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The nose also has a definite stop or change of direction where the Cornish profile sports a straight Roman nose.

This kitten was Du-Bu Lambtex, the first rex-coated kitten to be born as a result of the concerted breeding efforts with Kallibunker. DEVON REX. Shipping. The ears are gigantic and ultra wide-set at the base, extend beyond the side of the head, have large bells on the back, and evoke a feeling in onlookers of being in the presence of an extraterrestrial.

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The Devon, on the other hand, is a somewhat fuller bodied cat without the arch or tuck-up. The gene pool was tiny and the breeders were struggling to increase it.

contact us. When an “A” male was bred to a “B” female, the mother’s milk would contain antibodies against the kittens’ own blood and result in the death of the kittens. The mission is to find a soft hand and a warm lap. Most any breeder will ask you about yourself and your home, this is not just a cat, it’s a relationship! shipping.
That rascal “Kirlee,” father to all Devons, is thought to have carried the gene for it. Another problem that surfaced was parental blood incompatibilities resulting in the death of kittens.

Kirlee was mated to several Rex queens and the group waited in anticipation for the kittens to arrive.

Both breeds are very affectionate. Ashford, A, (1970, November). Search for a Devon Rex breeder by location or name.

It was a large discouragement to all.

about us. So I rashly wrote a cheque on my housekeeping account and phoned home to warn my husband to have a bed ready for the new acquisition.
Over the years, we have worked with several catteries and mentors.

website builder. Best Devon Rex Alter Of The Year RW BW SGC FACEHUGGERS … With that growth, the growth in popularity of the Devon Rex has been phenomenal. Read about a breeder’s cattery policies so that you can determine if a breeder is right for you! The popularity of the house cat as the favored domestic pet has soared over the past several years. ~~~~~ Q. why does my Devon look like it's loosing it's hair?

A. London: Gifford.

The Devon ears sit lower on the head and extend out to the side, while the Cornish ears are positioned higher and sit more atop the head. It was found through outcrossing to straight-coated cats that the gene responsible for the rexed coat mutation was a simple recessive. Among those Devons imported were Annelida Sunset Gleam of Anglo-Tex, Redcliffe Pegasus of Bob ‘N Shir, Hadrian Blue Angel of Anglo-Tex, and Toby Touchstone of Van Dol.

In 1980, Mary Robinson, of Marya Cattery and a Persian breeder at the time, fell in love with pictures of a New Zealand cat named Annelida Seagull.

When this female gave birth to kittens in her back garden, Miss Cox was not surprised to find that one of them was a beautiful, brownish-black male with lots of curls, some of which even cascaded in ringlets on his tail. Dr. Gibney continued to play a key role in the advancement of the breed.

These little pixies are alert and inquisitive, showing interest in all that is around them. I am in love with the Devon Rex cat pics and would like to send a deposit if you have kittens available. I could not then really afford the price of a Rex kitten, but I could not leave him. Over the years, we went to Exotics exclusively. Anita White provided most of the history, experiences and background for the group and Ann Gibney became the spokesperson who addressed the CFA Executive Board with the plea once again to separate the Gene I and the Gene II Rex cats. Lochmaere or Whiskerbreak are great breeders of Devon Rex. With this confirmation that the genetic material for the Cornwall Rex and the Devonshire Rex were not compatible, a new breed was born. She tracked down the breeder and imported three Devons from New Zealand to Canada. She named him Kirlee. We active members of two CFA clubs – the Birmingham Feline Fanciers and the Devon Rex Breed Club. 4.

We show primarily in CFA, but over the past couple of years have enjoyed showing in TICA, also.

(Of interest, “Golden Rain,” the straight coated female born out of Kirlee and a descendant of Kallibunker, was later mated to a Gene I Rex and produced a litter of two straight-coated kittens and two curly kittens. All of their hard work paid off, and in 1983 the Devon Rex gained Championship status in CFA. Search for a Devon Rex breeder by location or name.

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