navigating the yukon river

This immersive 19-day 620-km canoeing experience includes 17-day on the Yukon River in pure wilderness with two days off seeded with cultural/immersive activities, and two days exploration of Whitehorse and Dawson City prior and after your trip. Deep in Interior Alaska, the great Yukon River strikes through bluffs and mountains of an ancient landscape to unmask rocks whose histories reach back a billion years to life's beginnings on Earth.

The Caribou Hotel: Hauntings, hospitality, a hunter and the parrot, Camping, Canoeing & Kayaking, Fishing, Hiking, Rafting, Historic Sites, First Nations Culture, Klondike Gold Rush, Midnight Sun, Wilderness Parks, Wildlife. BRFCs are provided first come, first serve, and cannot be reserved in advance.
Suite 110 The river flows into several parklands and refuges including: Some of the upper slopes of this watershed (e.g. Receive helpful Yukon tips, information on unique events and activities, and inspirational ideas that are sure to stay out of your junk mail folder. All visitors should wear personal flotation devices (life preservers) and keep emergency gear with them, such as a first aid kit, whistle, signal mirror, knife, magnesium fire starter, waterproof matches, and tightly sealed emergency rations.

Some parts of the river do not have eddies to make set-nets successful, whereas in other places the tributaries are small enough to make drifting impractical. Jet skis and other personal watercraft are prohibited in the preserve. The Yukon River is home to one of the longest salmon runs in the world. Yukon River, Whitehorse to Dawson City Flip Stoker has posted a log of some of the most interesting points along the river. Spend some time in Ft. Selkirk exploring the old school house, homes and churches. Carmacks marks the halfway point on the journey where you can resupply before leaving for Dawson City. The Yukon River has had a history of pollution from military installations, dumps, wastewater, and other sources. Sadly, like all great expeditions, yours must come to an end. As salmon do not eat during their spawning migration, Yukon River salmon must have great reserves of fat and energy to fuel their thousands-mile long journey. For a truly classic Yukon journey, join a canoe or kayak trip on the Yukon River. 99701.

Each year Chinook, coho, and chum salmon return to their terminal streams in Alaska, the Yukon Territories, and British Columbia. From prehistoric times until the late 1950s when all-weather roads arrived, the Yukon River was the region’s highway for settlement and development. There are also two pedestrian-only bridges in Whitehorse, as well as a dam across the river and a hydroelectric generating station.
At the confluence with the Big Salmon River, you’ll pass by the abandoned First Nations village of Big Salmon before reaching the derelict Cyr’s gold dredge. Some aboriginals dispute this theory and believe in their own traditional teachings that their ancestors originated in North America. Nulato Hills) are forested by Black Spruce. For that reason, the documentary evidence reflects that the Holikachuks had borrowed the contraction Ųųg Han [White Water River] from Gwich'in, and erroneously assumed that this contraction had the same literal meaning as the corresponding Yup'ik name Kuigpak [River-big]. For those not using the recommended BRFCs, we strongly encourage caching all food and scented items a minimum of 100 feet from camp and suspending at least 10 feet above ground.

After following in the footsteps of gold seekers on the river, this is the culmination of the journey. According to this theory, the ancestors of today’s aboriginal peoples arrived across a now-submerged isthmus joining present-day Alaska with Russia’s Siberia. Motorized and non-motorized boats of all sizes and types are the principal means of travel on this section of the Yukon River. The late 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s have been marked by radically reduced runs for various salmon species. [5][6] Paddle-wheel riverboats continued to ply the river until the 1950s, when the Klondike Highway was completed. At its peak during the Klondike gold rush, nearly 30,000 gold seekers in 7,000 boats travelled the river on their way to the goldfields in Dawson City. Carmacks to Dawson City: 415km/260 mi.

A little further on is Hootalinqua, from the Northern Tutchone word meaning “running against the mountain”. You’ll spend the long, relaxed days of summer paddling, camping in tents and eating by the campfire under the midnight sun. [13] However, Yukkhana does not literally correspond to a Holikachuk phrase that means big river. As a result, Yukon River salmon are noted for their especially rich and oily meat.

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