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Acer Buergerianum (Trident Maple) Fusion Bonsai One week after assembling my first fusion bonsai I decided to start project 2.

Note: to use email address, substitute *** with @, […] it about time I updated how the grafts I did back in November were taking. Japanese Black Pine seedlings as germinated. Note: to use email address, substitute *** with @. Trident maple is a medium-sized tree that can be used as a street tree or specimen. I spotted this tree in a friends garden and loved the big gnarly base. Trident maple is a medium-sized tree that can be used as a street tree or specimen. Right: the same tree, August 2012. The lesson to be learned here is to grow your own seedlings, have enough seedlings to complete the project before starting and assemble the tree as quickly as possible. Now the method I am using is not as exacting as it could be. Acer capillipes. When I first acquired the tree I placed 6 or so root grafts onto the trunk. To save the foliage I decided to air layer off the top and the first branch. I actually used some branch cutters to cut a small amount of wood from around the layer site to ensure I got all of the cambian layer. This plant has some cultivated varieties.

Understated yellow-green flowers appear during April and May and while you may not notice them, the pollinators will. Having said that, I have nearly got through all my trees. I have just got back from a weekend at a friends place, Shibui Bonsai. Planning to do another frame as well as growing through a tile in order to swell the base and grow horizontal roots. well I want to grow the first branch out a little longer and generally ramify up the tree a whole lot more. The trident-shaped leaves turn shades of red and orange in autumn. We have had a very long growing season. Japan produces tons of quality raw material in a massive range of species that ensures that there is always a healthy base of material being produced for future excellent bonsai. A Pine wired into an interesting shape. ( Log Out /  If you are interested in more of the re-potting process you can see the pics from last year HERE. The basic idea is that you cut a vertical channel in the trunk where you would like some new roots. There is no real secret about how to produce these results as they are a simple a matter of spending 10 years applying good technique and working the root bases each and every year. The process is dead simple. When making large cuts on bonsai, you should always have some sort of plan as to how you will heal/deal with the resulting wound. Show.

Growing small-sized bonsai made this an easy proposition. The digging went quickly this year as the trees had only been in the ground for a season and as a result didn’t have many large roots.

Sphagnum moss soaked in seaweed extract, all wrapped in strong plastic. Trident maple - Acer buergerianum Young plug plant – Height of plant: 20/40 cm. Incredible Maple Trees For Your Landscape. My backyard was too small, I didn’t have the time and I wanted to keep my collection at a small size etc. I learned from the first project to intentionally give the frame much more size contrast from bottom to top. You can just see the stub below the branch junction where the whip was cut once it had taken. Dwarf Japanese Maples - Great for Containers and Small Areas, Lace Leaf Japanese Maples - Weeping / Cascading. Two weeks later the trees arrived. Mostly this seems to be under garden lights after work. From top level menus, use escape to exit the menu. The above Juniper came from a grower in Shizuoka. Avoid pruning maples in spring as they are 'bleeders' and will lose large quantities of sap. Browse the curated collection and add your voice! The tree in question came from Shibui Bonsai and had just been lifted from the grow beds and showed the results of the early work Neil puts into these trees. It provides interest all year round and doesn’t outgrow it’s welcome. What I plan to do with this tree is make half the cut now, use the growth on the main trunk above the cut to heal it and then sever the remaining half of the trunk. I am pretty sure that I can produce stock similar to the above pine from seed in 2-4 years.

Once this shoot is strong enough I will also cut off the old thick back branch above. I talked about this tree with Boon while he was in Melbourne and also Hirotoshi saito.
One tree I did get to do during daylight hours was a trident maple. As Trident maples grow quickly and have relatively thin bark the whip and cut channel should graft together in a relatively short time as they heal and thicken. For a better breakdown of the general theory see these two posts. They both thought that the tree should be rotated slightly to the right.

This combined with an import ban on most bonsai species puts the us on the back foot when it comes to yamadori. We are trying to avoid trunk chops. Approach grafting is a fairly straight forward technique. The trident maple is often used for bonsai but will grow up to 20 feet if placed in the landscape. In some of the other rows Neil had Chinese Quince, Shimpaku and a range of other desirable bonsai species that will probably come out after another season. The trident maple is often used for bonsai but will grow up to 20 feet if placed in the landscape.

This way I will have the same foliage on the whole tree once I cut off the main trunk in a year or two. Once potted up they spend around a year re-establishing themselves in the new pot before becoming available for sale. A small kumquat.

This can do two things. Growers of Rare and Unusual Maple Trees with 40 species of Maples with over 300 cultivars from Around the World. Set Descending Direction. The beautiful white trunks of the Brittle Gum. He grew stock and traded it with the nursery for pots and other trees, supplies etc. The following Wednesday the 50 missing trees arrived so I completed assembly and planted the tree in its growing pot. January 29, 2016 in Bonsai Techniques | Tags: Australian Bonsai, Grafting, Trident Maple | 3 comments. The more growth and sap that moves past a scar, the faster the scar rolls over the wound. Our future. If you are interested in visiting Neil’s Nursery I believe you can via prior arrangement. My big mistake here was focusing on tying the seedlings to the frame and not each other. ( Log Out /  I will cut it off the parent whip once I can see a difference in thickness between either side of the graft site. Trident maple, scientifically known as Acer buergerianum, is a species of tree belonging to the family Aceraceae. The new grafts were generously coated in cut paste and then the whole lot was potted back into its training pot.

I’m growing Japanese Maple seedlings now, and am stratifying some Amurs for Spring. Several of my trident Maple seedlings were past bud stage and beginning to open. Add to Wishlist. I decided that because space in my garden was at a premium, I would grow small bonsai stock. A thick layer of mulch around the base will boost the tree’s colour and ensure a healthy growing season, but that’s as much as you need to do for this tough and pretty maple … NEW Inventory is here! This was all I got finished the first day. Acer capillipes is a hardy snake bark with beautifully striped bark. Once I am sure of that (probably in a month or so) I will cut them back to the first internode and then begin growing the branch structure. While I had the tools out I also grafted on a new back branch. Many hard to find Japanese maple tree cultivars. Explore this online platform for Chicago-area residents to share their favorite stories about trees. I think keeping wounds away from the graft site at least until you are sure the graft is successful is a good idea.

Picture one shows the tree as I received it. Add to Wish List. Unfortunately the back branch’s graft didn’t take but as luck would have it this spring a bud has popped right at the base of the branch right where I wanted it. We checked out the old gold diggings while looking for native orchids in amongst the leaf litter.

Flowers mature in samaras measuring up to an inch long during the autumn.Young trees have pale bark and as they grow the trunks mature into a browny-orange that flakes away in winter to reveal a rainbow of earthy tones beneath.This is an excellent choice of tree for more compact gardens as it doesn’t get too big.

( Log Out /  Sometimes things elsewhere look better than what you might have at your own disposal. You then insert a seedling into the channel and adjust it until the seedling’s roots are at the same level as the existing nebari. If this doesn’t work out I have another seed grown trident that shows similar properties. The best chances we have at material even vaguely similar is digging from gardens. All common names: trident maple, Chinese maple, threetooth maple . I am hoping that I can use cuttings from this tree to grow great bases then graft a good foliage variety on top to finish up the process. It had been brought into the country back in the 90’s when Australia’s border protection was much more flexible in regards to bringing bonsai in. This years remedy was the Arbortech! The process is pretty standard really, insert the wire into the soil at about a 45 degree angle until it hits the side/ bottom of the pot.

I have done my share of moaning and complaining about what is available (or perhaps more importantly not available) but complaining doesn’t solve the problem. This year I have finally decided to stop complaining about the lack of stock and making excuses about my lack of space and have planted 60 Trident maples and 60 Japanese Black Pines as a test batch. If you remember about half of the original seedlings died and I did not have enough replacement seedlings to completely cover the frame, so there are gaps that will take time to fill in. A row of Trident Maples along a fence line provides summer shade and privacy with flaming autumn colours. The two leaves are the new bud at the base of the back branch. They should now be fed and left to thicken for a year or two. First the slight thickening about 2/3rds of the way up disappears and there is more movement in the trunk. I like to leave the stub on for a while until I see the graft growing strongly.

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