maplestory hyper stat guide 2020

25% exp is still nice. RIP SINGAPORE 🙁 RIP POTTABLE BADGES- On a serious note though, badge best in slot now is the magnus crystal ventus badge, if you’re a new player that doesn’t have the GSE badge your best bet is to wait and pray they bring back the sengoku hakase badge from the Sengoku high event, however it’s future is unknown at the moment. If you’re still having trouble with damage/getting more range, do the Masteria Through Time questline to get the Antellion Guardian medal, which gives 8 w.atk/m.atk and decent all stat however this is very low priority as it takes a *really* long time to finish the questline for a very minor increase in damage. 6. More info on cubing can be found in the cubing section. VJ prequests are doable solo, however require a fair amount of time as you’ll have to kill Tranquil Erdas who require 60 AF while you only have 30. I’m 100% sure there are others that people recommend but in my opinion these are some of the easiest classes to level. It is almost useless after the V patch to have high amounts of Status resistance, and the Cygnus link skill gives 25 all by itself, so maybe put a disclaimer for people to stop putting points into it once it starts decaying at around 50% status duration. I made this to hopefully stop the flood of “Returning player pls help!’ posts that always seem to flood the subreddit. To get better potentials, cubes MUST be used to enhance gear if you want to get to endgame bosses. For notes on the most efficient ways to get meister accessory crafting look here:, After this, you can start to do Dark World Tree and Scrapyard dailies to get Absolab Equipment (gloves/shoulders). Again that number varies heavily based on class, I know that Thief classes with access to Shadow Walker may be able to do it earlier because they can attack freely and ignore meteors/gas. This however requires a few hours of farming at Blackgate for the rings and mask, as well as event farming for event rings. which needs to max at lvl 10 and what others hyper skill needs to be added. Normal Gollux – if you can kill Normal Horntail, you can probably do this as well. Don’t be an ass and ronaldo the platforms because you’ll fuck everyone in your party over if its not available to dodge electric ground. Thanks in advance.. Ayumilove, how many points do we get in total for the stats section, the passive section, and the active section?

Ayumilove, im confused, i just got level 142 (Due to hyper burning) on my DB where should i put each point? Maplestory Reboot Guide Created by 4phantom1 / updated by pocket. Hi I would like to know how can I use the reg SP to upgrade the hyper skills, look I have reg SP but I dont know how can I use them as hyper SP? It costs 25m and lasts 7 days,  but makes life so much easier. You actually get a fkton of meso from leeching from 200-220 so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you cube smartly. For my evan which hyper passive skill build should i follow? Normal Magnus – Depends on how good you are at dodging meteors/push attacks. I first did this at 5m range, although I’m 100% sure it’s possible at lower ranges but you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE SUFFICIENT IED. (Read the ‘Guilds’ section below). Both servers can require literally $0. If you’re not sure, look up  some vids on that certain class on youtube and see whether they look like a fun class.

Each region, VJ, ChuChu, Lachelein, Arcana and Morass  each have their own Arcane Symbol, which supplies your character with Arcane Force. Critical Damage: +1/2/3/4/5/7/9/11/13/15% (max level 10). I have an Aran lvl 161, and i havent touched these yet. Everything that you get up until here is disposable. You can also grab the DEX and Accuracy to further boost your success rate of hitting enemies easily without missing. Good communication is key here, try be on voice comms with your party, so people can call dragons/when to cleanse butterflies/when to clear golems/binds etc. Other people may have differing training spots, but I will offer a few alternatives however feel free to look up other training guides if the spots here don’t suit you well. Hi ayumi can i ask for permissions to upload your guide on my blog? Spanish Keyboarding: A very useful trick to help you mesofarming can be found here: (Sorry, not sure who to credit for this). Hilla and Pink Bean each drop a pocket item and PB’s is better but Hilla’s is more accessible.

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