international terrorism essay

Thereupon United States with extreme caution warned Pakistan that any attempts to draw parallels between Kashmir and Iraq situations are futile and wrong and India was strongly urged to declare that his country’s soil would not be used for carrying out acts of violence in Jammu and Kashmir. However, he may simply support them without becoming a member of the sect. This essay focuses on new international (or multilateral) initiatives in response to terrorism. It has its own specificity, which distinguishes it from other issues. Global co-operation is a necessity but alliances may not be successful in view of various political or religious implications. The first point of view, in “Criminal Justice,” Jesselyn McCurdy argues that racial profiling by law enforcements agents is based on purely racial stereotypes (45). The right to self-determination is sacrosanct. It entails accepting and reconciling political differences peacefully. These rapid economic, political, social, and technological changes have significantly benefited the terrorists and their efforts to continue carrying out illegal international drug trafficking trade and terrorism. Image Source: Research Paper

In the past international terrorism was only a real threat to Americans when they were on the outside of these great countries boarders. Terrorist activities linked with his organization Al-Quada are-. There is large infiltration of foreign mercenaries from across the border. We have to carry forward the consensus evolved by NAM and translate it into practical actions at international level. Introduction 60 to 80 crores every year for running proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir.

By being combined with the organized crime and with such kinds of illegal and immoral acts like drug trafficking, prostitution, slavery, and organization of extremist armed groups, terrorist crimes are becoming more sophisticated and brutal (Coolsaet 36).

Instructor: George Rueckert First, vested interests exist of nations using international terrorism as an extension of state policy but covertly. The world has lost its transparency, not that there was much virtue before, but whatever there was, none exists now. Likewise, the practice of disenfranchisement is often unequal, leading to “racial vote dilution” and can be perceived as an unjust “collateral consequence” of a conviction. Strategic It was denied to us by our colonial masters. Through studies we have learned that Europe is the epicenter for terrorism. 4. Terrorism is an act of cowardice. There is no doubt about nature or consequences of terrorism; the need is to find political will to root out this menace. Terrorist movements are neither radical not revolutionary. of the prevailing economic and social order. Ideological and information processing is based on the principles of the “restoration of historical justice.” It sensitizes people on the immoral behavior of representatives of other nations and gives domestic conflicts and disasters that occur due to violation of safety rules the motif of ethnic struggle, hatred, or enmity. As such the US cannot eliminate the threats to its security by leaving Pakistan free to retain its terrorist leverage against India. II. Show More. This paper is a historical recount and study on the various elements that comprise an international operation. NGOs have a special role to play in enhancing awareness of the threat posed by terrorists to human rights. HIS 145 Judging from killings here and there, bombings all over the place, it is becoming progressively more difficult to differentiate between tribal, political and religious altercations. It raises the question whether these initiatives will lead to a satisfactory definition of terrorism and whether they point in the direction of a com-mon approach to the problem of terrorism… International Terrorism Is a Product of Globalization The narcotic terrorism is a double-edged sword and disrupts socio-economic development on the one hand and political order on the other. International terrorism can only be countered by enhanced cooperation at international level. We have witnessed enormous suffering brought about by ethnic and sectarian conflicts in many parts of the world.

This would require concerted action. New York City police officer Dennis Fitzgerald…, system is the epicenter that deals with cases portraying racism. In conclusion, it is possible to say that the international terrorism has become one of the most dangerous threats to modern civilization. In cases of repression and suffering, with an implacably oppressive state and no obvious possibility of international relief, it is sometimes necessary to resort to violence to defend one’s people and pursue one’s cause. Acts of terror are often performed by political, ethnic, or religious groups who feel they have no other recourse for their needs or demands. Nobody is off limits. More and more people are being killed everyday because of it. Terrorism is perhaps one of the most exigent problems that Nigeria is facing today. Elimination of reasons that push people to aid terrorist organizations is a complex task that will require joint efforts of all members of the international community. [1] Britain, Russia, India, Iran, China, NATO, the UN all pledged support to the United States in their campaign against terrorists. Such events have previously occurred only in case of major armed conflicts and wars. Also, terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Aim was to hunt down Osama-Bin-Laden and destroy the Al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan. They have destroyed the basic philosophy within which the concept of human rights is rooted.

People may organize extremist groups of a terrorist nature with anti-globalization and anti-Western orientation.

We have seen its consequences in our region, such as in Afghanistan. Osama-Bin-Laden is the most significant sponsored of Islamic extremist activities in the world today.

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