qe2 lottery winners 2020

There are no cash substitutes unless otherwise stated. QE2 Health Sciences Centre Foundation | Charitable Registration #88646 3496 RR0001 Lottery Licence #AGD-106433, 440, 441 - 19
If you are a winner, MNP will notify you in writing regarding how to claim your prize. Peter & Margaret Trenholm of Port Williams, NS (Ticket #021547). HOW DOES THE 100 DAYS OF WINNING CASH CALENDAR ADD-ON WORK?The 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar Add-On must be ordered in conjunction with your Home Lottery ticket. Tickets purchases are not tax deductible. 2020 has shone a light on how quickly our health needs can change, and how vital it is that hospitals are ready to support us during unexpected times. IF I WIN A HOUSE DO I HAVE TO LIVE IN IT OR CAN I SELL IT?Once a home is awarded to a winner, they do not have to move in. The following matches to your search were found in the list of winners.

®50/50 Add-On and 100 Days of Winning are registered trademarks. HOW OLD DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO PURCHASE A TICKET?Purchasers must be at least 19 years of age.

DO I HAVE TO TAKE MY PRIZE AS IS OR CAN I JUST TAKE THE CASH?Prizes must be accepted as awarded. This winners list is a searchable database that posts winners based on last name or ticket number. HOW DOES THE CANADIAN ANTI-SPAM LEGISLATION AFFECT YOUR LOTTERIES?The primary purpose for sending out Commercial Electronic messages (CEM) is to raise funds for our charity. The information you searched for was not found in the list of winners. If for any reason a payment is returned, the ticket will be deemed invalid if a payment cannot be made prior to the draw. If you have another ticket number, enter it here to see if it's a winner, too! )For inquiries regarding the status of tickets already purchased, please call MNP LLP directly at 1-800-471-6786. WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO PURCHASE A TICKET?The following, including their spouse and any related or dependent person residing in the same household, are prohibited from purchasing a ticket: The QEII Foundation Board members, Honorary trustees, Foundation staff, board and executive teams of builders contracted to provide real estate prizes to this lottery and any contacted interior designers and partners and employees of MNP LLP and its affiliates. Sean and Sandy Phillips of Halifax, NS (Ticket #040719) have won an Audi e-tron or $100,000 cash! QEII Foundation does not sell, trade or lease your personal information. CAN SOMEONE WHO LIVES OUTSIDE OF NOVA SCOTIA OR OVERSEAS BUY A TICKET?Tickets must be purchased and mailed within the province of Nova Scotia. This money has gone directly to help strengthen care for patients at the QEII, in all 10 buildings across both the Halifax Infirmary and VG sites. A minimum of one week is allowed between our ticket sales deadline and the draw date(s). Atlantic Photo Supply • Audi Halifax • Bertossi Group of Restaurants • Best Buy • CAA Travel • Canmac Watercraft & More • Cineplex • Cyclesmith • Ivan’s Audio Visual • Kent Building Supplies • Land Rover Halifax • Maritime Lawn & Garden • New Castle Hotels and Resorts • New Line Incentives • O’Regans Automotive Group • RCR Hospitality Group • The Source • The Trail Shop • Vision Air Services Inc. Donna & Gary Casavechia of Dartmouth, NS (Ticket #045970) 50/50 ADD-ON®WINNER TAKES $706,400 OCEANVIEW GRAND PRIZE COTTAGEPLUS $30,000 CASH HOW CAN I UNSUBSCRIBE FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST?You have the option to unsubscribe at any time by calling 1-800-471-6786 or emailing nslotterycs@mnp.ca. If all tickets are sold by the Bonus deadline, the list of winners will be published April 24, 2020. Larry Welch | Torbrook, NS | Ticket: #065416 The winner will take half the pot and the QEII Foundation will take half. For further details regarded the sales of such goods, please seek professional counsel. QE2 Health Sciences Foundation | Charitable Registration #88646 3496 RR0001
The title for a home may be registered in anyone’s name. IS MY TICKET PURCHASE TAX DEDUCTIBLE?No. But the real impact is measured in lives changed through advanced health care at the QEII. David W. Christie of Halifax, NS (Ticket #063124) Once public advertising begins, a brochure is mailed to all residents of Nova Scotia. In the event that a winning ticket is held in more than one name, it is the responsibility of the primary ticket holder to share winning information with those parties. It shall be the responsibility of a winner to license and insure vehicles from the time of their ownership. In every facet of our business, we approach fundraising and lottery events in the same manner—to be as cost effective and as successful as we can possibly be in order to elevate health care for the people in the community we serve. ARE THE PRIZES DONATED?No, all prizes are purchased by the QE2 Foundation using the tender process. 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar tickets can be added on to your Home Lottery ticket at the following price points: Single for $25, three for $50, or six for $75.

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