lucas wong ideal type

everyone thinks they’re the cutest and lots of boys crush on them, but on the inside they’re a little firecracker. not overly eager talker or laugh to loudly in public, but with him she lets He’d run to you like a child and attack you with a hug; he be all sweaty though, but yah no what I don’t care I want a hug from ten too haha  As he practices, you’d watch random videos, which makes you giggle and laugh crazily you probs watching either NCT on crack or hendery and yangyang dancing haha you don’t even notice that he had been watching you the whole time haha, and he’ll approach you and say, “You are too adorable, that I’ve fallen in love with you” as he laughs at you. -        Big eyes and soft features would also be something he liked; it’d make a girl look very innocent and naîve which he’d just love. -        everything they say somehow makes him smile.
culture. He’s the type to want a best friend as a partner instead of just a partner, meaning someone who understands him and knows how to cheer him up. they get along with everyone and there’s something about them that’s just irresistible.

she stroked one of them shyly. But anyways of course though he would ask if you were okay after filming; and possibly making up for it ;) PG thoughts guys hehe.
Nuzzles her head against him. Lucas: He’d love someone that is confident, humble, and a person with a happy virus vibe; since he is just filled with so much happiness, he’ll need someone with the same energy of happiness. Lucas: I see him being a little cocky with this haha; don’t get me wrong since he know he handsome, but of course he’ll appreciate it but he gon say as a joke, “less work for me” or “what took so long for you to ask me” Haha jkjk.

He then pans the camera towards you and starts to talk about you; how you guys first met and how much you mean to him; as he admires you working hard or hardly working haha jk he’ll realize that he had fallen in love with you.

They are described as having an unlimited number of members. He’s a kid himself and probably loves children so he needs someone with similar views and opinions. — , 4 of wands, 5 of pentacles & the devil both reversed. And very passionate about it.

She would be a romantic person, who would absolutely adore all types of dates with him - going to a fancy restaurant or just staying in bed, listening to music and cuddling - it doesn’t matter. pour her love all over you! -        WinWin would suit well with a simple style and look. The only thing Jaehyun has said about his ideal type is He’d be one of the members who isn’t that keen on dating foreigners. Xiaojun: He’d be filming some type of video like his daily life or your guys daily life. Saying this, someone who knows how to dress to accentuate their curves and figures but doesn’t show a lot of skin (because that’s saved for him ok) Someone who smirks a lot instead of grins and will sometimes wink at him to get a reaction.

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