the most high yah

And if WE are NOT ONE, WE are NOT SAVED! With the HIGH HOLY DAYS APPROACHING we must be PRAY for the GUIDANCE that beyond ALL DISTRACTIONS of SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, we are WHOLLY DEVOUT unto the CAUSE of a HOLY PEOPLE RESTORED in THIS EARTH! Let NO MAN BEGUILE YOU after the PRINCIPLES ie. Therefore they who are CALLED to FAITHFULLY support THIS MINISTRY where the most HIDDEN WISDOM is told and can be GLOBALLY ACCESSED, are TRUE KINGDOM BUILDERS who shall be GREATLY REWARDED! The self-hate is well…. (Psalms 68:4) AS THE LORD, HE IS ONE, SO THE ALSO ONE MUST BE HIS PEOPLE! APOSTLE PAUL’S WORDS to the CHURCH at EPHESUS, directly related that the SALVATION, the RECONCILIATION of MANKIND unto the PURE PERFECT WILL of YAH is, ccording to CONCEITS after COMMON CONVERSATION of, “STRANGERS ALIEN to the COVENANTS of the PROMISES to the COMMONWEALTH of ISRAEL”. Copyright © Yahudiym Ministries 2016-2020. They are Assyrian relief’s showing Hebrews, and others that they conquered, in pictorial scenes detailing the battles fought, with associated text. Nowhere in JEWISH history is it noted anywhere that SHAVUOT, the “Feast of WEEKS”, was on any other day than SEVEN WEEKS + ONE ie. the Roman armies under General who hath told it from that time? Especially when Hebrews, even in the New Testament, were confused with Egyptians [Acts 21:38].

I am honored to be of service.

Have WE who would be called HIS PEOPLE been just as DESTRUCTIVELY DAMNING to OURSELVES as have been those who would DEFY DIVINE REMEMBRANCE?

BE WISE therefore and know it is WISE and GOOD, even BLESSED before YAH to SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY! For such is the REVERENTLY RESPECTFUL PREPARATION for coming into the PRESENCE of a GREAT KING!

EVENING thus being at the END of a DAYLIGHT PERIOD, and MORNING being the BEGINNING of a NEW DAYLIGHT; ALL as ONE DAY. Stay tuned for further most important updates! Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. For MESSIAH comes to JUDGE MANKIND according to ALL that was SPOKEN by the PROPHETS after the SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH, SINCE this WORLD BEGAN! I hope you consider and support the Truth. And Pacific Standard Time approximately two hours later. and since the BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY. Enjoy! CONFIRMATION WITH REGARD TO THE SURE DATE FOR PASSOVER 2013 IS ASSURED IN APPEARANCE of ABIB (FIRST SUFFICIENTLY RIPENED BARLEY, in ISRAEL) (EXODUS 12:2, 13:4) (LEVITICUS 23:10-11) SUFFICIENTLY RIPENED BARLEY HAS NOW APPEARED IN ISRAEL BEFORE NEW MOON, MARCH 12, 2013! Mizraim, the name we gave the Egyptians, actually means bondage. BLIND are they who do not discern how after STATUS QUO, they are partakers in the MARKS OF THE BEASTS against SALVATION of them who would AWAKEN to the WAYS of the SAINTS!

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