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It doesn’t fool anyone and its ugly. its true, in your genes. i have used my hands while talking since i was quite young. There is no 'partial' access. I do agree that I too have never seen this one before – it’s just that it seemed to be such a deliberate motion, lol. My stepdad is Italian and I have seen many of these. And what’s up with the women’s lips?

Let’s say that we truly like to gesticulate a lot even if it doesn’t have a proper meaning. I have always wondered what the Italians are doing with their hands, I had no idea just how many gestures they had and what they all mean . Some of these gestures are not typical Italian i guess, we do them in Germany, too. You find something fishy or you think someone is tricking you, the Italian way to convey it is by lowering your palm and moving your pinkie followed by others just as you’re playing the harp accompanied by the sound of aumm aumm. This sign is perfect to tell him that you don’t give a damn. public demand miss kle! Leaving aside food, family and friends – I’d say that your gesture 9 is perfect summary of the average Italian. It is nice to know different cultures. When to use it: You want to dissuade your friend from proposing other rent-less adventures, and you had the brilliant idea of involving him in a scuba diving course.. go to him and, with an excited face, tell him that you had the most incredible idea by using this sign! Where to use it : You want to have a private chat with your friend before he goes swimming with the sharks. Clelia. Very interesting gestures. Great stuff! , ahahah Thanks, but wait…are you asking me to make a video??! Thanks for sharing your information. As for the rest, living in Italy is quite opposite to that Germany – in positive as well as negative sense. Don’t forget to use a proper face! Glad you enjoyed it, and please show it to your Italian friends..i’m sure they’ll like it! Keep Calm And Travel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

All Rights Reserved. I’ll second everyone who asks for a video! Thanks Ana! ahahah i’m half Italian and half American and i know some of your signs The piranha story was brilliant too! This app requires full access -- which means to everything you TYPE with your keyboard and everything you HAVE TYPED PREVIOUSLY with your keyboard. Well, for each of them, there is a hand gesture.

Italian Girlfriend?

I don’t specialize in English gestures… I’m intrigued to know now! Thanks for posting this out! Once you have downloaded the app you have full access to all emojis and gifs with or without installing as a third party keyboard. Advice for the Italian girlfriend? This one made me laugh!

I’ll pay more attention from now on. You should make a video like someone suggested. I did not know the meaning behind many of those gestures! Funny that I’ve never used most of these gestures in my lifetime, certainly not in the exact similar manner. what a great combination! ITALIAN GESTURE N. 12: SIGNS AGAINST BAD LUCK. This can be a genuine face or a fake face, depending on the circumstances. While most people aren’t very rich, they seem to live like kings and queens. Allow for better privacy for your buyers. This sign exactly “daammn, don’t let me catch you! Just like the horn sign, you need to stick out the index and the pinkie which looks like horns. Thanks for sharing.

Capeesh? Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. it’s only a cute gesture really, no hiddeng meaning in there , JP…. The Italian hand gestures illustrated here are some of the more common gestures that are recognized in the country. Utter spaghettata to be clearer to send the message out.

This sign is perfect for the occasion! Plus very educational to boot. On or before New Years it was a custom to say “Bona mana mi”. ABSOLUTE WASTE OF $2 for an app deleted 5 minutes after purchase. Please send me info on your Italian Shenaniganisms!

You almost know better than me all the story behind some of the most common Italian gestures And coming from a German background I’m double impressed! Anyhow, your very talented and brave I can see, great job here and all the best in your future. You say you don’t like your voice…..I’m sure it’s beautiful and your just being a bit shy. When to use it: You finally signed up for the scuba diving course with your friend.


Come on!!

Nice post. AMAZON AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE ahahahahahhaahaa You nailed them, I loved your works. THE FAMOUS NEW EMOTICON/EMOJI … THE “PINCHING FINGERS ITALIAN GESTURE EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! lol, I love this. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Hello,

Now i’m curious to know which gestures are “shared” with other cultures I made a test on my Boyfriend (South African) and he didn’t know a single one! Italian Emoji is the ultimate emoji app for Italians:• Italian themed emojis and gifs. Very interesting post.

You would give so many more folks around the planet a smile and boy could folks use that these days. Now you are officially ready to conquer the world! Enjoy the tennis – Rafa’s looking good for sure. We are unique in the world! You can also use this sign for the opposite reason. I agree, you should make a video , Oh dear! Have your message conversations the Italian way using emojis and gifs such as the famous ‘Ma Che Fai’ hand gesture, Nonna’s ‘Disgraziatu ca támmazzu’, or Nonno’s ‘Have a Nice Day’. Thanks Laura, i’ll keep you posted when some more shenanigans cames up! Feel free to use this sign! Download Italian Emoji and get the very best Italian emoji’s and gifs to text friends and family. I have only recently watched Eat Pray Love with the Italian hand gestures! It would take an epic to cover all these two hundred and fifty gestures, and so we would be covering 7 of them which we are sure you’d love to gesticulate on your next Italian vacation. Definitely is in the genes! The funniest post I have read in a long time. When to use it: Your friend comes closer to you and, after you performed the superstitious gesture for good luck, you add this sign, to warn him about the danger and to incite him to be extremely careful in his adventure. We are super weird but funny! I love this. It’s definitely not an Italian sentence and doesn’t make any sense Sorry I couldn’t help!!

Just think of how many YouTube views it would have. For example, what are you talking about? But it doesn’t just mean the literal English translation…there are so many subtile meanings to that gesture… It can also be used to interject a comment into a conversation. I think the issue is when you know a video camera is on, then you think about it more! You could even appear on late night shows, I’m no professional scout, but you have it, I can see! These pics made me day, awesome styles, thanks for sharing it…, Italianies like mario and luigi and wario and waluigi they are four italian plumbers. Cheers and stay safe! I think you don’t need it anymore from now on! . • Works everywhere. Coming from a German background where hands are not really part of the conversation I think they are great. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. , ok, here’s a lovely demo of moutza from old greek movies:

Loved to read various gestures. Grandpa Pete & Grandma Angelina were from the same neighborhood in Bari, he came to American through Ellis Island, in Nov. of 1912, ended up in Philly digging ditches, hated the cold and went to LA on advice from a friend to pick walnuts.

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