Drag and drop from items that make up the letter and choose the best text from multiple choice options. Observe how your choices affect the animated images. Our KS2 English teaching packs are a downloadable collection of teaching ideas, activities and resources for writing, punctuation, grammar, comprehension and poetry. 04649057), Story: Anansi Brings Stories to the World, Featured Story: The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood, If you enjoyed this website you might also enjoy other.

Change the point of view (example: Tell the legend of St. George and the dragon from the dragon's point of view!). Choose a conclusion for the story and then improve the grammar by looking changing nouns to pronouns, by adding adverbs and choosing saying verbs.

This Writing Legends KS2 resource is the perfect lesson planning tool to use to show students how to write a myth or a legend, and then getting them to have a go themselves.This fantastic resource pack is great for using a talk for writing approach to myths and legends, with character, setting and story prompts that can be layered and used in the 'innovation' stage of writing. There are 4 parts which look at :
 …, A creative writing prompt to explore looking at an alternative Cross-curricular topics / Myths, legends and beliefs, Bumper Year 2 Comprehensions - Autumn Term. Whether you want fiction or non-fiction, we've got it covered! Find out more.

Teachit is a registered trademark (no. Use the Narrative Writing Pack to help your children write amazing stories! Myths and legends - Inspire your KS2 pupils to write with our selection of writing composition resources. Worksheets, games and activities to use with, Return from How to Write a Legend to Creative Writing Topics, Return from How to Write a Legend to Creative Writing Ideas and Activities. Use your commenting skills to see what is wrong with the newspaper headlines. Use these videos as the starting point for learning in your classroom! Choose from the multiple choice sentences to write your own instructions for simple tasks like making a sandwich and putting up a tent. Whether you want fiction or non-fiction, we've got it covered! Have you made a great resource? Characters: Looking at the words and phrases to describe an extraordinary character and what features pupils can reproduce for their own character.

Explore myths and legends with your class using this handy guide from Storytime magazine.
Click here to find out how you can support the site. Powerful tools help teachers recognise and … Square Legends – the key features. Visit this page for more information on how to write a myth.

Write in the style of a fairy tale. Conditions.  …, A word search based on Harry Potter forms the stimulus for introducing Allowed HTML tags: