the fan 590 personalities

Lunch: Hockeycentral is 1 hour longer with far less content. Makes no sense to have it from 3-5. I’m shocked by it.

Those two seem to despise the common fan, and can not resist taking cheap, often politically charged comments at us as if we are too stupid to understand that they are insulting us. He even ruins the BBC shows he does. Anybody remember “The Hebsie Awards”? It’s actually a sad day for both TSN and the Fan. –Say what you will about Brady, he knew how to carry a show and add life to it.

That’s a lot of money for a mid-afternoon show so I expect there will be some changes sooner rather than later. Cadeau has to hit a home run soon; so far, he’s only been bunting. I agree with others if Sid would stop being dumbass most times he would be fine but I guess it is his schtick.

In fact, it was a surprise when they didn’t get named when McCown was let go before the summer. @Paul G……………..when the changes were announced last week they said Tim & Sid on radio doesn’t start until October 14………………I’m not sure why. Landsberg also GRATING.

Another ‘swing and a Miss’by the Fan590 decision makers. Blair minus Deitsch is fine. Alex Pietrangelo Signs 7-Year Deal with Golden Knights, Blues Ink Torey Krug for 7 years, $6.5M AAV. Said it before. Mainly because they respect the fan more than Sportsnet does. That JD Bunkis is just the worst. Lol-PTS switching to Tim and Sid is like turning the channel from the Super Bowl to a CFL exhibition game! I had stopped listened to PTS in the spring and all together a few weeks ago when I dropped baseball central. Ben seems to be a tag-along on the show though and rarely states an opinion. But, if his goal was to be broadcasting Jays games then this has not worked out as planned.

I heard the announcement too; but am dubious as to the quality of the future product. Here's the image if you haven't seen it yet. The culling hasn’t gone far enough imo.

Been a listener to 590/1430 for 30 years give or take and right now, I would rather listen to paint dry or the grass grow over what is happening here. You might say, ‘Ok, but the Blue Jays making the playoffs, the Raptors winning the NBA title, a Canadian winning a major…those are once-in-a-generation things”. The 2 ex players can then provide colour to help round out the stories. It would be a shame if this was a Greg Brady/Mike Richards situation where getting moved to afternoons felt like a mailed in last stop to run out a contract. I don’t know why you’d promote Tim and Sid over Jeff Blair. Even as former hockey players, their opinions are just not valuable. MacArthur posted his new gig earlier. He will not be hired at TSN and he has now completed a second tour at Rogers. 2 hours for a hockey show?
There wasn’t anything against any of the personalities but it was a mixture of butter and chocolate that didn’t make cup; the end result was bad. My first instinct was that Cadeau offered Brady a pairing with MacArthur but Brady threw up his hands and said enough already. Outside of puck talk and banter they are uninformed and unbearable. If TSN didn’t go after him the last time he was let go, it’s highly unlikely they will do it now    ( unless they really lowball him ).The Fan morning show just got worse. Twitter. But sometimes he goes over the top in complimenting people.

Cadeau has to hit a home run soon; so far, he’s only been bunting. […]. The UK market is highly regulated, explore non-Gamstop sites on this website. I think most commenters here are analyzing the moves in the context of normal radio programming. The tough listen is when TSN has Mathew Cauz on. And finally, does this matter? Montreal maybe. It seemed like he jumped at the gig with Rogers so he can cover the Blue Jays primarily again. The Sportsnet press release came this morning, announcing a top to bottom revamp of the radio line-up. Hebsie that comment just reeks of someone in an untenable situation desperately trying to get everybody’s attention with lies, innuendo, misstated facts and unsubstantiated information, just like Jim Tatti’s resume. Required fields are marked *. I pretty much stopped listening to 590 after Mccown left and now I have no reason left to listen at all.

I rarely leave the office before 5pm, and I can’t stand Tim and Sid.

I guess many stations/markets have their drive home show go 2-6 so maybe there’s still a decent audience at that time? Don’t mind MacArthur in the a.m. (Docking though is not a broadcaster) but considering the rest of the lineup, I guess this now ends my decades long listenership to the fan590., — Michael Landsberg (@heylandsberg) September 25, 2019. 4-7: The Lede. I’m not sure who actually has Raptors and Leafs broadcast rights, but there’s not a game every night. The worst shows were the ones without Kypreos and McLean. I hope the timeslot demotion isn’t a prelude to it being axed, as I enjoy the intelligent sports talk with those guys. Jeff Blair, Brunt and Deitsch. You will be working for a show that has several quality weekly guests that are paid for their appearances.

Since I am not part of this listener group however, both stations are now of no interest to me during the 5-7 hours. Greg Brady is the main casualty. @ Mike S…I have listened to Hayes a few times after others on this Board wrote highly of him; and I agree with their positive sentiments. I guess the 5-7 Friday PTS Roundtable will be a thing of the past. 12-1: HC@Noon.

Nobody on either station holds candle to him. Three strong opinions, with Ruscic as the referee. Years from now we will regale our friends and family with tales of Prime Time Sports and sports radio long gone. Also, I don’t see why it’s a slam dunk that OverDrive is going to bury Tim & Sid in the ratings.

Competition is a good thing, it makes everybody better. CJCL.

Does anyone know why the changeover didn’t occur and when it is now supposed to happen? Biggest loser is FAN590: if you want to transition away from Bob and PTS then you don’t fire him mid-week in June, run Jeff Blair out there all summer and then three weeks into ratings period decide to abandon 4-7pm in favour of a TV show on radio. He’ll sort this crap out!! No idea what the joke was about, but I wonder if those guys view being moved to the 2-5 slot as waisting away their time till their contract is up? The morning show had its up and downs but started its descent after Landry left/fired. Your email address will not be published. Mornings will feature a show-down between two ex-athletes, with TSN’s offering airing until 10am rather than 9. A man with Stephen Brunt’s talent banished to the 2 PM slot. I’m sure McArthur will be fine. McArthur is pretty vanilla for me. What a god-awful company Rogers is.

So instead of coming into the book with a new look, it’s dropped in the middle. He has a guests on for 12 minutes and spends 9 of those 12 minutes talking himself and asking 90 seconds questions, trying to make himself look smart. I feel bad for Brady. Embed.

In fact, these moves (especially the jettisoning of Mccown) indicate contempt for the listeners. What? I haven’t found the recent Roundtables to be all that great and now we are looking at 2 one hour versions. I cringed when I saw that Blair was hosting PTS after McCown was canned.He is horrible and tries too hard to imitate Bob’s cranky radio host schtick.I like Brunt and RD. I am confused by alot of the moves in past year and have cut back on my listening–and will likely cut back even more going forward. Hopefully the podcast of their afternoon show with Brunt will be released daily before I get into my car so I don’t have to listen The the nitwits Tim and Sid. I found Bob’s negativity endearing because he would speak truth to power, and he sees tanking for what it is: a lazy cop out for uncreative and incompetent front offices at the expense of the fan and integrity of the game. I didn’t think things could be worse, but this week here we are. Richard Deitsch banished to same slot not long after being brought in from the USA to work in top slot with Bobcat. People in your field keep getting fired and you keep getting not hired. At the end of 2019 I’m willing to bet that the Raptors playoff ratings, as well as ratings for Bianca Andrescu’s US Open final will be greater than anything NHL-related. Dave Cadeau appeared on Sportsnet Today and thanked “great friend” Greg Brady for his service while unveiling the new lineup, and explaining that Tim & Sid will be a “multi-platform show”: We've got a new lineup! The only issue with the Fan from 2-5 is the cost. 31 Thoughts the podcast is great so why not have samples throughout the week to drive people to the real next revenue stream, the pods. I was never a great fan of Greg Brady.

You will be a major part of the most successful sports radio show in Canadian history. None of his moves since getting promoted have worked out.

Yikes. This is all the kind of dunderheaded obtusity you would expect from the listner-less 1050 down the dial. Nobody is even close. And then there’s still the gravel-voiced American guy on after 11:00–they used to have original programming (Richards and Rumack) in the late slot. He came up here to work with McCown in a major drive time slot in the Country’s largest market.

I’m not a Blair fan but it will interesting to see how he handles this. Tim & Sid have always seemed to be Bobcat’s successors, so to me, this is of no surprise. Then from 5-7 listeners have a choice between The Brazzers Bros and the audio from the Tim & Sid TV show.

He is horrible. I don’t mind Ashley Docking except when she starts going on about “old guys” forgetting how much of her audience is made up of same.

Perhaps the wounds run too deep to see himself getting back in the chair with a new and capable co-pilot. Can someone please go and find Kipper? It was however (at least for me) a Friday “must-listen”. First book will be interesting. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). I feel bad for Deitsch. It’s not close. For the life of me I don’t understand why Bruce Arthur isn’t a staple on some station.

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