winspace carbon wheels review

Those of us in this group have experience with carbon, likely know the different characteristics of carbon versus alloy wheels.

It seems that the expenses that go along with having some combination of experienced engineering staff, in-house wheel assembly operations, and sales and marketing to support a dealer network can’t be easily covered selling carbon wheels for under $1500. The most experienced companies have made 3 or at most 4 generations of carbon wheels over the 10 years or so since then. A 5.5mm hex key works fine.

There is just no way I can track them all and compare them. ICAN sells its 50mm deep carbon rim and disc brake wheelsets using the same 18.4mm internal, 25mm external width tubeless rims.

Most of the Branders I reviewed don’t suggest that they have done more than provide their design preferences to those engineering and producing wheels for them under contract.

by happydogww on Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:38 pm, by romanmoser on Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:43 pm, by ChinaCycling on Fri Sep 25, 2020 5:10 am, by romanmoser on Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:38 pm, by cloud9blue on Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:03 pm. Given your budget have you considered a handbuilt set from Cycleclinic, Wheelsmith, DCR wheels to name but 3. – Upgrade Road Disc Wheels just repaired a winspace wheel, they had it sent to me.

This is a marked difference between wheels that come from companies who engineer and produce their own wheels, have specific performance goals and characteristics they want to achieve that differentiate their wheels from others.

Parcours is another UK Brander selling £800 or so wheelsets targeted to triathletes and roadies.

– Upgrade Rim Brake Wheels, Gravel If compared with other big brands, the riding quality is similar to Specialized Tarmac SL4 including the handling, stiffness and comfort. – All-Around Rim Brake Wheels While not necessarily having specs that are on trend, most have more going for them than those of a lot of competitors in this market that are still on their first generation of carbon wheels or who don’t have as much (or any) unique engineering and production expertise. There are many EU and AU wheelset company Regionals but none I could find selling lower-priced or value carbon wheels that I’m focused on for this review. So, I’ll use the most basic metric of how long they’ve been at making carbon wheels and, where I know it, how many generations of carbon wheels they’ve made.

Finally, among the Integrateds, Shimano sells an all-carbon, $1500 market priced ($2000 MSRP) Dura Ace 9170 C40 road disc wheelset that is also 17mm/24mm, only 37mm deep and claims to weigh nearly 1600 grams. Winspace is the house brand for one of the big Chinese carbon frame manufacturers, either HungFu or, I think.

Which leads us back to the ‘too cheap to be true’ maxim. “We don’t see many unbranded frames through the workshop,” he says, “but this might be because of the cost implications.
These numbers won’t spark the spec junkie inside many enthusiasts.

But, these wheels have the same rim specs and use the same rims molds as the last generation Aeolus 5 D3 models that Bontrager sold for many years. All the Integrateds sell more expensive carbon wheelsets, certainly a greater range and most likely a larger number than the value carbon wheelsets they sell. May even have been a flaw in the spoke. Prime’s has tried to build its brand around its wide range of wheelsets and other cycling components made from high-quality materials. The spokes makes a straight line to the rim.

And in a much followed and to some, independent and real-world comparison of 40 different models of wheels for their aero performance done by Hambini Performance Engineering, the FLO 45 wheels were one of two sold by Branders in this review that finished far back in the pack. Two of them – Light Bicycle and Yoeleo – also make carbon wheelsets and other carbon components that are branded and sold by other companies. – Compare Prices at Know’s Shop, MY TAKE

Most other wheels can be returned if unused within 30 days for a refund. Crash replacement – What policy, if any, does the company have to replace or repair wheels if you damage them in a crash? We ride.

I’ve know about Tokyowheel for a few years but still a little hesitant.

Being on-trend. But if the price seems too good to be true, can we trust these frames? (they also come with spare spokes and attach via nipples as normal so easy to maintain).

Engineering & Production – Do you care that the company that puts their name on their wheels is also the one that designs, makes and tests them? The slightly differently named 50 Carbon Aero Disc sells for the same price but has more of an 0 profile, claims a weight of only 1487 grams and has a 21mm internal, 27mm external rim width. I don’t run any ads on the site, go on company-paid product introduction trips, rewrite and post announcements of new gear as “first looks”, accept articles paid for or submitted by companies, stores, PR firms or guest authors, or charge for any content on the site.
Parcours seems to be a lean operation with limited marketing bluster and no claims of unique design or engineering expertise.

Because they have limited experience with different wheelsets and perhaps because they subconsciously want to confirm they made a good choice spending a fair amount of money, 4 out of 5 people will say things like this is a great wheelset, a big improvement over the wheels I had before, I’m going faster by 1-2 mph, etc. – All-Around Road Disc Wheels For those who said they would, I’m looking for other reasons – crash and return policies, engineering or production expertise, performance or price – to justify potentially recommending them to you.

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