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Jake Gardner, Suspect in Protest Death, Allegedly Kills Self He was about to be on his limit of needing to turn himself in, and fled to Oregon, where he allegedly killed himself outside a medical center in Hillsboro, near Portland. He did so even after his father was attacked. An Omaha bar owner who was attacked by rioters has committed suicide. He reholsters his weapon, and continues backwards for an additional 30′ at which time he is attacked from behind by Alana Melendez, and Tucker Randall (James Scurlock’s accomplice in criminal assault and vandalism). Jake Gardner family calls on Scurlock special prosecutor to release grand jury transcript, Omaha Public Schools to test students, staff for COVID-19 at 3 schools, Volunteers make last attempt to reach voters, Experts: COVID numbers going in wrong direction, Combating voter intimidation & interference, Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin issued a statement, DOCUMENT: Jacob Gardner response to special prosecutor. Gardner was indicted on charges for shooting and killing Scurlock on May 30 2020 amidst ongoing protests in Omaha (and other cities across the United States.) Scurlock, 22, was apparently shot by Gardner after an altercation occurred between the two. Gardner committed suicide in Oregon last month on the day before he was expected to turn himself in. These claims by Fredrick Franklin are not only meritless, but easily found false by the review of the extensive and high quality video evidence. Gardner’s Facebook page, which was taken down days after the shooting, showed him posing for photographs with Donald Trump Jr., as well as with a variety of celebrities like skateboarder Tony Hawk and actor Adam Devine. Surveillance footage from inside one of Gardner’s bars was also used to determine if charges were warranted. At 9/22/20 04:47 AM, GoodLuckTurtle wrote: At 9/22/20 12:13 PM, GoodLuckTurtle wrote: At 9/24/20 05:35 AM, GoodLuckTurtle wrote: At 9/29/20 12:38 AM, GoodLuckTurtle wrote: At 9/28/20 11:21 PM, GoodLuckTurtle wrote: Jake Gardner, Suspect in Protest Death, Allegedly Kills Self. This is a developing story. “The kid [Scurlock] jumped on an active shooter to stop him from continuing to discharge his weapon, and they are calling his murder justified,” protester Nikki Catron wrote in a Facebook post.

2020-09-24 02:23:31, he wasn't paraded around the agora and forced to face the dicastery, Response to Sadly, after 36 days of protests in front of DA Don Kleine’s home, common sense was abandoned in favor of mob rule justice, and the case was turned over to “Special Prosecutor” Fredrick Franklin who had no interest in justice or truth, but rather only to score a blow against a known innocent man simply because of Jake’s race and political affiliation. Scurlock was fatally wounded by the bullet. These are simply charges,” Franklin said. Jake Gardner Wiki – Jake Gardner Bio. pic.twitter.com/uevBzYW9OO, A post shared by 311 (@311) on May 31, 2020 at 1:38pm PDT. Jake was acting lawfully in protection of his person, property, and family as allowed by Nebraska law 28-1202. Response to if found) saying Gardner was going to start a war on Facebook (as in look for trouble in the protests/unrest). Surveillance video seemed to show words exchanged between Gardner, his father and protesters before Gardner, flashing a gun, backed away.

Gardner, a decorated military veteran who served multiple tours in Iraq, said he felt as if he was in a war zone during the chaotic chain of events that preceded the fatal shooting, his attorney, Stu Dornan, told KETV. Jake Gardner, Suspect in Protest Death, Allegedly Kills Self © 2020 Cox Media Group. Jake Gardner did just that. The text sent to Jake actually said, feel the fire, not field of fire. All Rights Reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dornan said Gardner told him he thought he was in a war zone outside the bar with the violence, tear gas and mass confusion.

Response to The sound of the shotgun being pumped startles the intruder, and he retreats back out of the broken window hastily. Gardner owned two bars, one being the Hive Bar in Old Town, downtown Omaha where Scurlock was shot. He never would have destroyed that reputation by committing an act of violence except an an absolute last resort. The case touched off large protests and prompted the appointment of a special prosecutor, who gathered additional evidence and presented it to a grand jury. That evidence includes texts from Gardner’s cellphone, messages from his Facebook Messenger account and Gardner’s interactions with bystanders prior to the shooting.

“Get off me, get off me, please get off me.” At 22:58:22 Jake Gardner saves his own life by reaching over his shoulder and firing his second shot over his shoulder killing the assailant James Scurlock. Kleine presented surveillance camera video at a news conference [in June 2020] that showed Gardner and Scurlock exchange words after someone in the crowd pushed Gardner’s father. The grand jury reviewed additional evidence not considered by Kleine — including Gardner’s Facebook and text messages and eyewitness accounts of the altercation. But this story brings out the redneck contingent, who clearly don't read lyric sheets, as is already evidenced in this thread.

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