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I just had the batteries replaced as it was doing low battery pushback at 59%. i've only managed 8 miles total so far -- this month has been stupidly busy for me, and i can't find time to ride!

Great info. 14.

All I need is a voltage number to determine my range which is a real number and not the approximation made by the app and board electronics used to produce a range number. Bluetooth connection: what’s new? Either way, still, at 11 miles a charge, that's some 150 or so charges. Know batteries degrade and people ride faster over time, but am concerned how long before an battery switch is needed and how much cost/time that needs? I have a two-x kit on the way for my V1 and I also ordered an XR. Still getting a solid 7-8 miles under normal conditions, but nice to know future costs for happy floating.

I’m the guy behind OneRADwheel and you may have seen me on YouTube. What Do Other Onewheel Owners Say? i rode my Pint about 2 miles the other day in about 35-40F temps, and i lost about 15% of my battery life doing it. But honestly, I hardly ever connect my app to my board. @ 40F I see about 20% reduction on the Pint from 8 miles to 6... yeah, i am nervous about riding very far in cold temps. Imaging being a leader on the Onewheel board for day streaks only to lose your streak due to an app malfunction. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Well now their not because more modern materials as lighter and just as strong if not stronger. Cheap: half the price, but not half the quality… if anything it is more refined and finished than its predecessors. I race bikes and raising or lowering the psi in tires changes how the bike feels and rides off-road, so i was just wondering if the same could be applied to the pint? Most of my knuckles and both knees were also scraped up and I broke my left wrist guard . Update, I canceled my pint order because I determined that the range is not going to be enough. Riders seem a little divided over which brands are best to go with but mostly mix it up with Craftandride , thefloatlife or Jessup griptape sheets among other brands. The Pint can’t handle going off road. I’ve tried various locks and my go-to mini U-lock which is great for my XR and Plus will not work on the Pint. For close to 50 miles I have ridden it -- the traction is phenomenal. 18. I just set up my board to either mission for daily use or Delerium for trail use and I just go so I don’t have to mess with the finiky bluetooth connection. I’m going to go over some of the most common criticisms of the Pint while going on a range test. @HanahsDax @stinkyface Thanks for insight. i'm hoping in 2 weeks my schedule will free up so i have some time on the weekend to really ride a full charge down and see what i get.

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