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Martians (Martian Leader, Martian Ambassador & Martian Girl) | Rumble Fish: Biff Wilcox | Devilhawks (In the book, Randy even said that “greasers will still be greasers and Socs will still be Socs” before adding, “Sometimes I think it’s the ones in the middle that are really the lucky stiffs.”). Ruber |

Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs The next time Bob led a group of Socs to jump Ponyboy and Johnny, it resulted in his stabbing death.

Family Members Randy and another Soc try to help Bob drown Ponyboy, but Bob is stabbed and killed by Johnny, causing Randy and the others to flee. Sylvester | Randy was the best friend of Bob Sheldon before Bob was killed.

She is stubborn and a little arrogant as an upper-class Soc, but she does like talking to Two-Bit and loosens up once Dally leaves.

He had every opportunity to go to college and make something of himself if his parents had not died and left him to take care of his two younger brothers. The eldest Curtis brother, Darry (Patrick Swayze), is the most responsible and tends to focus on his work and keeping his two younger brothers safe as their father figure.

Peter Creedy | Dr. Mann | Harley Quinn (Lego) | Powers/Skills

League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT), Ubu (Batman vs. TMNT) & Talia al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT)) | Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Ponyboy Curtis in The Outsiders: Character Analysis & Quotes, Darry in The Outsiders: Character Analysis & Quotes, Literary Analysis of The Outsiders by S.E. Stonekeeper |

Portrayed By Mal Cobb |

Lestat | Cartoon Network Villains | Randy Adderson (called Randy Anderson in the film) is a Soc in The Outsiders, and a minor antagonist turned supporting tritagonist.

Sir Trenton | Mayor Phlegmming | succeed. Prove himself to be better than the Greasers (old). Barsad | Pretty Little Liars: First Vs Final Season - Which Is Better?

Lethal Weapons Villains |

She's pretty warm-hearted and cheerful once she feels more comfortable with the more tame Greasers.

Mrs. Cade |
Barkis Bittern | Ponyboy can't fully understand Randy's concerns, because Randy didn't kill anyone, or get hurt in the runble, or see his friend shot down by the police. Salvatore Valestra | A former friend of Darry's from high school, he's gone to college and fights Darry during the rumble. Tim is a good friend of, An elementary school teacher whose students are saved by. Randy Adderson is one of the Socs in the book and in the 1983 movie The Outsiders. Hinton develops characters that do not always match their labels. Yu-Gi-Oh! Randy is similar to the Gemini sign because he turns out to be pretty gentle and affectionate by reconciling with Ponyboy and saying he was sad to hear about Johnny's death even though he killed his best friend. Red Triangle Circus Gang | Ms. Fieldmouse |

King Llort | Bob jumped Johnny and beat him up pretty badly while wearing three big rings that acted as brass knuckles. Johnny is 16, a close friend to, A tough, hardened greaser. The Banana Splits (Fleegle, Drooper, Snorky & Bingo) | Robot Chicken Villains | Principal Deedle | They end up driving past the girls and the greasers, but come back later, finding them. flashcard sets, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | IT | Even though Randy was faced with a challenge in life, he never felt bad or made others feel bad for himself because he had cancer, he never gave up, was always positive, and kept going through life and living like it would be his last.
Darry…, The second youngest of the greasers. Write. Dally lies, cheats, steals, and fights. Wanda Grubwort |

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