winterizing a jet ski yamaha

If you’re getting your WaveRunner winterized by a professional, it may cost you around $150-$300 depending on the service shop/dealership’s location and rates. It’s highly recommended you store your jet ski indoors for the winter months! This article has been viewed 173,586 times.

Although boatyards tend to cost more, they’re going to be right next to the water which is definitely a plus.

Do I need to winterize if it was summerized but never went in the water? If you do not have all the required safety accessories, you should get them now so that you remain safe and legal. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Just about any cable lock will work fine, but Master Lock is one of the most trusted lock brands for a reason. This will remove the little bit of water that remains.

This step may seem like it takes a long time but it really doesn’t. Also keep in mind that winterization is not the same as annual maintenance! (18.9 L) bucket.
We like the Star Brite fogging oil which you can see here.

Winterizing a Yamaha WaveRunner isn’t rocket science; just follow these easy steps: Even if the oil change is not considered part of the winterization procedure, the best practice is to do both at the same time, and store the WaveRunner for the winter months with fresh oil.

Finally, stop the pump and “blip the throttle” for 10-15 seconds to remove the rest of the mixture from the cooling system. Reinstall the battery by first reconnecting the connectors.

In this case, 93% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Another important step in winterizing a Jet Ski is to fill the gas tank up to … Mix one gallon of antifreeze with one gallon of water. 20. Once you’ve finished using the second rag, grab some microfiber rags and polish the shiny spots, like the chrome and mirrors. First of all, it’s recommended to clean your PWC carefully. Once you’ve dried the entire jet ski, grab a new clean white rag and start all over.

Be sure to only turn the throttle in 30-second intervals to prevent overheating. After you’ve replaced your engine fluids and added a stabilizer, lubricate the engine … All you need to do is remove the battery, store it in a proper place, and trickle charge it throughout the offseason. It’s hard to stress how important it is to keep up with the maintenance of a PWC, and winterizing your watercraft every year is a big part of that. Make sure you offer them a lake day or two in the summer and that’ll probably win them over. Since it’s going to be sitting for a few months this isn’t really necessary but it’s ultimately up to you. Prepare for storage. Attach the garden hose for supplying water, and run the engine for around 2-3 minutes. Do Yamaha WaveRunners need to be winterized?

This means either paying a boatyard to keep your jet ski dry docked, or renting a storage container. Next, turn the throttle back and forth to drain the water. If you do it by yourself, winterizing a jet ski costs as low as $25, as all you need is a fuel stabilizer ($10), a lubricant spray ($10), and one-gallon RV antifreeze ($5). Fogging the oil simply means to spray engine fogging oil into each carburetor’s throat as well as into the cylinders directly after you’ve removed the spark plugs.

It's also a good idea to spray the engine as well as the electrical components to rid them of any traces of water. Start up the engine, and spray the fogging spray into each cylinder until it stalls out. take out the battery as their winterization process. If your engine is cooled with a closed loop cooling system, the closed system is already filled with liquid antifreeze. To learn how to store your jet ski after cleaning it, keep reading!

If you need more information, there is a more detailed jet ski cleaning guide here. Take the time to fix any dings or cracks that you notice before you cover it and store it for the winter. Go back and forth with the throttle to drain the water out. If you change the oil as well, it would be an additional cost. If it’s been charged but it’s still dead, you need to buy a new battery. It’s hard to say which one is a better route because jet ski storage prices vary.

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