what size rat to feed ball python

Don’t use a microwave to heat food items, as it will cook its insides and can burn your ball python when it eats it. Ball pythons don’t reach sizes that make them a serious threat to your safety, but you’ll still want to use care to avoid being bitten during the feeding process. This isn’t as big a problem for modern keepers as it was for ball python enthusiasts in decades past, as most ball pythons on the market are now captive-bred, rather than wild-caught. Weighing your ball python and food items will be the most reliable way to determine how much to feed your ball python. Ball pythons are notorious for going off feed, and not eating for up to 3-4 months. Combine this with regular health checks and weigh-ins and you’ll be in the perfect place to assess your ball pythons health and appetite. Please use a digital kitchen scales like this to measure prey’s weight and your ball pythons weight (monthly). You’ll begin by selecting an appropriately sized prey item. This usually isn’t a serious problem, but it will mean that your snake may become susceptible to short-term dehydration.

Just be sure to follow the tips and suggestions above and learn as much as you can from keepers with more experience than you. Please note, that most ball pythons get used to eating only one type of prey, and will have issues switching to something else. Now that you have a suitable prey item of the proper size, you must prepare it before offering it to your snake. Another python of mine is surprisingly shy, and tends to prefer eating at night long after I’ve gone to bed. If you are feeding your snake a live rodent, you can simply open the enclosure and gently put the rat or mouse inside. Once it constricts, keep wiggling a bit longer so it can constrict harder. However, some owners advice to dust the prey items with calcium or a multivitamin with every few feedings. Once the rodent is thawed I then repeat the process with the water.

Here’s the process I use…. However, start taking action if it’s been more than 2-3 months. If your ball python is not accepting thawed prey, you can get pre-killed mouse/rats and start with that. Also, if you don’t use UVB in the cage, your ball python would benefit from some vitamin D3 and calcium. In short, my pythons get peace and quiet while eating. Ball pythons are mainly nocturnal snakes, so they won’t eat during the day. When I first started to keep reptiles in the 1990’s ball pythons were still seen as something very unusual and exotic. The lid is then placed into the tub to keep the heat in.

Any mention of a “python” drew awe from other people, and with their stout, chunky bodies they really were something totally different to the corn snakes and garter snakes that were prevalent at that time.

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