looney tunes world of mayhem character chart

The fastest chauffeur in the city, able to speed up his allies and give them an edge in battle. More monarch than mallard, this greedy attacker can't go a turn without Stealing a Buff. A chipper little healer fishing for victories by buffing his team's Attack. Keep the peace with cocktails that heal allies to full or slow enemies, rousing when enemies crit.

This kitty follows allies into Hiding and heals the team when they emerge, popping out to Stun. Defeats his enemies by greatly weakening them and doing health based damage. In the daily mode, spend daily ticket to obtain common character pieces. ¡Andale! This flaming feline now roams the city skies with an obligation to cook the crooks. The wicked witch uses Damage Over Time to defeat those who attack her, dealing heavy damage. A special support character who truly shines when accompanied by coyotes. This irate pirate is out looking for Bounties. Go to the main screen of the game. A defender with a special knack for helping out allies and stunning opponents. Supporters – Supporters are very helpful in all the battles. And golden tickets can be earned from the chapter mode. The Abominable Snow-Man is out searching for pet of his own, and freezing everything in his path. Their taunt skill blocks the enemy attacking other members.

Tap the toon collection icon to head to the characters tab. This wushu master slows and dodges enemies, keeping his. An arbitrator who calls all the shots. A beefy linebacker with his eyes on the prize. Able to hide away from danger and unleash a strong attack on the enemies. All appetite and no patience, this chicken hawk chomps through Max Health with Lifesteal against chickens. A cranky hermit alone for a reason. Your email address will not be published. What's Taunt to a cat on the run? Loyal guardian to the Shrine.

Evasive defender. What is it? Is it rabbit season or duck season? This duck thrives from stunning his enemies with his team's performance! A mysterious marauder from the distant north who emboldens those who can face the Chill. On the home screen, you can interact with the characters by tapping on them. Supports all members of the team with constant boosts and healing. The most highlighted characters in group C are Barber Bugs and Cowgirl Granny. Dealing high amounts of damage through his critical skills, he's able to quickly defeat his foes. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem. gameplay-section. Rank-Up – It increases the grade of character. I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later, Looney Tunes Cosmic Capers Animated Jigsaws, Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV -The End of Saga-, Disney's The Lion King: Operation Pridelands. This would be a turn based battle. This includes Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and many more characters. This laughing tank protects his team by greatly slowing down his enemies. Looney Tunes world of mayhem is the best game with original Looney Tunes characters. Build your own Looney Tunes World, collect your favorite characters, and discover their unique and hilarious fighting abilities. Support farmer. This spirit of destruction has been summoned from realms beyond to empower Monsters with Critical Damage. A crafty healer with a strong personality and an even stronger right hook. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. A geriatric athlete with limited but relentless abilities.

This heroic paladin throws himself in front of enemy attacks, becoming immune to damage when his team needs him. Counterattack specialist. A strong attacker able to tear down enemies who are taunting and remove their positive effects! A caring scout who keeps her allies on their feet, buffing the Max Health of woodland critters. Several criteria go into determining the rank of each character, including damage, supportive abilities, utility, and tankiness.

A creature of the deep who protects sunken ships and the treasure within.

Toons | … Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem characters. For the first time, you will see a house icon.

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem is a new game in the historic franchise that's packed with your favorite characters. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS – Like Us On Facebook – MrGuider, Follow Us On Twitter – @techhuntr. Pursuit made this Attacker an expert at dodging - especially when afflicted with Damage Over Time. This staff duck serves his Defender allies, offering amenities like Speed Up, Attack Up, and heals. Toon/Team Discussion Alliance Recruitment Gloating Thread. The witch supports her team by being hidden and stealing her enemies positive effects! World of Mayhem has a feature called “Toon World” and gives each toon a point of origin. A hunter of hearts who leaves enemies weak-kneed and cleanses all of the past's pain. 21 images (& sounds) of the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem cast of characters. A stout scam artist, able to protect his team and heal himself. From there you can buy packs. Race this coyote at your own risk.

This attacker is capable of dealing damage while protecting her allies with amazing defense boosts and healing abilities! What’s the point? Robbing the rich and giving it to himself, Daffy Hood excels at finishing off weakened enemies and speeding up his allies. After completing all the daily goals, you will get a special reward. He loves when allies gain Hidden! They play the role of support and defense respectively.
Looney Tunes world of mayhem is a role playing game of Looney Tunes universe which was released in the year 2018. To use it, you need material; send characters on the expedition to obtain or open the crates.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! There are three types of characters in Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game: –. Build your epic toon team and wage wacky battles for control of the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem. And there are a number of ways/sources: –. The One True Healer comes from beyond the cosmos to Debuff false idols. Helps his team by healing them and weakening the enemies. This is the complete list of Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Characters. Participate in this game mode to get bonus rewards including toon tickets, gems(a huge amount of gem), tune-up material, level-up material, and more. All you need to do is complete the chapters’ acts in the game. In short, the character’s region really matters.

His silence both tortures and emperors him. When you use their taunt skill, the enemy will not be able to attack other team members except you. The characters of the Looney Tunes world of mayhem game are categorized into five groups. Protects his team by drawing attention to himself and rolling away from danger. A knight banneret who keeps his team well-stocked in both defense and offense. Lifestealer defender. The Mystery Man can counter attacks and stop his enemies from countering, also. This distinction is important in the main story campaign. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem is a strategy game where players take turns when playing.The aim of players is to attack others using funny actions like dropping the ACME safe or an anvil on their heads, which are something fans of Looney Tunes series might be familiar with. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Awesome avenger. Mad general of the Roman Empire. And once activated or fully unlocked, you can add it to the toon team. This Looney Tunes World of Mayhem tier list ranks the best characters in tiers based on how useful they are. This friendly swine can heal his allies and dish out some damage to his enemies. Let’s learn about the regions. Header Image. Great supporter. Support peacekeeper.

Join. social-section. There are two types of the ticket; daily ticket and the golden ticket. When you get the victory in the chapter mode, the game will gift you toon tickets. The Basic Characters Mechanics. A walking fortress who wants all the armor for himself. A cantankerous critical hitter with counter chance and a hatred of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Community Rules Official Blog Guides FAQ Beginners Guide Tapjoy Support Guide Tier List Track Your Teams! This fiery dancer Dodges through enemy advances and keeps her peers moving. For example; Bugs Bunny Roles are; King Bugs Bunny, Barber, Martian, Leopold, Cowboy, and many more. In this post, we have shared a complete Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up guide and some tips to level up fast. But they neither protects the other toon characters from enemy attacks nor supports the allies/toon-characters/team members. Before we go deep into the characters details, let’s learn the basic character’s mechanics.

This is an unofficial site. A misfire of science had transformed a mild-mannered kitty into a luminary beacon of justice. We are currently maintaining 1,613 pages (475 articles). Steals a lot of health from his target and jumps in front of danger to save his allies.
The brightest laser in the woods, melting single targets from above Whenever an enemy falls, his Trigger Finger pulls. https://worldofmayhem.gamepedia.com/Toons?oldid=7873, With alien technology, this destructive defender finally finds that. This sneaky cat can easily become hidden and lash out large amounts of damages on his enemies. Why lift a feather when your allies do the work? Today, In this post, we have covered everything about the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem characters. Good luck staying warm with this hunter in the snow. Once every year, this magical supporter travels the world, Silencing all in his wake. This axeman cuts through Defenders while sheltering your own. Events. The vampire is able to sustain himself in battle while he deals large amounts of damage to his enemies. But these characters’ attack power is relatively low. A healer and finisher, all in one, this bird smashes foes with boulders from the safety of its team. Anyone who attempts to Counter this hulking defender is getting dragged into the briny deep.

You can start the popular and traditional fights between the Looney Tunes characters to earn extra bonuses. This little Mouse can do fast attacks and help your team. At the top-left corner, tap the inbox/mail icon to check all the updates info. Nothing stops this mailman — not even Taunt — from delivering damage. Once done, you will see the (i) icon on the characters. Protects his team from enemies, especially when team members are low on health. With work this Stunning, it's no wonder he Hides from the public.

Usually, you get the event details in the mail/inbox menu. Support cowgirl. She's fitter than you, and knows it.

In above points, we have explained how you can unlock all the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem characters for free. Events. Ready to finally drop an Acme safe on Roadrunner?

A sneaky scout who attacks from Hidden, buffing his buddy.

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