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Otter People are curious like their Totem counterpart, and unlike some other Totem Animals, your inquisitiveness takes you in positive directions and opens doors. Don’t get locked into the quagmire of worry. Within … Read more... Join our monthly newsletter for teachings from the medicine wheel, monthly recaps and exclusive offers! Otter medicine takes great pleasure in the success and happiness of others, and will work untiringly to help others achieve that. Otter lives a well-rounded life by honoring the fact that everyone and everything has the right to exist just as they are. Or if you’re new to journey work and wish to develop your own relationship with spirit. both men and women, as all of us have female sides. There is no selfishness in otter. How to create your own smudges for shamanic work Woman energy without games or control is a beautiful experience. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. If you are an Otter Person, the family is essential to you. Thank you! One day I went to a Nature Center and their was an otter in the enclosure we went to. Otter may be saying that the finer qualities of woman need to be striven for in both men and women so that a unity of spirit can be achieved. 8 - Otter: Woman Medicine The medicine held by Otter is a set of lessons in female energy. If you were born between January 20 and February 8, you have the Native American Star Sign of Otter. The connection they have with living water gives Otter an awareness of the subconscious, emotions, and psychic vibrations. Delve deeply into Otter symbolism and meaning to discover how your Animal Spirit Guide can support, assist, and inspire you.

Release your worries by getting back in touch with your inner child. If you are drawn to Otter, it may be telling you to become the playful child and to simply allow things to unfold in your life. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Everything interests you, sometimes to distraction, but you’ll have fun with it. Unlike other animals, Otter will not start a fight unless it is attacked first. Your email address will not be published. Otter teaches us that balanced female energy is not jealous or catty. It allows you to experience wholeness, harmony, and balance. Otter may be the bearer of a message from other realms, often playful. It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying. These character traits are the beauty of a balanced female side, the side of ourselves that creates space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspicions. That is a very important element in walking in balance. Being an accounting clerk for 2/3 of my life is just not cutting it any more, enjoyable but not “life purpose” fulfilling. It may be time to examine your feelings about sharing the bounty of your life with others. Overall, Otter is not a material creature because it prefers traveling the water, free of burdens.

For families expecting children, Otter is a beautiful Spirit Guide. Happiness comes when you swim alongside someone in life’s waters. Unlike other animals, otter will not start a fight unless it is attacked first. Otter also teaches the importance of not hanging onto material things that would bind you or become a burden. Otter is a footloose soul who doesn’t have the patience for jealousy. Your Totem Animal will endeavor to teach you how to remain liberated throughout life. If you have drawn this symbol, Otter may be telling you to become the playful child and to simply allow things to unfold in your life. I am also enjoying “Healing the Whole Self” workshop with Chopra Center. Shamanic resources including articles, podcasts, free drumming music and more about shamanism. Native American folklore often depicts Otter as quite the class clown and Trickster. Flow with the waters of the Universe … this is the way of balanced female-receptive energy. Once you gather your Oyster treasures, internalize them, then seek another with Otter as a Guide.

Helpful Otter protects individuals in their journey toward finding their unique mystical qualities. Otter is the true coquette of the animal world. It is the freeness of love without jealousy. Your email address will not be published.

If Otter comes to you in a dream, it’s time to assess whether something in life is pulling you down to the point of drowning. This applies to both men and women, as all of us have female sides. It would mean a world full of people coming together to honour the right of each person to be. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

These character traits are the beauty of a balanced female side, the side of ourselves that creates a space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspicions. Otter asks you to rediscover your playful side and to focus on nurturing your talents first, so that you can make good use of them in bringing joy to others. This joyful little creature is adventuresome and assumes that all other creatures are friendly - until proven otherwise. It is the joy of loving other people’s children and their accomplishments as much as you love your own. Lighten up! The Otter's hide is very often used to make medicine bags for powerful women because it represents balanced female energy. Required fields are marked *. Otter is always on the move and is very curious. It is the freedom of love without jealousy. Anchored in the understanding that all accomplishments are worthwhile for the whole tribe, Otter people express joy for others. Otter allows their own life and the lives of others to unfold naturally. It is sisterhood, content to enjoy and share the good fortune of others. Remember, most men have Yin Energies (Feminine), just as much as they have Yang Energies (Masculine). Milton Berle said, “Laughter is an instant vacation.” Something as simple as a smile can help free you from weighty, emotional tethers. Otter appears as a Spirit Animal as a wake-up call to be more receptive and aware of emotions in yourself and others. I didn’t know the symbolism of the Otter until now. Otter medicine takes great pleasure in the success and happiness of others, and will work untiringly to help others achieve that. Purpose should give you a fire in the belly, so to speak. Conventional approaches rarely suit you, but you can turn an otherwise crazy idea into something remarkable. Some nicknames for Otter in Celtic tradition include Brown Dog and Water Dog, implying faithfulness and unyielding love.

Otter’s medicine includes woman’s healing wisdom, sensibility without suspicion, guidance in revealing ones talents, psychic awareness, faithfulness, recovery issues, understanding the value of playtime, primal feminine energy, joy, playfulness, prognostication. She is 25% Kiowa and Choctaw. Long ago, in tribal law, if a woman were widowed, her sister would offer her own husband to the widow as a lover to keep her from drying up and not using her creative urges.

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