sam bass treasure map

Texas Rangers caught up with him in a nearby pasture.

Details after that are unclear, according to Lost Dutchman State Park information. In spite of lore that claims Bill Doolin netted over $175,000 in robberies in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas over the two-year period preceding his death, the outlaw lived frugally in a wood frame shack near Burden, Kansas. The two returned to the region, but were unsuccessful in relocating the site. The precise location of the Onion Creek campsite has been debated for years, but recently discovered information has narrowed the area of search. Some of the loot has been recovered, but the rest has mysteriously disappeared. At Longhorn Cavern State Park in Burnet County, folks are still searching for Sam Bass’ gold. We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address. Although this doesn’t seem in his character to do so, since the written oath could have been used as evidence against him, some folks believe the treasure exists. Graves along the river, Josie’s cabin and remnants of Doc Parson’s cabin, where Cassidy lived for a while, still stand today. Belle Starr was arguably the American West’s most famous female outlaw. The outlaw gang of Sam Bass supposedly buried som of their stolen booty Cove Hollow. Buck Montgomery, of the Hayfork Montgomery clan, was the armed escort on the stage. In 1889, Starr was murdered, a crime that has never been solved. theYear=now.getYear() The outlaw spotted the lawman and reached for a rifle under the wagon seat, firing twice. Copyright © 2008 - Geologically, it has formations known as calcite channels, crystals, columns and draperies. From these robberies, they netted $10,000. She refused, so the people sacrificed her to their gods by tying her to the silver, rubbing poison into cuts in her hands, and dancing and singing around her. Sometime after 1868, a German (not Dutch) miner named Jacob Waltz found the Peralta family mine and worked it with an associate, Jacob Weiser. Texas Hill Country Facebook page is growing by over 1,000 fans per He was released and rejoined Bass. During the time that passed since the Coffeyville Raid, however, the old bridge had been torn down, portions of the creek had changed course and the road had been relocated. Sam Bass was a noted outlaw and train robber who led two gangs during the days of the Wild West – the Black Hills Bandits between 1876-1877 and the Bass Gang of Texas that operated in 1877-1878 The noted train robber was born in Mitchell, Indiana on July 21, 1851, to Daniel and Elizabeth Jane Bass. Many believe the gang’s stolen loot was tucked away here, in an outlaw paradise, for safekeeping, but then abandoned and forgotten.

One of the outlaws drew a map that showed it buried five feet, close to an oak tree with a carving of two eagle wings. Some believed that she helped plan crimes and aided her accomplices in hiding and spending money taken in bank and train robberies. There, they set up camp. No one knows for certain if Sam Bass hid that much gold in Longhorn Caverns, or hid any gold—or even visited the cavern, for that matter. During the ensuing years, a number of ranchers, hunters and hikers have reported spotting the iron door against one wall of a remote canyon in the Wichita Mountains. Longhorn Caverns host one tale involving, lo and behold, Sam Bass. Eight men dug 40 feet of tunnel for eight months along Shoal Creek, saying they were constructing a new bridge or a large house. As far as anyone knows, the treasure is still there. Thomas and a posse were hiding out near the house when Doolin came walking up, leading the horse and buggy. If you take something from the container, leave something in exchange. One of those captured, Jim Murphy, agreed to betray Bass in exchange for his freedom. This gold shall belong to who signs below. Passport to Texas is a Texas Parks & Wildlife Department site. Thomas rode to Lawton and, from hiding, watched the house where Mrs. Doolin was living. The real treasure is its geology and history.

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