of the soil and helps it to hold onto its nutrients. This will help keep it evenly moist. This isn’t a plant you can simply forget about but, if you feed and water it regularly, it’ll give you an astonishing amount of new growth in return. Soggy soil makes the plant susceptible to many fungal infections. You want to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Plants are on the smaller side, growing 1 to 3 feet tall with their width matching their height.

Leaves range in size from 4 to 6-inches. At most, mature plants will hit 4 feet in height and 3 to 4 feet across in width. To keep the air around your elephant ear moist enough, use a humidifier or sit the pot on a pebble tray. Over time the coppery green deepens to a saturated dark green but the pink keeps its opalescence.

There are over 70 species and hybrids of Alocasia.

Crown of Thorns Houseplant: How to Keep them Happy and Growing? Many people choose to move it outside in the summer. It wants even more sun than Alocasia, but it’s much more tolerant of waterlogged soil. Most Alocasia plants have the following, similar care instructions since they are closely related. They require less water during the winter months because the plant is dormant.

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