is god working in my prodigal spouse

( Log Out /  One way or another, your prodigal will witness or hear about your changed lifestyle when you start looking to God alone to heal and to restore your marriage and family. The way you help us see things from a prodigal’s perspective is special. Posted If every stander could give God half as much time as they are giving their computer for a six month period, we would see marriages restored in droves. That has to happen to every prodigal son and daughter, and it cannot be predicted or forced. now that I’m ready, my husband isn’t and is getting married. God is working overtime for you on this day and many others!!! Allow God to be God in bringing your prodigal home to Himself, and home to you.

No other human can tell you the exact day your prodigal will repent and come home.

We come home to praying spouses who have not set deadlines for God, nor for us. Copyright © 2005-2020 Faith And Marriage Ministries. The complete Manual is found in the Holy Bible. 14. God has given to you, not to others, the assignment and the burden to stand with Him and to pray for your spouse. As the one who has been abandon, the best hope for change in them is to begin by letting God change you. Their trust in God to restore the prodigal makes them ever so ready to joyously celebrate the prodigal’s return. I can remember clearly during my own prodigal days how God talked to me. If you call yourself a stander, you must want to see how far from the line called sin you can live, and not experimenting with what God will allow you to get away with. The only difference is that you have given up your hope and, in effect have bought into, “Some things are impossible for even God,” a statement that simply is not true. The day that you promise God that you will stand for your marriage, you become like a lightening rod for attacks from the enemy. We prodigals come home to spouses who are walking with God 100% of the way. For others, it is relocation to a distant. Remember, satan is the father of all lies, so do not expect to hear the truth from your prodigal spouse. They might have been diagnosed, often by a professional who has never met them, with a chemical imbalance, bi-polar disorder, or mid-life issues. If they can’t fix their own problems, why allow them to have input to yours?

I walked by some men’s shirts and started to pick the kind my husband would like. peace by a consistent, close, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Why are you not seeing the answer to your prayers? If I, as a prodigal spouse, had read some of the things about me that even good standers post all over the Internet today, I would have run the opposite.

2. Standing is not reciting a prayer, nor is it attending meetings, or talking the talk of a stander.

Before you say, “Nothing’s happening in my stand,” Charlyne and I would ask, “What’s happening in your prayer closet?”  If you have time on your hands, put them together in prayer. Now that’s deception! Live a holy life. ( Log Out /  Your beloved might have a sex, substance or selfishness problem. God has set this gift up for you and your spouse to obtain it at the exact point you and they arrive to receive it. No matter what professional-sounding tag has been attached to your wayward spouse, the bottom line is that every husband or wife who has ever walked out on a marriage have all done so because of sin. The peace that attracts prodigals comes from God alone, and not from any self-help or secular program designed to get your spouse back in the door. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen us or talked to us or not. The change will lead to multiple text messages.

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