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The target and enemies within 2 meters are dealt 100 / 200 / 300 / 350 Impact damage as a melee strike with a 200% critical damage multiplier, a 5% critical chance, and a 5% status chance. You can also think about Rejuvenation, because the aura will not only heal your own health, but will be applied to your companion and the rest of your team as well.

Hey guys and welcome to another warframe build article. The announcement of Khora was made in the Devstream 100, and was also mentioned in the Ghoul Fragments.

Maul, Sharpened Claws and Swipe are set, Medi-Pet Kit and Bite are also essential, but that’s about it. Khora was introduced to Warframe in the Beasts of the Sanctuary update. Also my Amphis riven is kinda terrible for Gara since all it provides is base damage (Impact from it is useless). Choosing the aura polarity for Khora isn’t as easy as it might seem. Strangledome works best if you find a build that supports a good combination of reach, duration and ability strength, while also giving some amount of survivability. Augment Mod: Pilfering Strangledome causes enemies held by the dome to have a 65% chance of dropping additional extra loot.

Stats priority for non crit build: Damage > Impact Damage > Elemental > Combo Duration. Update: The frame has been released and new builds have been posted by a lot of Youtubers, let’s check out what’s ours.

Khora, the huntress, is accompanied by her loyal companion, Venari. These abilities are only affected by the Gladiator Set mods.

Damage is affected by Ability Strength, the Melee Combo Counter, and certain melee mods. That’s it. Without a riven weapons like Jaw Sword, Mire, Dual Cleavers, etc are your best choice. That is all for the new frame, I am excited, are you? Damage can be increased depending on what mods Khora has equipped not only as a Warframe but her melee weapon as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
. Khora, the crazy cat lady, joined Warframe in early 2018 as a later part of Update 22 (“Beasts of the Sanctuary”, which included the Sanctuary Onslaught game mode). Explanation: While Landslide has low critical chance and low status chance you can offset that with the use of Arcane Avenger which adds flat critical chance.

With her high amounts of damage and her ability to disable enemies and pull them together for easier killing, Khora makes groups of enemies suffer greatly with ease. Khora will be a quest based frame that will be released with the quest Beasts of the Sanctuary. To be honest I like stat sticks on Khora/Atlas/Gara, the rest don't really benefit much from them anyway. (Khora’s using her abilities to do a combo on a group of enemies with Ensnare and Whipclaw). You can access Sanctuary Onslaught through the Navigation mention, in the mission listings at the top right of the screen. You would’ve been better off explaining non riven builds so players have a good foundation on understanding stat sticks and if/when they get a riven, what mods are said riven even replacing.

The frame seems like meh to me, I thought Venari will be a damage dealer but it’s nothing but a fancy looking Kavat. She may also be purchased for 325 platinum which will provide you with the fully built Warframe. I am pretty sure this will be grind fest similar to what we had seen when Nidus was announced. The release date of the frame is somewhere around 3rd week of April, 2018. This build is mainly used to dish out a heap of damage with a very high amount of ability strength as well as a slightly increased efficiency. Last Updated: July 5, 2020 Frames. warframe warframe captura captura warframe khora venari. Set Bonus: +60% critical chance, stacks with Combo Multiplier (10% per mod equipped). Together they pose a terrible threat to enemies in Warframe, as whip and claw lay waste to all around them. You usually want to pick mods depending on your main companion, since it is not necessary or recommended to use those kind of mods more than once. Mods affecting Puncture damage and Slash damage will only affect their corresponding physical damage type for Shattered Lash's thrust or sweep. All of Khora’s damage abilities will be greatly affected which will not only allow Whipclaw and Strangledome deal damage but also Venari’s damage as well. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe.

So the first and second rounds are A, the third is B, and the fourth is C, and after that it resets back to A again. You don’t really need a lot of range against the Infested enemies, so the penalty of Narrow Minded is easily countered by adding Stretch, Augur Reach and Overextended. Not being able to use Weeping Wounds/Blood Rush, but being able to utilize the Gladiator mod set indirectly, just feels self-defeating and more tedious. Well, it’s actually gonna be several builds for Khora, Venari, and melee weapon.

Giving it access to BR and WW would easily make it the most powerful melee in the game and yes that includes melees that can melt level 9999 enemies. Exalted weapons also used to benefit from melee mods and they let us mod it separately now. While I do agree with you on the janky part I think you really underestimate the power of exalted melees. All of her abilities will have decent increases and allow Khora to use all of her abilities without problems regarding energy costs.

Someone was paid an actual salary and decided this was how it should work? Actually Serene Storm is the strongest exalted melee and probably third overall behind Regulators and Dex Pixia. I keep seeing the same questions on reddit so I decided to make a short guide on stat sticks for warframes that make use of them. This build is great for taking on enemies that are hard to kill since a lot of damage can be done aside from the crowd control. Khora uses her whip to deal a powerful attack where your reticle is targeting which deals a large amount of damage to an enemy as well as damage around it. For all builds there are two possible approaches to keep combo up, either use Drifting Contact or Naramon Power Spike passive. Enemies that are caught in the chains will take damage over time aside from being attacked by their allies. Her damage is affected by combo counter as of Update 28.1. But if you do prefer the whip build, going for Steel Charge is also a good idea and will benefit your damage output by a lot. Item Count; KHORA NEUROPTICS. Serene Storm on the other hand is insanely strong, you've probably just never seen Baruuk vaporize an entire SP room with a few kicks. So why are they listed here? This build is very specific though and is mainly focused on using it against the Infested enemies – farming on Hieracon, Akkad or during Arbitrations missions is way easier if you are able to bring this build. Khora, the huntress, is accompanied by her loyal companion, Venari. They are melee weapons that enhance your abilities directly or indirectly. Use https://rwarframe.github.io/#flair to set user flair and text. They are also known as the 'Broken Warframe',... New Nightwave Intermission Season 2 now live.

Each component has a 12-hour build time, and you build them all at the same time. So it wasn’t surprising that this Warframe also comes with his own little cat: Venari can be used together with any other companion and satisfies players with his high life total and armor as well as obedience. You don’t even need to pick Corrosive Projection, because Energy Siphon might be way more useful. Non riven builds are more than viable so don't worry about getting a riven. The statstick references the combo counter of your statstick and not your exhalted. 2 notes. Here's an excerpt from Khora's last major ability update in U22.20: Removed the Line of Sight check from Ensnare to make it more… Besides that Khora also uses a whip to deal damage to everyone in range and can use her ultimate ability Strangledome to inflict damage and crowd control upon incoming mob groups. The Range Build focuses on crowd control as it has an increase in mainly range and duration with a very small increase in ability strength and no change in efficiency. Once you have all the blueprints for Khora, you can build her in your Foundry using the following resources: Most of the resources required are standard for much of the game’s crafting, but Kavat Genetic Code and Kuaka Spinal Claws are things you will need to go out of your way to get.

Upon completion of the quest you will be awarded with the Khora Blueprint. Press J to jump to the feed. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. And then you swap to Exalted Weapon while you get fed the Gladiator bonus off the combo counter of your statstick; that slowly decays in the background. You didn't touch on how exalted weapons benefit from Gladiator which is a crucial piece of the puzzle (that you man not know). To get your hands on Khora, just play Sanctuary Onslaught until you have all the pieces you need. I completely forgot that it caps at 11x even on Venka Prime. All these interactions just seem like left overs. I will add it to the guide. Khora excels at minimizing the danger of strong foes with her chains, then doing massive damage with Whiplash.

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