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Or at least we were until they shipped Chris Paul out. With the No. NBA 2K18 hit him up with a 94 rating this season at least. On paper, NOLA looks fearsome with a 1-2 punch that includes Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis, but the rest of the team is a huge question mark. Here are the Top 10 Worst Players In NBA 2K18, as decided by overall rating. OK let’s start this off by admitting something.

Brown – 83 Raymond Felton – 81 Kenny Gattison – 80 George Hill – 82. Chris Paul – 92 Corey Maggette – 86 Bob McAdoo – 94 Blake Griffin – 90 DeAndre Jordan – 87 World B. The Memphis (formerly Vancouver) Grizzles really don’t have a rich history yet since they have only been in the league since the 90s. They even won a championship and upset “The Big Three” in Miami featuring Lebron in their first title attempt together.

As a person who couldn’t care less about the Wizards, I wish I could see Wall play for a team that is relevant because he is so damn good. But he also might not be.

Looking at it though, the NBA ratings Czars should have been a little kinder. So Isaiah Thomas might be on the Cavs now? Mark Jackson – 85 Ron Artest – 88 Paul George – 91 Jermaine O’Neal – 90 Rik Smits – 87 George McGinnis – 89 Chuck Person – 87 Jalen Rose – 86 Roy Hibbert – 86 Herb Williams – 85 Antonio Davis – 84 Detlef Schrempf – 84 David West – 84 Lance Stephenson – 83. He might only be an 88 in NBA 2K18, but he's the number 1 rated crotch shottter in our hearts. He might only be an 88 in NBA 2K18, but he’s the number 1 rated crotch shottter in our hearts. On paper they certainly look fearsome, but we’ll have to see if HC Tom Thibodeau can make Towns and newly acquired Jimmy Butler work together.

Oh and yeah, Nikola Jokic from the Nuggests, good player. No surprise.

He's recently locked himself into the Wizards for a few more years so let's see if they can make a splash during that time when Lebron either leaves or starts looking old at least. Top 10 Greatest Canadian Players In NBA History, Top 5 NBA Stars That Have A Passion For Gambling, The 2020 NBA Finals Are Set: Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, The Most Dramatic Playoff Series In NBA History, Top 5 Best NBA Finals Matchups We Want To See This Season, 4 Reasons What Makes The Los Angeles Clippers Such A Standout Team, NBA Players We Should Be Excited To See During The NBA Return, 5 Players With The Most Defensive Player Of The Year Award, The 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Finals, Top 5 Biggest Favorites For The 2020 NBA Championship.

Oh and yeah, Nikola Jokic from the Nuggests, good player. Still, playing as Muggsy Bogues is going to be a blast. Almost everything in the game costs Virtual Currency, and an arm and a leg at that. Even still, the Clippers are in a lot better shape than they were for the vast majority of their life in the NBA. Without him, the Pacers’ all-time team roster is lacking. Marc Gasol quietly continues to play at a high level year after year in Memphis and earns his 89 player rating. Is it a coincidence only one of these players is actually apart of an NBA roster? The Top 10 Dunkers In The NBA. When it comes to the good and the bad, the NBA players in 2K18 aren’t spared either. Bye Bye Halloween, Here Are the Best October 2020 Games, Dragon Quest XI Interview: Developers Discuss Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbox One, & PC, Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Notes Reveal Big and Small Changes, Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch Introduces the Healing Escuregot in New Clip, Fortnite v14.50 Update Removes Double Movement, Adds New Jetpacks & Cosmetics, NBA 2K18: 5 Worst All-Time Team Rosters and Players. Good luck with that I guess.

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