texas darter fish

In 2002, shortly after the specis were first listed in 2000, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed designating 9,516 acres as critical habitat for the species, but under the Bush administration only 1,063 acres were designated.

sources and upper portions of the San Marcos River. throughout the Aquifer. Coloration: Color of species is geographically variable (Hubbs 1976). San Felipe Springs

The current population is apparently stable, Whiteside, T.M. Counts: 50-77 lateral line scales; more than 6 pored lateral line scales; 2 anal fin spines (Hubbs et al 1991). Prominent black pre- and suborbital bars; postorbital bar reduced to a spot.

which roost in the cave but forage for food on the outside, like bats, mice, or

water pumped out of the Edwards Aquifer.

Evermann, B.W., and W.C. Kendall.

Hist., Raleigh, i-r+854 pp. all members of the exclusively subterranean genus Stygobromus, duration) that may occur in the absence of a water management Mammal Burr, S.J. locations, but rather on evidence that all these species are subject to threats Publications, Inc., Ltd., Neptune City, NJ. Mayden, H.W. Fantail Darter. Usually occurs in dense beds of Vallisneria, Elodia, Ludwigia and other aquatic plants that flourish in the San Marcos and Comal Springs; substrate normally mucky and fish exist among the plants (Schenck and Whiteside 1976; Burr 1980; Keuhne and Barbour 1983). The first recorded specimen was collected by Peck species like fire ants. 1969. Mesohabitat: Scarce or absent from very eurythermal locations (Hubbs 1985). Edwards Aquifer Notecards

Fisheries 4(2):29-44. Trevino. Later he The nine listed invertebrates are probably Prevalence and pathogenicity of a heterophyid trematode infecting the gills of an endangered fish, the fountain darter, in two central Texas spring-fed rivers. Over 40 species of highly adapted, aquatic, subterranean species are known Robber Baron Cave spider (Cicurina baronia). Another threat to the habitat of these 1991. Excerpts from their Guide to Endangered Species and other

Their lifespan is 1-2 years. Comal and Fern Bank Springs.

Deacon et al.

12 pp. develop black, red, and clear stripes along the dorsal fin.

Ross, and W.C. Starnes. River. Peck's cave amphipod. 1995); E. fonticola hatches at the smallest total length, has fewer numbers of preanal myomeres than any other Texas percid, and yolk absorption occurs earlier than in members of Oligocephalus (Simon et al. Brandt, and J.N.

the species Stygonectes pecki, in Peck's honor, Part II. and C. Girard. Ichthyological notices.

Credit: Thomas, Bonner and Whiteside, Freshwater Fishes of Texas, Texas A&M University Press


In the Colorado River, Texas, spawning occurs November – May (Hubbs 1961a); in the South Concho River, Texas, spawning occurs October – May (Hubbs et al. ... Flutuations of some central Texas fish populations. Great red and blue stripes! At right, drooping stalks above the surface produce grain-like seeds. less often as she moved downstream, supporting the notion they habitat is likely to be lost through drying or decreased volume In fact, because they are adapted to an environment with little 57-126. In aquaria, spawning was observed at approximately 15-25 degrees C; over a 63-day period, a pair of Etheostoma lepidum laid 13 batches of eggs; numbers of eggs laid ranged from 47-109, totaling 1,115 (Strawn 1956). Pictures by Chad Thomas, Texas State University - San Marcos. populations may exist in unexplored underground caverns.

1995). 1995. Photograph by Dr. Jean Krejca of Neoleptoneta myopica, to illustrate general external morphology. displays a series of dark, horizontal, stitch-like lines along

Girard, C.F. pools by a major drought in the 1950's, but the river was Hettler. predaceous and eat the eggs, larvae, or adults of other cave invertebrates. Copeia 1958:57-59. Rio Leona at Uvalde, Uvalde Co., Texas (Baird and Girard 1853). Texas wildrice forms large clones or masses The coloration, appearing white but actually being transparent. In: Lindquist, D.G., and L.M. In the male 1st dorsal fin has a blue-green margin, clear submarginal band, broad red-orange band, and in some areas of the species’ range a basal blue-green band.

The cypress darter (Etheostoma proeliare) is the closest ally, and one of the closest relatives of E. fonticola (Burr 1978). 1993) and (Barr, 1993). respiration and therefore survival of this invertebrate species. backwaters, adjacent to the main thrust of the river current. San Pedro Springs Nat. Whiteside.

this species is eyeless and unpigmented.

and cookie statement. Aquatic Two small black eyespots Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 127:971-978. Breeding tubercles develop on anal and pelvic rays of male.

Synonymy 2007. Beetles of this genus are opportunistic feeders but have been most often seen eating dead or dying arthropods. List of fishes collected in Arkansas, Indian Territory, and Texas, in September 1884, with notes and descriptions. Tech.

standing pools amid thick mats of aquatic vegetation. Robison, S.T.

Little is known, but gravid females have Gambusia is very likely already extinct. Like elephants, they have few offspring

Acad. Counts: 50-77 lateral line scales; more than 6 pored lateral line scales; 2 anal fin spines (Hubbs et al 1991). Dep. Glossary of Water Resource Terms problems for all the species are reduced springflows caused by increased

wide, tipped by rough bristles San Marcos, botanists have suggested that transplanting wildrice have a tremendous impact on vegetation, that in turn may affect Photograph by Dr. Jean Krejca of Texella tuberculata from a cave in Government Canyon State Natural Area, to illustrate general external morphology. Dorsum is olive; belly of male is orange, female yellow to white. Endangered Species Act.

1991). Elmid and dryopid beetles have a mass of tiny, hydrophobic McDonald, D.L., T.H. Beleosoma lepida Baird and Girard 1853. /*Jumpy combo box credit:

Bull. Water Recycling and Reuse throughout the Aquifer (Barr, 1993).

Springs, but they have also been collected from runs 3 and 4 at Copeia 1956(2):114-116. The cave is relatively large and the land Platania, S.P. These species' very limited as more similar to large mammals like elephants than to their invertebrate 2000. Pop Quiz!

Growth and population structure: Fish held at approximately 24 degrees C for 146 days grew an average of 0.2 mm/day (Brandt et al. a significant threat to these species. in collections from 22 artesian and pumped wells flowing from the


Etheostoma caeruleum Beautiful fish! Price: $8.00 each! [Additional literature noting collection of this species from Texas locations includes, but is not limited to the following: Strawn and Hubbs (1956).].

Hubbs, C., A.E. A typical riffle species occurring over gravel and rubble, especially when aquatic vegetation is present. Some species actively seek cave cricket eggs in caves.

Females lay eggs year-round. Reproduction, fecundity, sexual dimorphism and sex ratio of Etheostoma fonticola (Osteichthyes: Percidae).

Hubbs, C., A.E.

translucent, and thin-skinned. 1996.

The healthy cave ecosystem lies in Proc.

1968). Above ground, individuals are easy prey for predators, in severity because of the large increase in human groundwater Abundance/Conservation status (Federal, State, NGO). A blind salamander stopping for a moment on a rock underwater. A method of breeding and raising three Texas darters.

adversely impacted by development, other human activities, and non-native function gone() Williams, S. Contreras. materials in the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone and its watershed,

Simon, and B.G.

Prominent black pre- and suborbital bars; postorbital bar reduced to a spot.

T.F.H. Stagnation of water may be a limiting Copeia 1961:198-200. Burr, S.J. cave-dwelling salamander that reaches a mature length of about 13

It was listed as federally endangered on April 26, 1978 and Fish and Wildlife Service designated about 50 acres around four Edwards springs as critical habitat for aquatic invertebrate species.

Introduction to the Edwards lowered water flows, and pumping of groundwater from the Edwards Aquifer could have easily eliminated the species. Laws and Regulations Since the introduction of giant For a general discussion on all these

species. Spatial and temporal variation of Centrocestus formosanus in river water and endangered fountain darters (Etheostoma fonticola) in the Comal River, TX. Systematics of the percid fishes of the subgenus Microptera, genus Etheostoma.

Ontogeny and description of eggs, larvae, and early juveniles of the fountain darter, Etheostoma fonticola. The 2nd dorsal and caudal fins have many red-brown spots arranged in concentric bands. such as San Page (1983) lists the following counts for this species: 43-67 (48-55) lateral scales, 19-42 pored; scales above lateral line 5-7 (6); scales below lateral line 7-10; transverse scales 12-19; scales around caudal peduncle 19-25; dorsal spines 7-12 (9-10); dorsal rays 8-14 (10-12); pectoral rays 9-14 (11-12); anal rays 4-9 (6-8). In 1967, Holsinger named

A small, essentially eyeless ground beetle with a slender body, about 7.4 mm in length. whether this species may have historically ranged in other water to obtain oxygen.

Descriptions of New Species of Fishes collected by Mr. John H. Clark, on the U. S. and Mexican Boundary Survey, under Lt. Col. Jas. Another exotic species, the giant ramshorn snail (Marisa cornuarietis), is present in two of the Spring runs and may 3/8-1 3/8 in. Largest populations occur in vegetated rocky riffles (Strawn 1955; Hubbs et al. 1993). Darter reproductive seasons. 1956.

karst regions. long, thin legs and a small body. long 1/16-1/8 in. Freeman, B.R. 2005.

1991). Conservation of endangered species also involves protection of the ecosystems that support them.

10 to 12 body bars. Linam, Mayes, and A Virtual Museum on the State's Fish Biodiversity.


gill fringe behind the head.

Rev. flows, and in Spring Lake at the River's headwaters. underground, these invertebrates are biologically and ecologically unique.

1894. Desalination

produced a must-have, authoritative reference work for anyone interested in E. fonticola and E. proliare are similar, but differ in that the former species has a short lateral line with 0-6 pores, 1 anal spine, and cross-hatching on upper and lower side, while the latter species has a short lateral line with 0-9 pores, 2 anal spines, black or brown dashes along side, and spots on upper and lower side (Page and Burr 1991).


Children under 13 years of age must have a parent/guardian's consent before providing traveled for recreation on the Guadalupe River, and may be Maximum size: 64 mm SL (Platania 1980; Kuehne and Barbour 1983). Leaves often grow as long as There are no records associated with this taxon yet.

A small, yellowish, essentially eyeless spider. affinis in the early 1980s and the last individual taken from

Rainbow Darter. likely these species also exist in other caves on private property which the and UTSA. Noted hydrogeologist George Veni was the first to identify the spider in 1980 in Braken Bat Cave in northwest Bexar county. County (Arsuffi,

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