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It feels like that’s what happened in the storytelling as well.

Or maybe they don’t and, more defensibly, the point of “Bombshell” is just to deliver a dishy, delicious, “All About Eve”-style spectacle featuring Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman playing a pair of real-life beautiful women who are approximately as famous as they are — former Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson, respectively, whose accusations against Ailes ended his lascivious reign of terror. This is familiar territory for both: Roach is the Emmy-winning director of “Game Change,” about Sarah Palin’s rise to prominence as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Republican presidential election. Margot Robbie as the god-fearing, ambitious young conservative Kayla Pospisil—a made-up character, reportedly based on composites of real-life figures—delivers the most layered performance of “Bombshell.” An impressionable woman who leaves Carlson’s segment to join Bill O’Reilly (Kevin Dorff), she soon finds herself behind the locked doors of Ailes’ office, where the mogul routinely harasses the powerless Kayla in exchange of career-advancement promises. READ MORE: Charlize Theron Defends ‘Bombshell’ Being Directed By A Man: “We Shouldn’t Compartmentalize These Stories To One Sex”. CNBC first reported on O'Reilly's contract negotiations with WABC in August, as his attorney Fred Newman confirmed at the time the two sides were in high-level discussions and expecting a show in the fall.

So complete is the transformation, Theron quickly makes you forget that you’re watching an actress playing Megyn Kelly. Steven Ferdman | WireImage | Getty Images, Fox of last 20 years is over: Michael Wolff, called reporting of the accusations and settlements by The New York Times. Kevin Dorff as Bill O’Reilly! READ MORE: Charlize Theron Admits That Playing Megyn Kelly In ‘Bombshell’ Was “Harder” Than Portraying A Real-Life Serial Killer. Robbie makes the character’s vulnerability and fear palpable, and Roach treats the pain of the moment with decency. The hair and make-up department earned their pay, and maybe an Oscar nod, for him and Charlize’s make-up alone. My takeaway from the film is that any environment run by men is going to devalue the women who work in it. Between the makeup and the acting, Charlize Theron morphs into Megyn Kelly in an unsettling and effective way. She’s in the middle of it. But in front of that off-Broadway play is a messy, semi-relevant Hollywood movie with famous actresses playing famous anchorwomen in a morality tale whose stakes are not altogether clear. PUT O'REILLY BACK ON YOUR TV - FREE; Bill's Message of the Day. The acting is all top-notch. My takeaway from the film is that any environment run by men is going to devalue the women who work in it. (This is a great, showy role for Lithgow, giving him plenty of room to show his range as he portrays the profane, predatory and paranoid sides of the portly executive’s personality.) The filmmakers tried to put a nice spin on it, in a “we won’t let this happen again,” vein, but it fell flat. News anchors like Megyn Kelly have allowed themselves to be tools of the patriarchy. And so Kelly’s clash with Trump as debate moderator—based on a question she asked him about his treatment of women over the years—further makes her a target and heightens the kind of scrutiny and misogyny she and so many women face when they tell their stories of abuse and harassment. The toppling of Roger Ailes only looks like justice because the alternative is doing nothing at all.

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Charlize Theron has a line about the network pitting women against one another so that they won’t come together and fight their oppression, and there’s no indication that that culture won’t persist and cover up more crimes. The many women who brought suit against Ailes and O’Reilly were awarded a total of 50 million dollars.

But a peek inside the wardrobe closet reveals the discomfort these women endure in the name of ambition, and the objectification they’re willing to endure for fame. Catsimatidis, who has a net worth of $2.8 billion and also owns the New York City grocery chain Gristedes, said O'Reilly will be following Giuliani's show, which will move from the 3 p.m. slot to 9 p.m. Catsimatidis has been contemplating a run for mayor of New York City in 2021 and recently told the New York Post that he would be willing to spend $100 million if he decides to get into the race. Except that “Bombshell” isn’t great at being soapy entertainment either, since this actually is a story about moral hazard and fatal compromise and too much of that is hidden from us, by design or otherwise. They’re complicit in all that holds women down.

But Roach, working from a script by Charles Randolph, finds a tricky balance of portraying these events with a sprightly tone while crafting a steadily building tension. But in doing so, it also inadvertently shrugs off and even validates those right-wing attitudes matter-of-factly, instead of engaging with their darker shades in a deeper sense. Others don’t quite hit the mark, but the whole newsroom culture comes vividly to life, both through production design and the kind of gallows humor that keeps journalists sane during the worst of times. Also during the summer of 2016 – and yes, it really does feel like a lifetime ago - Donald Trump is rising to power as the Republican presidential nominee, and his trajectory is becoming intrinsically intertwined with that of his favorite TV news channel. “All Trump does is watch Fox,” says Rob Delaney as Kelly’s producer. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has landed a new show on a New York-based radio station owned by one of President Donald Trump's allies. He has denied any wrongdoing. O'Reilly, 71, has been accused by multiple former Fox News employees of sexual harassment. Email:, Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula (Review), THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE ON THE RUN (U). Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Juliet Huddy, who was once a Fox News personality and has previously accused O'Reilly of harassment, is a co-host of one of WABC's shows. O'Reilly's first show on the network is set for Monday, he added. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. As the trailers already revealed long ago, the most shocking physical alteration of the film belongs to Charlize Theron in the role of the high-power anchor Kelly—it’s a notable feat of not only make-up but also voice and body language transformation, even by the actor’s tireless chameleon-like standards (as a reminder, she did “Atomic Blonde” and “Tully” back to back). That’s a Fox story.”. Election Predictions. It has solid performances and Theron’s portrayal of Kelly is uncanny, but it doesn’t tax anyone’s talents into an Oscar-worthy place. Kevin Dorff ... Bill O'Reilly Richard Kind ... Rudy Giuliani Michael Buie ... Bret Baier: Marc Evan Jackson ... Chris Wallace: Anne Ramsay ... Greta Van Susteren Jennifer Morrison ... Juliet Huddy: Ashley Greene ... Abby Huntsman: Ahna O'Reilly ... Julie Roginsky: Lisa Canning

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