ticci toby story

Phoenix and I transported back to the Creepypasta realm with our victims.

I don’t like the looks of those boys.’‘I know Sissy, but I can’t just leave Toby here.

I was shocked to learn that her first day there she had gotten into a fight with an older boy and had been cut across her eye.

Toby made it before you woke up today; I only reheated it for you and set up the picnic.”“I didn’t know that Toby could cook.”“He does not tell many people, but his sister taught him when he was younger and there are times when he has had to do his own cooking during missions. Your mind is closed to me right now.”“Well Father, I just learned something last night that I thought you should know.” With that I opened my mind to Father so that Rebekah could speak to him too.‘Hello, Father.

Phoenix, are you ok?” I called out. I felt my chest tighten as those scenes just kept repeating over and over again in my mind.

Dark Phoenix was my maid of honor and Toby’s best man, surprisingly, was Masky. I’ll be over there.

!” I pulled against my chains causing my wrists and ankles to bleed again.

I expect you all to make her feel welcomed.”Father, Dark Phoenix and I then spent the next two hours answering a ton of questions, like how she came back, why we looked like twins, and where she had been. Tears sprung to my eyes and all I could do was nod. I wanted to rip his throat out. The roses circled her waist and the hem of her calf length skirt. We just sat there for a while. During breakfast Tsume asked me if I would go to dinner and a movie with him at the Creepypasta Theater.

Dark Phoenix blushed when it flew right into her hands. In a move too fast for Joel to counter I rolled my hips and pinned him under me. “Very well, it seems that there is no reason for me to worry. The reception was lively to say the least. “What about our mom and dad Aunty Voice? I sat down in the empty seat nest to Toby and smiled at him.“Hey, Voicebox. He tackled Jeff and started hitting him with his fist over and over again.“S…She said t…to b…back off.” Toby said over and over again as he kept hitting Jeff. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hello child, I am Slenderman.”“Hi, I’m Karma and I’m seven years old.” He smiled as he looked up at his new grandfather. )Per vires terrae, aeris, spiritus, aqua et igni iubeo cogam.

Just another sweet gentle kiss and I melted into him and kissed him back. If I died what happened to me could happen to my little sister. Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Famous Creepypasta, Slashers and Gore / March 2, 2015 August 13, 2020 / 24 minutes of reading. Toby didn’t really like him, but he never told me why he didn’t care for Tsume. I told her that I was going down to train, and that if she needed me she could ask Phoenix to bring her to the training field.

When we got back to the mansion after the date he walked me to my door and kissed my cheek.

She had her hand in his pants and he was holding her shoulders. Come now it’s time for bed.” I gathered up the protesting children and tucked them into bed.

I thought of asking Phoenix what she thought about the way Toby was acting during breakfast, but decided against it. When you could hear me I knew that you would think you had gone insane if I told you who I really was, so I became Voicebox.” She explained as she hugged me back and stoked my hair, just like she used to when I was young.

You should be able to feel her. It was getting close to dinner time when we came to a meadow and I saw a picnic set up by a small lake.

The first thing I noticed is that it was getting dark; the second thing I noticed was the lifeless bodies of the four guys.“Toby, we may want to head home now before those boys parents send out a search party for them. When I reached him I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest.“Thanks Toby. After staring at Father for a minute his eyes landed on me and he gave me a perverted grin. Well it was more like the small velvet box in his hand that caught my eye. We ate breakfast and I explained to Benna who everyone was and how I found out that Slenderman was my real father.

Phoenix and I got Benna into her pajamas and tucked her into bed. He is shown to be temperamental when he is able to change from being very emotional to being angry or happy instantaneously, making it impossible to speak to him at times. Every day the beating would get worse. “This is my other daughter, Dark Phoenix. We packed a bag of clothes for him and gathered his red and black teddy bear. I’m just glad that the way to our grandparents’ house is through a forested area.

Shayla I am quite glad that you chose Toby as a suitor over Jeffrey or Ben.

homicide liu .bloody painter.

Tsume was a complete gentleman the whole date. No one of Slender blood will be able to unlock them or even sense the aura of the people wearing them.” He chuckled as he strolled up to me and caressed my face. I woke up at 6:00 am, took a quick shower, tossed on my favorite black skinny jeans, a black Hollywood Undead t-shirt, my crimson hoodie and my red and black running shoes. Tsume was always really nice to me, he played with Benna and Sally, and he helped around the house.

He had taken his hatchets out of his backpack and killed two before they even knew they weren’t alone. @mistake_online should we go to one of your songs? I got up and silently walked in the direction Biff had gone. He then came over to me and leaned close as if he was going to tell me a secret though he didn’t lower his voice.

I would have used my tendrils to free me, but he had me pinned to the bed in such a way that my tendrils were trapped under me. Rebekah stood behind Father and I as Father called everyone into the living room. I could feel tears streaming down my face. The day my life changed forever started out like every other day. I haven’t been there yet so I could use the help finding it.” “Ok. Tsume must have seen the tears in my eyes cause he started apologizing and begging my forgiveness. I can wait until you are ready. As soon as I thought of Tsume I jolted upright and searched the room with wild and frightened eyes. I will need volunteers to help soundproof part of the dungeon for his work.” Benna cheered while everyone else looked shocked. If you would wait just a minute while I talk to the guys, I would love to walk down to the kitchen with you. It was romantic especially when I know he doesn’t usually share his food with anyone.The party lasted until about 1:00 am when the last of the guests that weren’t staying left after wishing me happy birthday again. “I m…mean it, J…Jeff. Then I changed into my skinny jeans, my brand new gray hoodie and my converse.

We look great, Shayla. He grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him. I had a quick shower and, after checking to make sure there were no uninvited visitors, I jumped into bed and went to sleep.The next week passed quickly, every day Toby and I would practice together in the morning and head out to do something fun together in the afternoon. I do trust you Voicebox. I tried to push him away but he wouldn’t budge.

Now, how about we get you a bath and a change of clothes then we can go down and have breakfast with the rest of our new family.”“We have a new family? Ok, I thought to the voice in my head as I headed home. MOTHER OF FUCK THIS PAGE IS LONG LIKE MY PAINIS, http://nicepricesell.com/6-off-the-shoulder-little-black-dress/off-the-shoulder-cocktail-dress-2/, http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/gifonline888/ClothB7_001.jpg, http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/550548256/Free-shipping-2012-New-Sexy-party-dresses-Fashion-cocktail-dresses-DL5403-Free-size-Purple.jpg, https://crst.fandom.com/wiki/VOICEBOX:_A_Ticci_Toby_love_story?oldid=16141. It was starting shortly before lunch and would last until late in the night. Kill them! “Name’s Jeff, Jeff the Killer. Hand to hand combat with Toby was interesting to say the least.

Toby and I quickly took out the parents, and I was happy to see that Toby didn’t seem disgusted when I ate their vocal cords. @mistake_online Should we Rp on in a different comment section where the messages show up?

Jeff tried to fight back, but since Toby couldn’t feel pain there wasn’t much he could do. Slender, if you need me I’ll be in my room.” After Phoenix and Father hugged me everyone but Toby left. I tried to scream and struggled to get away, but Joel punched me in the face and I lost consciousness for a few minutes. They would have been at my feet too if they hadn’t gone over to Uncle Splendor’s for a sleepover. “Voicebox, you and Toby will go rescue Benna, Dark Phoenix I need you to stay here and help your uncles and I finish preparing for Voicebox’s party.”“Alright Father. I smiled at how cute he was while blushing and fidgeting.“Tsume, what bring you here?” I whispered so I wouldn’t wake anyone.“Well, there is something I’ve wanted to ask you for a while now.” He blushed and looked down at the floor.“Go ahead, what did you want to know?” I tilted my head wondering way he was acting so shy. That way she won’t have to leave me and Uncle can still help raise her.’‘As much as I dislike the idea of Offender living with us it does seem to be the best solution. I tried to break free again with the same results as before.

Tsume dragged himself out of the wrecked coffee table and stood with his fists clenched.“TOBY, CALM DOWN OKAY!” Tsume had to yell to be heard over Toby’s ranting.“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! Welcome to the family, now I will show you to your new room. “I’ll never lose you again, right Sissy?”“Not as long as I live Bunny. I had missed Toby’s arms around me and how safe I felt there. I couldn’t stand to get Phoenix beaten again.

“This may not be the best time, but I still love you Shayla. Toby stared blankly out the window, his face was empty of any depict-able emotion, and every few minutes his …

That would explain all those nights that she didn’t come home until late at night.”“What a despicable pair they were. Father carried both of us to Karma’s room, which had been decorated in a Japanese theme and had a weapon rack for his kusarigama. Toby and I went to the buffet table, grabbed some crapes and punch, and sat down at one of the tables.

Toby held my hand and told me how when he got there all four of the boys had been standing around me.

I felt Toby’s arms wrap around me again as he lifted me into his lap. His skin was greyish silver, his grin showed off his sharp white teeth and shoulder length hair was a dark bluish grey.“Well, well, well. I will always have time to talk with you.”‘Now I see where you get your habit of using proper English from, Sissy. Most of the other Creepypastas got drunk and before I knew it, it was time to go change into my traveling outfit. While he received plenty of support from his mother and older sister Lyra, his father was nothing …

I shouldn’t have left her; our grandparents were old. “Ah Shayla, please come in.” He stood up and gave me a warm hug before sitting back behind the desk. Have a good time my child.” I stood up and Father gave me another hug before I left the office.

I felt a tugging sensation in my stomach and felt bone chillingly cold for a minute. Father had just answered the door and there stood Uncle Offender and Uncle Ender.

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