keyhole trail kokanee glacier

Photos; Directions. Southwest Face. Glacier (III,4,A0,s). At the east end of the lake, As the trail ascends to meadow, it becomes more compact and easier to follow. More. Use the Kokanee Lake trail (to Slocan Chief cabin) and branch off when high on the hillside on a moraine. from the summit of Grays Pk. This is a moderate 10 km (6.2 mi.) Columbia is a quaint and unspoiled part of the province where three Pass to Kaslo Lake and finally Slocan Chief Cabin. Conserve cultural heritage of the early alpine mining history of the West Kootenays. Use either side of the south ridge in places, and the climb is a short scramble. Easy 2.5 km, on hour return hike, elevation at the trailhead is 1,536 metres. This 9 km (5.5 mi.) SUMMARY. It becomes a nearly vertical inside corner, (5.7). Nelson, B.C. Represent sub-alpine, alpine landscapes and associated ecological resources of the Selkirk Mountain ranges. Maps: 82F/14 Slocan, south border and Map 82F/11 Kokanee Peak. I seem to remember that one can get into cliff bands descending directly to Gibson Lake from the Kokanee Pk.-Esmeralda Pk. Be safe, have fun! User fees pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities. This peak is a favourite ascent of local climbers, especially early in the season when snow covers all the low bush. Pitch 6. Ascend the final wall, 15 vertical meters, difficult, and emerge just west of the southeast summit. Traverse the eastern rock slabs and snow slopes below the ridge to the steeper snow slopes (edge of Kokanee Glacier) east of the top, and ascend. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). 1. was just an easy snow walk. The route is to the left (north) of a prominent inside corner which cuts the face to the right (south) of the south summit. Glacier Park. 2. Glacier (III,4,s). an estimated time of return. & Kayaking, Guest Approach via Coffee Creek (road washed out, trail very overgrown – see post) and the four wheel drive road to the Ministry of Forests recreational site. and ski-touring are also popular winter pastimes. The Keyhole trail climbs way up high to bring you through a hidden notch at the edge of the Kokanee Glacier. 1. For details about the Woodbury and Silver Spray Cabins, please see the Hike North Ridge. A trail exists for possibly half the way. Trailhead: Kokanee Glacier Road. food by hanging it from a tree, use food storage containers, and never Trails are well marked and accessible, making for great backcountry hiking This means staying on the trails, camping in designated areas, packing Some of these roads are not for low clearance vehicles. 3. You would have already climbed a respectable +715m which is more than a day’s hard work. (The main summit is not visible from Gibson Lake.) adventures for the whole family. Three roped leads (a ramp, a very easy lead, and a thin wall) give way to a very few hundred meters of scrambling. Ascend through a grey section of rock via cracks leading first slightly left, then back right onto the yellow slabs. Pitch 4. at Silver Spray, Woodbury and Slocan Chief. The descent used seven 20 meter rappels, and there is a virtually bush- free route on the return. The Kokanee Lake Trail starts in the forest and winds up to the sub-alpine realm of meadows, lakes, waterfalls and marmots. & Entertainment, Conference Southwest Ridge. getting lost. Esmerelda Peak slowly comes into view, along with the ridge-line and the distant Keyhole notch. Now pay attention because there are lots of faint paths leading off and you don’t want to make a wrong turn. Apparently, we returned to the Kokanee-Grays col and descended directly to Gibson Lake. hike. Glacier views are well worth it. The south ridge is a scramble on good rock. Winters are warm and moist, Use the Kokanee Lake trail (to Slocan Chief cabin) and branch off when high on the hillside on a moraine. Rafting, Monashees Great day hike with. Following is a list of Kokanee Glacier’s various camping areas and the trails that meander through the park. Anyway, our group parked before reaching the Gibson Lake car park and ascended snow tongues to a col N. of Grays Pk. that sits on Kokanee Peak and the central focus of the park. lakes, lush green forest info. through a lottery system managed by the Alpine Club of Canada - but freak snowstorms do happen even during the summer months, so be prepared. Very reasonable fee per night. to the trailhead. FRA Barend Bredenkamp, Steven Horvath, 08/1988. different mountain ranges offer spectacular scenery. Glacier – do NOT walk out onto Kokanee Glacier without the proper training and equipment. Starting at the Gibson Lake Trailhead, start following the main Kokanee Lake Trail. I wouldn’t recommend this approach later in the year–bushwhacking could be unpleasant. 1. The Woodbury Creek - Sunset For my first time to the park I decided on a day hike up through the Keyhole to the edge of the Kokanee Glacier. park and recreation area, which makes for good fishing. Continue on the road a short distance to the mine portal and mine tailings pile. Glacier (III,4,A0,s). Planner . hut location is within an avalanche path). keep food in the tent. FA unknown. 1. Bunk bed sleeping. Enterprise Creek to Slocan Chief Cabin (access number four): There are two more things to note. Keyhole. hours of hiking this moderate trail. It is probably the summit (overestimated at 9400 feet) ascended by a Survey party in 1893-1895. Woodbury Creek to Woodbury Cabin (access number two): It was quite the boulder field! Keep high, and scramble over a rocky rib to gain the pass. 4. This is a four to five-hour hike User fees are payable to the Alpine Club of Canada. North Ridge. event of an emergency, contact the RCMP. more information contact: Museums GRAYS PEAK (HAYSTACK)   2760m    9055′ and will take about five to six (III,4,s). Details of this part are sketchy–hey, better to say, “non-existent.” The Keyhole (pass) is just north of Esmeralda Peak. Kokanee Glacier is most often reached from the southwest via the unmarked trail to The Keyhole. Located north of Nelson, ruggedly beautiful Kokanee Glacier Park offers excellent backcountry adventure for the whole family. Fishing, is rich in history that dates from the 1890's when silver was king. This moderate 3 km (1.8 mi.) The latter group was probably John Carter, Howie Ridge, Bert Port, Iaine Martin, and maybe Knut Langballe. and fill you in on this very easy route. Joker Millsite to Slocan Chief Cabin (access number three): Nice trail description! Maintain the characteristics and qualities of the natural environment and associated features, and. that leads This hike is an ascent towards Kokanee Glacier, from the lodge in Kokanee Glacier Park which is a very nice lodge great facilities, electric , showers , cooking stations . Camp in the designated areas I used to hike past Nancy Green and the National Ski Team, who used to train near the ‘Battleship’ and the ‘Giant’s Knee Cap’, South of and up from the Slocan Chief cabin. The Keyhole trail climbs way up high to bring you through a hidden notch at the edge of the Kokanee Glacier. East Rib. The trail sticks to […], […] even route. Hiking time is approximately three to four hours. The names of The Battleship and The Giant’s Kneecap may have been interchanged on the map, because The Battleship resembles a knee, and The Giant’s Kneecap distinctly looks like a World War I battleship. The summit is the left hand of two towers. More than to Gibson Lake. hike that most can handle. moderate 10 km (6.2 mi.) It is an unsigned junction. Direct Access to the Esmeralda-Cond Ridge Hot Springs, River The park straddles the crest of mountain ridges between Slocan Lake and Kootenay Lake. Pitch 7. 1. SUMMARY: Trailhead: Kokanee Glacier Road Map: Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park… via the glacier, just a snow walk once again. SUMMARY. Follow the road uphill and around a switchback until the road crosses a small stream. McLeary, late August 1921, route not stated. An enjoyable route. Other scenic lakes in the park include the gem-coloured Sapphire Lakes, milky Joker Lakes and popular Gibson, Kaslo and Tanal Lakes, which offer good fishing for rainbow and cutthroat trout. See Kokanee Peak for the descent (from the Grays-Kokanee col) and also the alternate below. The most common questions about the park are answered on the parks' web pages; BC Parks recommends that visitors review this information prior to visiting. The Keyhole trail is much rougher with overgrown vegetation and loose rock. UNNAMED   2790m   9154′ Get away from it all with a visit to British Columbia's Marmots in the meadows north of Kokanee Lake are becoming increasingly habituated and aggressive; if approached, actively discourage them and certainly never feed wildlife. The difficulty rating, below, is a guess. season, it is recommended that you make reservations if you want APPROACHES TO KOKANEE GLACIER 1. This is a The south summit (invisible from Gibson Lake) is the higher. I seem to remember that one can get into cliff bands descending directly to Gibson Lake from the Kokanee Pk.-Esmeralda Pk. make noise, do not bury refuse as this will attract wild animals. Cabin accommodates up to 20 from June 1 through Climb up and over the bluffs and work your way straight up until you reach a well defined gully with a stream entering from the left of your line of travel. . The north ridge rises out of the ice of Kokanee Glacier and is an “exacting climb”. THE BATTLESHIP   2610m   8563′ It’s a scenic route, but it’s also a bit of a sufferfest with boulders and scree and an endless ascent. vehicle with chicken wire for overnight protection. Climb off the snow, on rounded and grooved slabs, friction. climbs to Clove Basin and Silver Spray Cabin. At 3.8km, you’ll cross a wooden-block bridge with the unmarked turn-off for the Keyhole Trail (strong hikers only). hike to the lodge and is spectacular by its self. to six hours. and September, this trail could be closed because of bears feeding in Its boundaries encompass 32,035 hectares of some of the most scenic mountain country found in the Selkirk Mountains of southern British Columbia, comprising a picturesque mosaic of high peaks, snowfields, cirques and colourful lake basins. The rock is firm. Looking for a challenging day hike? Pitch 5. Store Ascend the Class 4 ridge and avoid some of the gendarmes by moving right. Approach by trail from the cabin. The Keyhole trail climbs way up high to bring you through a hidden notch at the edge of the Kokanee Glacier.

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