toyota hilux tray mounting points

2 Door Cab Chassis, 2 Seat, 2.8 Litre, Diesel, Manual. If anyone else want this info, shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send it through. The HiLux also fits two top-tether and two ISOFIX mounting points in row two. It’s the cheapest ticket into a brand-new HiLux. 4 Door Utility, 5 Seat, 2.4 Litre, Diesel, Sports Automatic. Don't settle for anything less than Recovery Tow Points by Roadsafe at OCAM 4x4 Accessories for Toyota. Unladen, it should return fuel economy numbers in the 8–9L/100km bracket – around town it will be closer to 11L/100km or higher. Choose your perfect car, compare offers from local and national dealers By using anchor mounting points the combination of the low profile mounting components and tray provide a clean finish that will complement your vehicle. This provides a stronger, more secure fitment for vehicles that do not have an existing mounting point, without compromising vehicle aesthetics. Manufactured from 2mm steel, and powdercoated black. Locations for anchor points on the vehicle roof are indicated by the distances, measured from the middle of ... inserted into the tray mounting blocks. In this episode, Crackers Hilux gets a Trig Point Canopy.

However, by workhorse ute standards, the Toyota HiLux Workmate 4x2 is pretty comfortable. Product Category. There are tabs to secure Toyota’s rubber floor mats, which make it easier to get rid of the rubble from the bottom of your work boots. Beyond these limits, the cost of servicing is negotiable, but likely higher than the capped-price program that is subsidised by Toyota. Fitting Instructions Bullbars Bullbars Ironman 4x4.

This generation of Toyota HiLux Workmate 4x2 petrol five-speed manual has previously limboed to $22,990 drive-away, before the update in June 2019 introduced advanced safety such as radar cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, speed sign recognition and lane-wander warning.


A battery tray is an essential extra for the mounting of your secondary battery. Mounting neatly to the drivers side rear seat in the cabin of the vehicle. It wasn’t so long ago these were optional or not available on a basic ute. Trusted by Australia's 4x4 market as the best in the industry. You see utes like this everywhere these days, driven by plumbers, builders, tradies, and landscapers. 4 Door Cab Chassis, 5 Seat, 2.3 Litre, Diesel, Manual.

matty mate if you could send me those as well that would be awesome, my email is, hey matty if its possibe can i get a copy too much appriciated, hey matty any chance you could foward that to me also cheers leroy, hey mate i will fire them through to you have been busy building this.

The clutch action is light and precise, and the shift action of the five-speed manual is relatively smooth and it’s easy to grab reverse (down and to the right, below fifth gear, and no collar to lift). Unlike the car-derived Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore utes, you won’t be able to fit a slab behind there.

Is the Toyota HiLux Workmate a good bargain ute? For more product specifications and additional information, download the fitment sheet below. The other popular choice in this segment is the Isuzu D-Max, which currently starts from $26,990 drive-away as a diesel manual and comes with a six-year warranty. 2020 Toyota HiLux review: Workmate 4x2 petrol manual, No Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or built-in nav, 2020-toyota-hilux-review-workmate-4x2-petrol-manual. hey matty was can you fire me a copy of those plans as im currently building my tray and would like a reference to mounting points etc. There’s ample oddment storage in the large open centre console trays, door pockets and twin gloveboxes, though there is no vanity mirror on either sun visor. Over 1000 accredited dealers across Australia, Dedicated experts to make your car buying journey easy. Overall, it’s a pretty well appointed cabin for a basic work ute. 4 Door Utility, 5 Seat, 2.7 Litre, ULP, Sports Automatic.

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