ineos grenadier 4x4 price

Suspension and geometry, however, set the tone for how good an off-roader is and what it will be capable of. This is arguably the most important element for a new four-wheel drive to get right. But not completely.

Ineos Grenadier is set to bring back the simple, durable 4x4 vehicle that adventurers and organisations want for off-road travel. Even if it’s just ducking up the road. A much more intriguing competition lies between the rebirth of the Defender and the car that, potentially, is closer in spirit to the original Series models of Land Rover: the Ineos Grenadier. INEOS Grenadier among esteemed off-road company at Concours. So why all the whinging?

That face is underpinned by the sturdy chin of a more modern, styled bumper and a skid plate. Looks a bit weird, can’t believe they killed the GU.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has proved that a British billionaire can bring an all-new car to market, today launching his 'back to basics' Ineos Grenadier - a rugged, hard-working and utilitarian 4X4 machine.

Control arms (on the prototype parts, at least) look to be short in comparison to trailing arms you’ll find on older Defenders and Patrols, for example, but they have a more complex shape to them with angles and bends in them. These will be the initial models, with Ineos not ruling out more in the future, including a single-cab pick-up. It posed next to the Toyota FJ and the Willys Jeep, among others. Ineos plans to begin production in late 2021 at its facility in Bridgend, South Wales. INEOS Grenadier joins iconic 4x4s at Concours. The body will be made from high strength steel, with the hanging panels made from aluminium. “Showing the design now allows us to focus on the critical next phase of the vehicle’s development, testing its capability and durability. We’re tipping in will start sub-$100K and be similar in price to a LandCruiser 70 Series. This vehicle standing here definitely appears like it could be the latest Land Rover Defender restomod from a shop like East Coast Defender or Kahn Design, but it is not.

So much so, that when JLR announced it was discontinuing the Defender as we knew it, Ratcliffe tried to buy the rights and equipment to keep the Defender in production. While the inspiration was clearly to build the off-Land-Rover-brand Defender, we didn't expect it to look quite so much like the old Defender raised from the dead. However, this new Grenadier is different. When a live front axle was replaced with independent front suspension in 1998, the new HiLux was not as good off-road. In fact, these prerequisites run across the Grenadier design philosophy and are very much in line with what we would like as 4x4 users. Front and rear locking differentials will be optional. There is something about it that seemingly cannot be replicated in a newer vehicle. © Copyright Are Media Pty Limited.

Most manufacturers would hold back, but we are a new business, building a new brand, and we want to take people with us on this exciting journey. JLR didn’t want a bar of that, so Ratcliffe decided to do it on his own and created Ineos Automotive to build the Grenadier. You’ll notice the sills of the Grenadier are of a different colour (and presumably material) to the rest of the panel work.

Is a live-axled, coil-sprung 4x4 undoubtedly better than anything else off-road? There is a trade-off here, however: the brakes on the Grenadier probably won’t be that big. It's an exciting prospect for me, and this is what I’ve found so far.

Power will come from a range of BMW gas and diesel engines, with alternative powertrains possible down the line. But, you can keep driving forward thanks to locking diffs and electronic wizardry.

You can lift wheels like crazy, especially when your front and rear suspension designs aren’t very balanced. It’s simple, tough, capable of good articulation, and easy to modify. Finally! Love it! More stable equals more capable. Great Wall no more: GWM Ute comes in under $34,000, Name change and new specs for GWM dual-cab ute as range kicks off with very competitive pricing. Little 16-inch wheels are great for an off-road vehicle, in my opinion, giving you lots of scope for replacement rubber in town and country alike. “The Grenadier project started by identifying a gap in the market, abandoned by a number of manufacturers, for a utilitarian off-road vehicle,” says Ratcliffe. The production chassis will be manufactured for Ineos in Portugal and the live axles will come from Italian manufacturer, Carraro. The Grenadier looks to have steel wheels, presumably with a 16-inch diameter.

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